Saint Lucian Spirits

Saint Lucia is a stunning Caribbean island known for its lush greenery, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. But did you know that the island is also home to some unique and flavorful spirits? From smooth rums to fiery infusions, Saint Lucian spirits are a must-try for any alcohol enthusiast.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of spirits that Saint Lucia has to offer and the fascinating stories behind them. We’ll explore the island’s traditional rum-making techniques, learn about the ingredients and processes that give each spirit its distinct character, and even delve into some of the cultural traditions and festivals that celebrate these delicious drinks.

So, whether you’re planning a trip to Saint Lucia or simply looking to broaden your spirits horizons, join us as we explore the world of Saint Lucian spirits and discover the flavors and traditions that make them truly special.

Saint Lucia Rum

Traveling throughout the Caribbean you quickly find that each island produces its own signature rums. While there are always popular imports available, loyalty rules on every island as a local rum is the best seller.

In Saint Lucia, this is no exception.

The island’s rum producer, St. Lucia Distillers, makes over 25 varieties of rums, rum products and liqueurs, many of which are featured at resorts, bars and rum shops island wide.

The most popular of the rums are their dark varieties.

Bounty, known as ‘the spirit of Saint Lucia’, is St. Lucia Distiller’s basic mixing rum. Generally, resort bars use Bounty in most of their cocktails including the standard rum and coke.

A more refined rum suitable for cocktails or to be enjoyed neat by more sophisticated rum drinkers, Chairman’s Reserve, has dramatically grown in popularity over the past few years.

St. Lucia Distiller’s flagship rum is Admiral Rodney’s, named of course after the British naval hero who played a very prominent role in the island’s history. The award winning 12 year old Admiral Rodney’s is hailed as one of the finest rums produced anywhere.

A fine selection of white rums is produced as well. Three of the most popular rum liqueurs are the coffee flavoured Javalatte, Nutz and Rum, flavoured with peanuts and spices, and Créme la Caye.

St. Lucia Distillers is located in the midst of the banana fields in the Roseau Valley. For those interested in learning more about rum production, they offer an excellent tour which, of course, includes rum tasting.

Saint Lucia Beer

Anyone who has been to Saint Lucia already knows Piton Beer.

Named after the island’s most famous landmarks – and found adorning the beer’s label – Piton is a crisp and refreshing pilsner lager that most find to be a perfect thirst quencher for the tropics.

Piton is produced locally at the Windward & Leeward Brewery in Vieux Fort meaning you’ll always find a fresh one at hand.

Under licensing agreements, Windward & Leeward also produces Heineken, Guinness and Amstel Bright, three internationally renowned brands which are very popular with locals.

Also popular are the lemon, sorrel, or ginger-flavored Piton Shandy products, which have a very low alcohol content, and Piton Malta, a non-alcoholic malt beverage.

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