15 Saint Lucia Rum Shops to See in 2024

To many, ‘pub hopping’ is a great way to meet people and meld a bit into the local culture. Below is a list of some of the best local bars – or rum shops as they referred to in Saint Lucia – that are known to be professionally operated, safe and friendly.

Local taxi drivers are sure to know the way but if you choose to ‘lime’ (as it is called in Saint Lucia) on your own please plan for a designated driver to insure safety on the island’s often rather challenging roads.



Agatha’s is a favourite with locals and foreign residents alike. The place is a mobile trailer with a wooden deck sitting adjacent to the beach in the parking lot just outside Pigeon Island.


Located in Gros Islet Village right on the main street heading to the waterfront, Scottie’s is known world-wide as the place the started the famous Jump Up street party. The old French building is an island treasure making the place a true rum shop classic.

Village Gate

Village Gate sits on the corner of the main intersection in Gros Islet Village where the famous Friday night Jump Up street party takes place. A classic rum shop, it’s enjoyable on the quieter nights of the week as well.

Marjorie’s Cas en Bas Beach Bar

Located near Cotton Bay Village resort on Cas en Bas beach, Marjorie’s is a classic Caribbean bar. With the relentless trade winds blowing in off the Atlantic it just doesn’t get any more comfortable than this.

Merlene’s the Lawn Place

Located in the quiet community of Monchy which is about 15 minutes from Rodney Bay, Merlene’s is a favourite as a bar and for her excellent local food.

Castries North

Rainbow 2000

Located in Grand Riviere in the north of the island, Rainbow 2000 has plenty to offer with Karoke, Reggae, Country and Western nights scheduled through the week. Featuring indoor and outdoor seating along with snack foods most evenings, it’s a great place to lime. There’s also a pool table if you want to get into a game.


Hardest Hard

Hardest Hard is located on La Toc Road ½ mile out of Castries on the south side of the harbour. It’s an extremely popular place with the locals for lunch and a great bar day and night.

Marigot Bay / Anse La Raye / Canaries


Dell’s sits perched on the hill top on the north side of the Canaries village. The view from the upstairs rear deck is fabulous and is a perfect place to take in the sunset. Dell’s also has a pool table.

Discipline Bar

The Discipline Bar is located by the old church in the middle of Canaries village. The rather small establishment is truly a classic rum shop. Adding to the fun are the extraordinarily narrow streets that amazingly have two-way traffic; it’s a hoot just to watch the vehicles negotiate each other and try to make the impossibly tight turns.


The Big Yard

Rum shops just don’t get more interesting and unique than The Big Yard. There’s a front open-air area with BBQ and a pool table and an inside that must be seen to be appreciated. Much of the roof is open with an extensive web of vines offering modest cover and a true Caribbean ambiance. Great music and some fun party nights make it one of the most popular spots in town.

Southwest Coast


Sitting along the West Coast Road in Reunion, Choiseul, Limas is a very neat and friendly establishment and a great place for a cold one when exploring the island. Limas has a pool table as well.

Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar is found on the West Coast Road in the countryside community of Piaye. There’s indoor and outdoor seating and outstanding BBQ available many nights of the week.

The Market Place

The Market Place is located right next to the cute little village square in the west coast town of Laborie. The place also is a first class local eatery. Indoor and outdoor seating are available.

East Coast

Savanne’s Bay Bar

Sitting along the East Coast Road in the countryside community of the same name, the Savanne’s Bay Bar is a very popular location with area residents and locals travelling to the south of the island. The bar also features excellent chicken and Indian dhals.


One of the area’s most popular local lunchtime eateries, Plan is an equally well-liked watering hole. Located on the East Coast Road in Dennery, Plan is welcoming option when you’re in the area.

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