Rules you should follow when you travel

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Rules you should follow when you travel

Rules you should follow when you travel

Once an American student was convicted of justice in North Korea 15 years of forced labor for crimes against the state, just for stealing a poster of Kim Jong-il of the hotel where he was staying, a counselor specialized tourism issues certainly made an overview of the countries where tourists can be sentenced to death or take many years of imprisonment if they violate certain laws.

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Briton Lloyd Figgins adviser specialized tourism in safety matters, recommends travelers go to countries under military dictatorships or totalitarian, to document prior to departure on the violation of laws for many Westerners might seem absurd, many of them on freedom of expression. North Korea Totalitarian dictatorship in North Korea, where Kim Jong-un is the supreme ruler, involves very harsh laws that apply to anyone who violates local or tourist.

The latest example is the conviction of young American Otto Warmbier, aged 21 to 15 years of forced labor after stealing a poster that show the dictator Kim Jong-il, the desire to have a souvenir of the trip saddle. Beyond subtilizarea or distributing propaganda in North Korea can be risky to take pictures military, except in certain situations, and to photograph the statues and paintings of close North Korean leaders. Also, tourists must show respect to current or former leaders of the country, which involves not only critical or insulting comments, and the destruction of their photos, even those that appear in local newspapers.

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Therefore, it is wise to refrain from political commentary or contradictory discussions on the subject. It is illegal, also bringing in books or other materials relating to North Korea, even tourist guides, GPS, to distribute pornographic materials, goods from South Korea or religious materials such as the Bible or the Koran. When you go to a country so strict as North Korea, you should expect to be monitored and controlled.

The secret police is informed when they arrive groups of tourists and guides accompanying the group taking orders from them. Therefore do their job and May dicifil than look no troubles with candle, as specified Lloyd Figgins. Lastly, he says that even tourists’ cameras can be checked and tracked electronics if local authorities find it necessary.

Cuba Although the rules are more relaxed and Cuba is on many lists of destinations recommended touring, visitors must remember that it is still a country under dictatorship led by the Communist Party. Of course, freedom of expression is restricted here, and visitors should avoid demonstrations and other public gatherings, military zones and other restricted places. Of course, photography is often prohibited in these areas, even if the ban is not always flagged accordingly. Although homosexualitea is legal, same-sex couples should be careful about how they show affection in public, because the police can make trouble.


Rules you should follow when you travel

Thailand One of the most popular tourist destinations exotic Thailand is not as harmless as it seems for tourists hungry for entertainment. The country is controlled by the military junta in May 2014 and that any military dictatorship, there are limitations that must be taken into account. Freedom of expression is concerned and this time, so do not criticize the coup, avoid making risky political statements and do not take part in protests or demonstrations. It is illegal to make or offensive comments to criticize King Bhumibol Adulyadej, as well as other monarchs in history.

Such a mistake can be considered crime of lese majesty punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Foreigners can go to jail and if found on their small amounts of drugs for their own use, while for drug trafficking can apply the death penalty. Lastly, visitors will be surprised to find that some broadcasters are not allowed to transmit here, and many sites such as publications Western news are restricted, said the expert in tourism Lloyd Figgins for Daily Mail.


China Although incidents are quite rare for tourists visiting China, airports police can do tests at random foreign travelers to discover if drug use, and if the resulting feedback is positive person may be indicted, not matter when or where they it was consumed. The death penalty may be imposed for the introduction of drugs into the country or drug trafficking. Police may detain foreign visitors for weeks or months if they are suspects in the production of certain crimes or are involved in scandals or illegal businesses.

As a tourist you should avoid involvement in various protests, regardless of the cause for which campaigning or supporting Tibetan independence, and avoid protesters to shoot and record. Except for the two state lotteries, gambling and casinos are illegal in China. Even the advertising for legal gambling is banned in neighboring countries, given that many Chinese are inveterate players. Macao, which is located very close to China, turned into a paradise for gamblers and profit from this prohibition. It is illegal also distribute and pomovarea religious materials, including the Bible.

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Under the military dictatorship, Egypt has become a risky destination for tourists in recent years because of terrorism and political instability. Therefore, travelers should keep as far away from any protests and demonstrations and to avoid photographing bridges and even railway stations, because there have been cases in which police arrested foreigners because they took pictures goals within strategic. Homosexual acts in public are illegal and against the law to try to convince people to convert to Christianity.

Aliens must be careful how they show affection in public, being an Islamic country where many will be offended, especially if these gestures are made near mosques, markets or in rural areas. Possession of drugs can attract even the death penalty or can be imprisoned for years. And photography is prohibited military zones, including the Suez Canal.



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