Rise and fall of the most luxurious hotel of Constanta

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Rise and fall of the most luxurious hotel of Constanta

The Palace is one of the few remaining representative building standing in the Peninsular Area. Art critic Doina Păuleanu speaks volumes “Constance 1878-1928. The show late modernity “about bright era, with luxurious spaces and receptions given on different occasions. The land was then designed and built the Palace in 1912 is owned by Mrs. mound. It was built under the concession contract signed between the Town Hall and Edgar Baron of Marcay, who was substituted legally, shortly after checking documents, the Great Society establishments, according to art critic Doina Păuleanu.

This Abandoned Romanian Casino Definitely Looks Haunted

Perched on the coast of the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania, the Casino Constanta — once known to the world’s rich and royal as the most magnificent building in Romania — is a hauntingly beautiful shell of its former self today. Share on Pinterest


Located near the Admiralty, the hotel has collected many stories over time. In 1912, the Company leased establishments Grand Casino of Constanta for a period of 20 years. One of the requirements was to build a luxury hotel for the casino customers. The Company invites French architect EP Goue shore of the sea, and the company manages to buy an area of 1243.84 square meters to 24,876 lei and 80 bani. The amount will “pour out fully in making common house … with condiţiunea exchange act as if within five years will not be strengthening the banks, the Company may request reimbursement but without claiming any percentage or any compensation.”monumental Creation French Riviera style Palace, composed of five or six floors at the seaward facade, built in eclectic style specific French Riviera. The main façade emphasizes Doina Păuleanu, it is designed symmetrically and monumental as the entire building. The entrance is flanked by two large brackets provided at the top with garlands type Empire. The windows of the ground floor above an arch slightly distended, with keystone. Seaward facade, taller, the hotel follows the slope of the bank, introduce an element asymetrically the monumental scale downward spiral.

The clientele for luxury resort, Hotel Palace, opened in July 1914, coming to meet the high standards of those who came to the area to spend their holidays. “Hotel Palace was from the beginning luxury needed its category. Con-punching urges Conservatory newspaper on 13th lie iu-1914 to visiting the establishment situated in the most scenic position on the banks of the Black Sea. The hotel has 250 rooms, as-censorii to all floors. Bathroom for each room … Salon Reading. Terraces. Restaurant valued. Terrace rooftop, “says Doina Păuleanu. In Volume II of “Constanta 1878-1928″ shows that in October 1915 his wards there is a banquet in honor of guests arriving fully-vention for unionist federaţiunii. Also at the luxurious hotel installs German minister, Von den Busche, who was to meet at Techirghiol Count Czernin, the Austro-Hungarian Legation adviser. The visit was noted in March 1926. Sold lawyer Toma Boat On 8 May 1928 the Great Society establishments with French capital, the hotel sells lawyer Toma Boat obligations it to pay his debts. Fate hotel changes during the Second World War, the hotel was requisitioned by the Germans until 1944, after which the Russians are those who install here. In 1957, agricultural machine operators are installed in the luxurious hotel, and from 1964 became a squalid housing estate. If until recently compete with the Palace hotel on the waterfront, soon nothing remains of the former luxury. In 1972, when not only the walls were left standing back to what was formerly the location of accomodation in luxury.

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