Reasons To Visit Timisoara, Romania

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Reasons To Visit Timisoara, Romania


Reasons To Visit Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara is considered an ideal destination for a fun city break. It is a city which has something attractive for any kind of tourist, from a Zoo which is perfect for a family visit, to bars and clubs from Unirii Square and historic buildings and tourist objectives ideal for anyone who chooses to spend his vacation here.

City Zoo and parks
A holiday with children in Timisoara can quickly turn out to be full of events. The Zoo is found towards the city exit in the direction of Padurea Verde and is the place where kids can enjoy a good number of fun activities. The large number of animals, the presence of a playground, but also the possibility of taking lots of photos with ponies, goats and other small animals will surely be highlights for the little ones. The Children’s Park, recently renovated and reopened, is a central location which is perfect for a family outing. Children can have fun on trampolines and swing sets, play minigolf and explore the park.

Unirii Square
For young people, fun and nightlife are keywords when it comes to choosing a city break destination. The old town’s square of Timisoara, called Unirii Square, is the perfect place for these, due to the fact that most of the city’s clubs and restaurants are found here, in a relatively small place. During summer, terraces fill the entire square, along with the neighboring streets.

Museums of Timisoara
Timisoara is a city with a rich culture and history. Tourists may explore these in the numerous art galleries and museums the city has to offer. The Art Museum, located in Unirii Square, is the most imposing building dedicated to art in the city, hosting some permanent collections and also some temporary collection of extremely high value. There are also private art galleries, where hobbyists can admire the most recent collections of contemporary artists. For those who want to explore rural life in the city, the Banat Village Museum near Padurea Verde is the attraction which presents traditional houses and rural lifestyles specific to the Banat area.

Architecture of Timisoara
The architecture of Timisoara’s buildings may be another reason for which you should consider visiting the city. Especially in the central areas, but also in historic neighborhoods, tourists may admire a large collection of old places, which impress through architectural style and special exterior details. The most beautiful palaces in Timisoara are: Neuhausz Palace, Marbl Palace, Dicasterial Palace, Lloyd Palace, Hilt-Vogel Palace and Water Palace.

Other tourist objectives in the City
If you want to see what other things Timisoara has to offer, then you must know what its unique attraction are. The Hydropower plant on the Bega River is the first objective and the place where you can admire the history of this industry. Another reputed local industry is the beer-making, and here you may admire the Timisoreana Beer Factory and the Brewery where it sells its beer. The Bastion of Mary Theresa is another touristic objective you should not miss when visiting the city. Recently modernized, it hosts some art galleries and coffee shops.

These are just some reasons why we think Timisoara is an ideal location for a short European city break. It is very easily accessible by train, car or plane and is relatively cheap compared to other European destinations. Why don’t you give it a try?

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