Price of accommodation in a Romanian castle

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Price of accommodation in a Romanian castle

Price of accommodation in a Romanian castle

Castle and palace words remind us of a luxurious residence, belonging to kings and princesses, a place where the common man can only take a look timid. In Romania there are residences but a unique beauty, where we can spend a weekend or stay affordable.

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Many of the former princely residences or boyars of Romania turned into affordable hotels and Romanians discovered that a week’s accommodation in an old castle for hundreds of years is not an impossible dream. Romanians are discovering the charm of their country. Beyond seaside and mountain resorts, they found numerous ancient castles that you can visit, and some of them were turned into hotels or guesthouses and offers including the possibility of accommodation.

Although not as spectacular as the castles of the Loire Valley or Bavaria, these sights are included in UNESCO and offers an unforgettable vacation opportunity. Prices are affordable: from 150 to 250 lei per night for a double room, with breakfast included.Most castles board is in Transylvania, where tourists history buffs can also visit medieval fortresses and fortified churches. Among the castles which offers accommodations worth mentioning: Haller castle in Ogra, Mures County, Temple Knights Castle in Alba.

The most famous castle in Moldova board of Miclăuşeni Sturdza castle, Iasi County. And near Bucharest there are several known castles that also offers accommodation, but there are fewer seats available: Mogosoaia Palace Complex Stirbey. Managers or owners of these buildings hundreds of years old have learned to promote their business, especially through social media, and cheap solution available to everyone, while also ensuring the best visibility for tourists from around the world.

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Some of the accommodation units have already signed various offers and online booking sites such as, so tourists can only book including room and can choose where he wants to be accommodated. How much for a night stay in a castle Sturdza Castle in summer Miclăuşeni comes with a very good offer of accommodation: from 65 lei per night per person, breakfast included. Castle is just 65 km away from Iasi, on a former estate of boyars. The building dates from the nineteenth century (1880-1904) and is a Gothic-style building. He belonged to George Sturdza and his wife, Maria, and currently is part of the Monastery Miclăuşeni.

The complex, which contains the palace and the church of Annunciation, is located in a picturesque landscape in a green park where children can play freely. Tourists have 31 rooms, 23 of which are doubles, 6 singles and 2 suites. Today, the castle has a restaurant, a summer garden, gym and conference room.

The hotel is 3 star and the rooms are elegantly furnished. Moving mountains in Transylvania, tourists can stay in the temple board Knights Castle, near Aiud, Alba county. The castle is situated in a picturesque place in the spectacular VALISOARA Keys, common orchards. There are 14 rooms that can accommodate 30 people in total, and the offer is for all categories of tourists. Here you can accommodate those seeking a place for relaxation, but also lovers of extreme sports or hiking.

It can also organize camps or team building, and guests will discover the secrets of Transylvanian cuisine. The price for a double room is 160 lei per night, breakfast included. The castle was built in XIII century, and is now 3-star hotel. Give tourists double, triple or single, traditional restaurant, private parking and Internet access.

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Haller Castle, located in Ogra, Mures County, offers tourism services to 4-star standard. House is located in a building dating from the seventeenth completely renovated, located just 200 meters from the shore of Mures River. The rooms offered to tourists are luxuriously furnished, equipped with air conditioning and antique furniture, and flooring is the original. One night here with breakfast included, costs 250 lei in a double room or 380 lei in an apartment of 50 square meters.

Accommodation in castles near Bucharest The palaces near Bucharest are known especially for events, weddings or festivals. Some, for example Stirbey Mogosoaia Palace and Palace in Buftea, however, provide some beds. Mogosoaia Palace, located only 15 km from the center of Bucharest, was built in 1702 by order of Prince Constantin Brânoveanu. Shortly after 1714, when the family was executed in Constantinople Brancoveanu, the palace was taken over by the Ottoman authorities and into an inn. Grandson Prince subsequently redeemed complex remained in family ownership until the early nineteenth century. Between 1860-1880 the palace was renovated Nicolae Bibescu and villa complex was built in Elchingen, which was then offered Bibescu Martha wedding gift.

Currently, the palace is Brancovan art museum and the complex also includes a lookout tower, vault Bibescu, Saint George Church, glacier, which is now Exhibit Space. Villa Elchingen, the current guest house, which the communist period Creation was the Writers House, currently offers a small restaurant (120 seats), 16 accommodation (25 seats) and two conference rooms. Buftea Ştirbei Palace, which is now a hotel-restaurant 3 stars, was completed in 1863 by Prince Alexandru Barbu Ştirbei son Prince Barbu Ştirbei.
The building is specific English style Tudor era. The resort is on Lake Buftea, 20 km away from Bucharest.It has been preserved since the original painting on the walls, oak woodwork, chandeliers and wall lamps wrought iron. Nicolae Ceausescu‘s time, this was used for hunting parties since the park complex were many deer, rabbits and deer.

Price of accommodation in a Romanian castle

Romanias haunted castles and their legends

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Dracula‘s Country can not lack a whole host of castles and manors which is said to be haunted by all sorts of ghosts and spirits of historical figures.

Many castles and mansions in Romania hide horror stories about the terrible deeds that would be spent within the walls of buildings throughout history. Many of these stories have given sprang over time that some of the legends about castles and manor houses are haunted by ghosts or spirits.

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1. Banffy Castle, the most haunted place in Romania

Banffy Castle is probably the most haunted place in Romania . Built in Bonţida Banffy family in 15-16 centuries, the castle was transformed in 1944 into a military hospital operated until after the war. During this period, many soldiers died in the castle or from injuries or from diseases. After the war, the building was transformed into the headquarters of the local agricultural cooperative.

With time, the castle was almost destroyed. The period during which functioned as a war hospital created around the castle a number of legends about the presence of ghosts. Become playground for children in the village, the castle is said to have been seen silhouettes of some German soldiers dressed in uniforms or of people on crutches. Some argue that it is even the most haunted place in Romania.

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