Places to visit in Dobrogea

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Places to visit in Dobrogea 1
Places to visit in Dobrogea

Places to visit in Dobrogea

The traveler who arrives in Dobrogea will be amazed by the various forms of relief, the traces of those who once loved and died in Pontos.

Dobrogea is not just sea and sand. Wherever you go, the land between the Danube and the Black Sea gives you great places, learned from story books. Places to visit in Dobrogea. Triumphal Monument at Adamclisi If you arrive in Constanta County go visit Triumphal Monument at Adamclisi, in honor of the Roman army victory over the Dacians.

The monument, as it is today, was reconstructed in 1977 after one of the hypothetical models of the old monument was in ruins, being told now a historical monument. Like many other works of antiquity Adamclisi monument of Trajan it was not a work to delight the eye, but have a clearly defined function: it was to talk about the wonderful deeds of the Roman armies against a ruthless enemy, fiery and untamed.

When the triumphant monument of Adamclisi, tropaeum traiani, rose entire plateau surrounded by forests, silhouette, which was visible just on the Danube, sealed the ritual taking possession of the old river and its shores by the Roman power. He continually address the barbarians threatening the empire.
Places to visit in Dobrogea.
Histria fortress founded by colinişti come from Miletus Another proof of ancient civilization on these lands is Histria, founded in the mid seventh century BC (the year 657 BC by the historian Eusebius) by colonists from Miletus. In 1914, the great archaeologist Vasile Parvan started researching ancient settlements. Its vestiges – the precinct walls, temples, baths, streets, basilica, agora, shops, residential neighborhoods – make up an archaeological treasure for reconstruction of a distant past.
During its more than 1,300 years of continuous habitation, the city built on the shore of Sinoe current was defended by five successive enclosure walls corresponding to major historical stages traversed throughout its existence. The most important discovery within the perimeter of the city are the temple of Aphrodite, Zeus temple and altar of the temple of Zeus Polileus. They date from the archaic period (centuries VII – V cent. AD.) And reflect the beliefs of those who founded the town. Places to visit in Dobrogea. Church buried in Istria.
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Places to visit in Dobrogea

Romania Photo Gallery by Alan Grant at pbase.com

hey alan don t forget also to visit DobrogeaConstanta and Tulcea ,the ruins,the Danube Delta etc..i can help if u need.. take care and excellent picturest and …

By the time the Ottomans were masters of Dobrogea, in a small village near the ancient fortress Histria founded in the mid-1800s, the Christians built a church. He wanted a tall, proud and adorned, but Sultan’s orders were strict: no church Christians was not to emulate the glory of the Muslims a mosque.

The order was clear and had not violated – the highest places of worship should be only those of the Ottoman Empire. So orthodox from Istria were the tip, and a wise idea with the mighty: their church would be the highest in the land, but measured at a depth of 1 meter below ground level. That is church from Istria is unique in Romania where believers fall down some stairs instead of uploading.

Places to visit in Dobrogea.

Sun’s Păcuiul The island is located near the village of Ostrov, about 130 kilometers from Constanta. Bathed by the Danube shore, wildlife, quiet as an old fortress includes more than a thousand years that goes below the dark waters – the Sun’s Păcuiul discover a mysterious world.

Byzantine city walls came to the attention of archaeologists in the 50s. Professor Petre Diaconu, from the Institute of Archaeology in Bucharest, thoroughly researched this city, and even wrote a monograph. Byzantine fortress was built in the tenth century and had defensive role. In dry summers, when the Danube waters dry up, the city offers an extraordinary show. In 2003, for example, has surfaced up these walls and foundation.

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Places to visit in Dobrogea.

Dobrogea Gorges Dobrogea Gorges are a specially protected area of ​​flora and fauna of key geological massif and covers an area of ​​11,000 hectares. It is 45 kilometers north-west of Constanta, Mihail Kogalniceanu village beyond, on the right side of the valley Casimcea, near the village Târguşor. The protected area consists of nature reserves and Gura Dobrogea Gorges Dobrogea, where there are not only rare species of plants, birds and animals, but also caves in ancient times. Specialists show that Dobrogea Gorges reserve is made up of limestone from the Jurassic period that are actually remnants of atolls. Strangely shaped limestone plateaus, beaten by the passage of water, stretch one side of the road.

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