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The 12 hidden temples of Cambodia

The 12 hidden temples of Cambodia Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia in-between Thailand and Vietnam with Laos to the North. There are mountains to the North but the land is mostly flat. Cambodia’s climate is hot and sunny all year round, with two seasons…
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Lakes of Lombardy Secrets

Lakes of Lombardy Secrets They have seen the birth of prehistoric forms of life and civilisations, defended Italy from the threat of invasion and fascinated poets and writers. Lakes of Lombardy are a wealth of history just waiting to be discovered, either on a trip…
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Report from the island of the gods

Report from the island of the gods As soon as I left the airport in Bali (Denpasar) Wayan greeted us, what would be the tour guide in the coming days, along with a Balinese who rushed to put the neck garlands of fresh flowers frangipani.…
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Habits that destroy our holidays

    Habits that destroy our holidays We long for months after a well deserved holiday, make plans and savings thinking of weekends where we will recharge your batteries and leave behind the hectic pace of life. The problem is that the desire to feel…
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Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners

Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners When it comes to accommodation in a hotel, cleanliness is very important, especially to use objects intimately, such as sheets and towels and in many cases is precisely those “forgotten” by those in charge of cleaning. Sharon Zeev, Michael…
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How Invention of aviation engineer can save lives

  Vladimir Tatarenko aviation engineer, has dedicated much of his life inventing an escape pod that can help thousands of people survive plane crashes. These incredible women made aviation history As if that particular laurel wasn’t enough to rest upon, La Roche would also set…
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