St. Lucia Nightlife (7 Options)

Saint Lucia offers a variety of nightlife options to meet the expectations of the great variety of visitors the island attracts. In general, most of the happenings are local in flavour as most visitors arrive with expectations of experiencing true Saint Lucian culture, which has a reputation for warmth and friendliness. Below are some suggestions of St. Lucia nightlife options to consider…

1. In-House Resort Entertainment

Most resorts offer entertainment on a regular basis, many of them nightly. From musical entertainment to more extravagant floor show productions, Saint Lucia has plenty of talent to display.

Resorts also make an effort to present a variety of musical types to present local and Caribbean culture and guests can expect to enjoy reggae, soca, Creole, and other styles during their stay.

2. Be a Resort Crasher

Guests staying at smaller accommodations not offering in-house entertainment are welcome at many larger properties for an evening of fun; some of the all-inclusive resorts offer dinner and entertainment packages for this purpose.

Saint Lucia boasts several musicians that have achieved regional and international recognition who perform at various resorts and other venues. Guest service staff at your hotel can provide recommendations.

3. Friday Night Jump-Up Street Party

Saint Lucia is well known for its legendary Friday night Jump Up street party in Gros Islet and many visitors arrive with it at the top of their ‘must-do’ list. There are also other weekly events at Anse La Raye and Dennery to consider.

4. The Tourist Bar Scene

For the partying crowd, the island has a number of bars and clubs to consider. Most are in the Rodney Bay area where the greatest number of visitors are located. Along Reduit Beach Drive in the center of Rodney Bay Village there are several bars and clubs that cater to visitors’ entertainment expectations with live bands and DJs laying down rhythms into the night.

Anyone looking for such ‘tourist-oriented’ nightlife in Rodney Bay should check out Q-Bar, Happy Day Bar, Glo, Kee Bees, The Loft, Delirius, Fire Grill, Matthew’s. Ask around to find what’s hot on any given night.

5. The “Local” Bar Scene

Clubs with a more local atmosphere are also found in Gros Islet, Soufriére, Vieux Fort and rural areas around Castries. Guests staying in those areas should ask around to find the current ‘hot spots’.

6. Community “Days”

For visitors who really wish to meld with the local nightlife culture, there are community ‘days’ to check out. Virtually every community on island will select a weekend to hold their own street festival with food, music, dance and copious amounts of drink; we’re talking a serious Caribbean party tradition that is sure to be a highlight of anyone’s visit to the island.

Of course, communities stager their schedules to avoid competition which results in one being held somewhere on island nearly every non-holiday weekend. Again, guest service staff, taxi drivers or other locals whom you befriend can make recommendations.

7. Karaoke in St. Lucia

One of the mainstays of local nightlife is Karoke, which can be found nearly every night of the week somewhere in the area. These sessions attract lots of locals but visitors are always welcome to join in on the fun.

It’s not uncommon to encounter a semi-tone-deaf tourist fulfilling his star fantasy at some out-of-the-way Karoke night since he doesn’t know anyone!

Oh, why not?

As the saying goes, what happens here stays here!

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