Neil Emilfarb’s Dukley Gardens Marina

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Neil Emilfarb’s Dukley Gardens Marina

Neil Emilfarb’s Dukley Gardens Marina

Montenegro is a Mediterranean country located in southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea. If we had only two words to describe Montenegro, it would certainly be these words: Mountains and Sea. The country is small but has fascinating landscapes, beautiful coastline, the famous history and rich cultural heritage.

The turbulent history of this small country has left behind an invaluable treasure in numerous historic monuments throughout this proud country. The blue sea, endless beaches, restless waters of the clear rivers and beautiful mountain massifs, mixed with the spirit of the times, give Montenegro everything that you might wish for on an unforgettable vacation. The only thing that was missing is a place within this natural paradise that you can return every year and call it home.

This is why Neil Emilfarb, an investor from the United States, founded the Dukley Gardens, a new residential project in the Mediterranean. It consists of 202 flats designed to the highest standards, with a special focus, according to Neil, placed on the quality. Materials used are of high quality well-known international brands – from the built-in kitchens and luxury sanitary ware to the latest devices.

Located near the old town of Budva, it offers its residents the beautiful view of the coastal line and the open sea. Inspiration for the project was found in the local environment – elements of the old town, the sea and the mountains. The results are thematically designed floors so that tenants could choose an apartment for their taste and needs. The smallest apartment has 58 m2, and the owners have a choice of lofts – one, two and two-bedroom penthouse on the top floor.

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Sizes of apartments reach to 212 square meters, while a limited number of penthouses with roof terraces reach 535 square meters. The first two floors of the building are reserved for commercial premises, and tenants have at their disposal an underground garage with 70 parking spaces.

Neil Emilfarb’s Dukley Gardens Marina

In the construction, Neil Emilfarb and his team of investors, the Stratex Group, set their minds on making a foundation that is as solid as possible. Most important to them was the quality of materials, components and equipment. Now, owners can proudly say to their tenants, that “Dukley” ensures the highest quality in the region. By purchasing an apartment in the Dukley projects, residents receive much more than real estate. They become part of the Dukley brand and get access to all the benefits and services offered by our administrative companies. In addition they also have something priceless – Budva, “Dukley Marina” and the Adriatic Sea on the thresholds of their homes.

Dukley Marina currently has 300 moorings and can accommodate yachts up to 70m. It offers a complete service, and is also the border crossing. It has recently become a member of the “Camper & Nicholsons” network – “The 1782 Club”.

In addition to their activities in the field of real estate, the coming period will be dealt with by improving and expanding the Dukley Marine. Neil Emilfarb’s investment group Stratex became the owner of a significant stake in the hotel group “Budva Riviera“, which indicates the new direction of our future business worldwide hotel tourism.

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Dukley Gardens may as well be a place where you can spend every holiday for the rest of your life.


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