Mourinho leaves behind a large hotel bill and a few tears

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Mourinho leaves behind a large hotel bill and a few tears

Mourinho leaves behind a large hotel bill and a few tears

After deciding not to buy a house or apartment during the two-and-a-half-year contract at the sports club, the 55-year-old coach lived in a luxury apartment of the prestigious Lowry Hotel in Manchester, UK.

It was reported that Mourinho lived in a luxury apartment called Riverside, which has a comprehensive bedroom, a living room, a dining area and a small kitchenette. Additionally, according to its name, the apartment overlooks the Irwell River across the city of Manchester and is decorated with original artwork by the famous local artist Alan Rankle.

The five-star hotel told CNN Sport that it “does not comment on the details of the hotel guests as we pride ourselves in the privacy and discretion that we offer.” But according to The Lowry, the luxury apartment that Mourinho would have cost a little over 600 euros a night. The coach lived in the apartment for 895 nights, so that costs about 595,530 euros, assuming that Mourinho would not have used other hotel services at all.

Speaking about his living conditions, Mourinho confirmed that he was very happy with his temporary surroundings. “The apartment is in Lowry Hotel, but it’s a fantastic apartment and it would be difficult to find another one on the same terms, so do not be sorry for anyone for me,” he said in May in an interview with the news station BBC.

It seems that his former players are not the only people dissatisfied with Mourinho’s departure. According to sources, even hotel staff suffer. Other residents of the hotel said that many of the employees were seen with tears in the eye after the Portuguese had said goodbye to them.


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