Most impressive underground stations

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Most impressive underground stations

Most impressive underground stations

In civilized countries there metro stations which can easily be mistaken for real museums. Among the most striking are transport stations under a globe, inspired by the speech of Stalin or station under the Huangpu River stunning audio-visual effects.

London’s Underground Stations: A Social and Architectural Study

London’s Underground Stations: A Social and Architectural Study is a book by the British author and illustrator Laurence Menear. It was first published


The publication Business Insider has achieved among the most impressive metro stations worldwide, seats that convert into real passenger routes visits to the museum. Inside the stationFormosa Boulevard‘ (main photo) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, there is a real work of art. There are over 4,500 glass panels painted by Quangliata Narcissus, which are arranged in a globe. Present work was declared the largest glass painting in the world.

Thanks to amazing kaleidoscope, the area was proposed as a place for wedding ceremonies. Nature has made its way into the “Central Park Station” – Kaohsiung, Taiwan. British architect Richard Rogers has turned the escalators in a flowery plain, creating a beautiful state, although grass and flowers are artificial.


Magnificent metros: The beauty of deserted underground stations

Aug 29, 2016 Photographer Chris Forsyth has spent two years capturing people-free pictures of 150 busy underground stations.


Metro downtown Manhattan was declared the most beautiful station in New York. It holds the world record for the largest number of station platforms (44), one of which is secret.

“Komsomolskaya” the Moscow station is a neoclassical inspiration conducted by Russian Dmitri Chechulin. The interior ceilings and chandeliers that resemble those that were in the great ballrooms, mosaic inspired by the scene of a speech by Stalin during warfare.

Lost in the fictional world of Jules Vern, stationArts et Métiers” in Paris, France, it was designed by artist François Schuiten and includes copper walls imitating inside a submarine.

There are over 90 subway stations in Stockholm, Sweden, some of which were decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, and installations. One of them is the station “Distanţp”, which was decorated by artists and Ake Pallarp Hallek Enno. They have built a vibrant rainbow arches lines.

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At metro stationAvtovo” in St. Petersburg, Russia, are located in the center platforms chandeliers, ornaments decorated with laurel branches, marble columns, mosaics and impressive historical memory.

London Underground stations that are listed buildings – Wikipedia …

The London Underground is a metro system serving a large part of Greater London and parts of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. Seventy-one of the …


Although it is a tourist attraction rather than a station tunnel in Shanghai, China, provides passengers with a walk underground beneath the Huangpu River, the trip including stunning audio-visual effects.


Most impressive underground stations

Museum of the Moscow underground: opulent subway tour

Even 80 years after opening, the opulent architecture of underground Moscow sees foreign visitors leave dazed. Taken with the Russian habit, metro stations in Moscow are considered to be some real museum rooms, the rest of the world.

Moscow’s metro stations – in pictures

Vancouver-based photographer David Burdeny has always loved extravagant spaces: “I like the idea that when there’s no one in a space, you begin to envisage yourself there,” he says. Here are highlights from a 20-photo series documenting the gloriously …

Open to the public in 1935, Moscow’s subway system was designed as a huge propaganda project.

Extravagant design was designed to be in line with forecasts bright future of Russia, providing architects keywords being “Svet” (trans: universal) and “sveltloe buduschchee” (trans: bright future). The initial plan was that many of the stations to be exposed busts of Soviet leaders and murals showing the standard elements of propaganda. They were removed many years ago, but the architecture and decorative elements fail, even today, is overwhelming.


    • Engineers who worked on Moscow‘s metro network counterparts have benefited from London’s oldest subway system in the world
  • Initially, the Russian capital‘s metro line had a length of 11 km and 13 stations. Currently, the network has 12 lines, 197 stations and a length of about 330 km
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One of the most extravagant projects of the USSRMoscow‘s subway system was built with the thought that each state should be “a luxurious palace for citizens”. Stalin asked the architects to incorporate elements at each station to encourage people to look around “as if admiring the sun” and, by extension, to consider himself a god.

The heyday of Russian architecture came to an end in 1955 when the Communist Party decreed that “should be deleted extravagance in design and construction.” After Stalin’s death, his images were removed gradually from subway stations – the sculptures were moved to warehouses and mosaics were simply removed. The construction of new metro stations were avoided impressive decorative elements are considered “unjustified” because his party prefers “kilometers, to the detriment of architecture“.Fortunately, the original architecture of the first metro stations was left intact, managing to capture the attention of foreign visitors, even after 80 years since the inauguration.

In Russia, Palaces and Metro Stations Are Hard to Tell Apart

It is surprisingly hard to tell the difference between photos of Moscow‘s metro stations and photos of Russia‘s historic palaces. The stations, like the palaces, are supremely decadent, with high arched ceilings, opulent gold leaf, and glittering 

Museums Of Moscow
The Victory Park is a big Complex of expositions and monuments that was set up at 1995 as commemoration of this World War II. You will find the memorial church of St., the museum George, the Holocaust commemorative synagogue, this memorial mosque, this open air army hardware exhibition, and a series of sculptures. The Museum’s exposition contains six dioramas of important conflicts of the Soviet Union and the Nazis.
From the open air grounds military lovers may find more than 350 samples of armaments along with technology structures from both sides of the battle. To look at photos of Victory Park & WWII Museum.Opening Hours of this Museum: Tuesday – Sunday 10.00am-7.00pm, on the last Thursday of each month is closed. Monino Air Force Museum – The Central Air Force Museum at Monino is Russia’s largest aviation and among the biggest on earth. More than 170 plane are on display in this hangars or in this open air place.
They all are real and many were sent to there by this air on their own. Among the most interesting displays are the largest aircraft of this early 20 century Ilya Muromets, World War II La-7 of Ivan Kozhedub, Soviet Concorde, Tupolev-95, the largest transportation helicopter Mi-12.To look at pictures of Monino Air Force Museum. Space Museum & VDNKh – The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics was founded in 1981 and reopened in 2009 after the total reconstruction. Visitors may see the first rocket engine developed from Tsander, cosmonauts space suits, space dogs, versions of a moon rover and sputniks. Children might experience flight simulators along with try astronauts food.
The displays include a life size model of this space station Mir’s core module along with original re-entry vehicles of spacecraft Soyuz. To look at pictures of Moscow Space Museum. The VDNKh, or this Exhibition of this People’s Economic Achivements, was ambitious project run at 1939 to showcase this USSR’s achivements at all fields of economics.On this grounds of 580 acres were constructed dozens of exhibition pavilions, laid out gardens along with introduced winner cows throughout the country. Today’s VDNKh is just an empty shell of its wonderful past, but still worth visiting.
To look at pictures of VDNKh. Opening Hours of this VDNKh: daily 9.00-19.00, Monday – Friday 9.00-21.00, weekend 9.00-22.00. Stalin’s Bunker – The bunker for this Supreme commander-in chief of Red Army Joseph Stalin was finished just before the World War II. The place for this secret object was chosen in Izmaylovo from this north east of Moscow, and a big stadium on top was intended to function as its false front. There are tanks out of WWI, WW II, along with the Cold War. A few of them were produced in the Soviet Union, Some were captured as war trophies and supplied by the Allies as lend lease supplies.

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