MH370 flight was deliberately crashed

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MH370 flight was deliberately crashed

Aviation expert Larry Vance revealed in the 60 Minutes show that the flap discovered a year ago on Madagascar Island and belonging to Malaysia Airlines indicates a bleak hypothesis.

According to him, the experts’ analysis indicates that the MH370 flight would have been crashed in the water because the flap was stretched out, reported The Guardian .


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – Wikipedia

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur …

Vance thinks that no other theory can provide a plausible explanation of what would have happened to the missing plane in March 2014.

“Someone piloted the plane directly into the water ,” he said in the 60 Minutes show, where he argued that the stretched flap is “concrete evidence” that the plane would have been intentionally collapsed, which would explain why it was not yet found wreck.

‘A flaperon can not activate himself, someone must have taken him out. Someone (in the cabin) must have selected the flaperon activation command, “said Vance, which reinforces the hypothesis that one of the pilots or an air pirate controlled the plane until it collapsed in the ocean.

Peter Foley, head of the search operations by the Australian Transport Security Authority (ATSB), does not exclude the possibility that someone has controlled the plane to the end. the Australian high-ranking official said the ATSB saw ‘some French analyzes’ suggesting that the flapper was activated, which would support the theory that the collapse of the plane was premeditated.

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Search operations started from the premise that the plane’s disappearance was not the result of a premeditated move. But so far, the most costly search in history has not produced any results. Several pieces that are supposed to belong to the missing Boeing were found on the islands of eastern Africa.

Recently, the investigators unannounced a key detail of the investigation. In the captain‘s home that piloted the Malausia Airlines, a flight simulator was discovered in which the pilot would apply a similar scenario a month before disappearance, and would be astonished in the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, the governments of Malaysia, Australia and China withdrew their commitment to complement the search on the 120,000 square meter range.

They said that in the absence of new credible evidence regarding the exact location of the airplane, the search would be temporarily suspended.

Flight MH370: Could it have been suicide? – BBC News

There are times when Captain Simon Hardy’s analysis of flight MH370 sends shivers down the spine, especially in the light of the recent case of Germanwings  …




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