Malta a nature paradise waiting to be discovered

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Malta a nature paradise

Malta a nature paradise

The small Mediterranean island of Malta, Gozo and Comino, is the ideal place for holiday-makers who combine beach relaxation with rapturous landscapes with a history lesson in the open air.

Malta keeps the Mediterranean flavor, British accent, Arabic details and African aridity as a monument of all the civilizations that conquered it, carrying yourself in a cultural waltz that makes you forget about the division of the world. Its historical depth, which carries you from ancient temples, medieval times, stories with goddesses and saints and knights in armor to the present exotic beaches, leaves you fascinated and thirsty for your knowledge.

Valletta, one of the most fortified cities in Europe On a trip along the Maltese islands, we make a first stop in the capital of Valletta, named after its French founder, Grand Master Jean de la Vallette.

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The town was built by the Ioannis knights after the Turkish siege of 1565, when Jean de la Vallette asked for help from the Pope to build a fortress city to cope with the Ottoman attacks. The strongly fortified city is a museum in itself, a true masterpiece of baroque style.

Valletta is the smallest capital of the European Union, but it offers 320 monuments that you discover at every step. Once you step into the city gates, we stop at Upper Barrakka Gardens, the highest point of the Valletta, which offers a splendid view of the Marsamxett and Grand Harbor natural harbors, and under the terrace, 8 cannons shoot every day at the hours 12.00 and 16.00.

Here, on the benches that stand in the shade of the columns guarding the gardens, the elders have their oasis of tranquility, but also their favorite socializing place, where they discuss small daily worries or discuss foreign curiosities with strange eyes, while a young man with long hair caught in a lush queue and wavy ribbons fluttering in the wind, engulfs the atmosphere with Spanish guitar accords. Taking a step at Valletta, you will notice that on both sides of the main street that crosses the city from one end to the other, there are narrow and steep streets that seem sharp, and at the end of them, the sea is blinking seductively.

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In a steady stream, the thousands of steps move from one store to another because the main street is a real shopping center where you can find from souvenir shops to clothes, perfumes, jewelery, beauty salons, fast food and cafes. But before you load your shopping nets, St. John’s Roman Catholic Cathedral deserves special attention, for the renowned church, founded in 1572 by the Grand Master of Malta Jean de la Cassière, is regarded by architects as one of the most beautiful and representative buildings in the baroque style of the old continent.

The interior of the cathedral is extremely richly decorated with paintings, the main attraction being “Cutting the head of St. John the Baptist”, the famous work of Caravaggio‘s artwork. Another great detail is the marble floor, which is made up of almost 400 funerary stones of the knights killed in debt. But to better penetrate the knight’s legendary era near the cathedral, the Grand Masters Palace invites you to a long-forgotten world.

The long corridors with painted ceilings, guarded by dozens of armor, and the rooms adorned with art objects and old weapons have always been the home of the governors of Malta, and today the palace hosts the Office of the President. Here, since 1974, the presidents of Malta continue to be listed on a white marble plate. From 2014 until now, in the last line is written the name of a woman, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Malta thus proving that it is as close to the medieval age as the modern one.

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Malta a nature paradise – Gozo, the Calypso Goddess Island

Just a 25-minute ferry ride from the northern port of Cirquewwa, the island of Gozo, the second largest island of Malta, welcomes you in a rustic and more welcoming atmosphere. In Greek mythology, it is said that the Nymph Calypso was conquered by these places, that he chose to keep him trapped here for seven years on the shipwrecked Ulysses, whom he fell in love with.

Among the first things that will attract your attention in Gozo are the quaint houses, standing well on the rocky hills overlooking the sea, which retain the same architecture, but the same color – a honey-yellow color, which gives a harmony to the place. It is said that in Gozo, the locals leave the open doors even when they are gone, criminality being non-existent on this extremely quiet island.

You will, of course, notice the exotic vegetation so different from the temperate climate – palm trees, cacti, eucalyptus and leanders white or red, with a discreet smell. As a matter of fact, the cactus is especially cultivated by the inhabitants, from its fruits preparing their traditional reddish liqueur and cacti sweet. The Goias are full of good will, so that on cool seaside seaside chances, you have a good chance of having a party with honors with Neapolitan peasants, both young and old, spontaneously gathered at a modest terrace. Their mourning joy attracts tourists as a magnet, and at the end of the evening, no one stops.

How Citadella Has Reborn In Gozo, you should not miss Citadella in Victoria, the fortress that sheltered all the inhabitants of Gozo who fled the Ottomans in the Middle Ages. In 1551, Turkish pirates conquered Gozo and took almost the entire population of only 5,000 inhabitants, the island remaining practically unpopulated, and the Citadella almost completely destroyed.

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The rescuers were once again the Ioannian knights, who banished the Turks and began restoring the island. It took almost 50 years to repopulate the island and rebuild the Citadella. The Story of Citadelle will “enchant you” in a 360-degree cinema hall where you will be invited by the hologram of the Calypso Nymph.

At Citadella, you can stop for a delicious traditional meal at Ta Rikardu, a small, rustic and intimate restaurant with a history of 40 years, where you will be warmly welcomed. The owner, Rikardu, has a small goat and sheep farm that constantly supplies the restaurant so that every morning his wife pulls fresh cheese on the table.

Here I recommend you try the rabbit or goat fries, which are the specialty of the house.
Another stop on the island of Gozo deserves to be made at the Ta’Pinu Church in the village of Gharb. The existence of the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is connected with many miracles, which now fill the walls of the place with the testimonies of hundreds of people. For this reason, the Ta’Pinu church is the most sought-after place of pilgrimage in Malta.

Maltese fest, between saints and fireworks Malta is an attractive destination all year round, but if you want to surprise it in all its traditional splendor, it’s good to visit it during the holiday season called the “fest”. From May to September, every Saturday, a small village or small town in Malta and Gozo is dressed in a celebration to celebrate with great reputation the spiritual patron, thus thanking them for another year without bad events. Besides the processions where the statue of the saint of each locality is worn on the streets, the fest also means much fun and joy in pure state.

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