Long Term Rentals in St. Lucia

Many foreigners may wish to come to Saint Lucia for an extended stay without the expense and commitment of ownership. A variety of furnished properties on the island are available for long term rentals in St. Lucia for retirees or others wishing to settle in and feel more at home. These fully appointed accommodations can be found in all price ranges from local furnished apartments and modest homes to posh villas featuring the finest amenities available.

Some of the most popular and more affordably priced of these options are found in the holiday apartment and condominium complexes in the north that offer attractive monthly or even seasonal rates.

For those who really get acclimated to Caribbean living, there are numerous suitable communities island-wide where visitors can find an apartment or home where a safe and comfortable local lifestyle can be enjoyed.

With either approach, living for an extended time allows foreigners to really learn their way around to know the best places to shop, dine and socialize making for surprisingly affordable living.

But visitors must keep in mind that Immigration laws limit the length of stay without applying for an extension. Visitors may remain in Saint Lucia from 4 to 6 weeks; the specific length of stay depends on your country of citizenship (see Visa requirements).

To stay longer on island an extension must be obtained at the Immigration Office of the Royal Saint Lucian Police Force in Castries. However, this is a relatively simple process.

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