London rich banker moves to paradise island

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London rich banker moves to paradise island

London rich banker moves to paradise island

A British banker who earn about $ 100,000 a year, decided to give up the life of luxury he was living and move on an isolated island in Asia.


Malay: Borneo) is the third-largest island in the world and the largest island in Asia. At the geographic center of Maritime Southeast Asia, in relation to


Jon Watchinson lived in a luxurious apartment in London and due to his job as a banker led a life that many people only dream about. At only 27 years old but he was tired of the bustle and decided to give up everything he had. He bought a ticket to Bangkok and settled on the small island of Don Det Mekong River in Laos on, writes Daily Mail. Since then, he leads a very simple life, living in a bamboo hut that he built it himself and eating only what takes to hunt or fish. For four years, since moving here, Jon lives without access to technology and washed into the river. Do not regret their decision, because here it feels really happy. But he misses friends and family who remained in London, confesses the man. He says he began working in banking for 19 years, and although he quickly made a career in the field, he felt more stressed and unhappy, as trapped in a cage of mice in the bustle of London.

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“I climb into the subway and I looked at those gray ghosts who no longer had any desire to live. I knew I had to change something. The decisive moment came one day when I looked at all my colleagues, writing busily at computers. We do not produce anything concrete. We just were sending e-mails, doing nothing important. I never thought I had done anything concrete that can be touched and decided that it should do, “recalls Jon.

Thus, he resigned, sold everything he had and began to travel. He chose to stay on the island of Don Det, where only 400 people live. Here, in addition to the wild beauty of nature, he discovered the warmth and friendliness of local people who helped him always. Now he spends only $ 20 per month for electricity, which is essential for survival, says Jon. Without a fan and fridge, could hardly resist, due to heat and moisture. Jon says he leads a hard life here, but it wants a partner. Must be a woman but to accept this lifestyle and who wants to marry him, because a relationship outside marriage is not acceptable here. His story will be presented in a film documentary by Channel 5 station.

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