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Lakes of Lombardy Secrets

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Lakes of Lombardy Secrets

In Varenna, a small village with an international flair, visitors will find Villa Mobster, a real gem with superposed architectural styles spanning nine centuries. Villa Leliana, built originally as a female convent, today hosts a museum with a variety of antiques pieces of furniture in all its rooms.

Vezio Castle is a lakeside outpost dominating Varenna, partially restored in the mid-twentieth century, is partially open to visit and hosts a diurnal and nocturnal raptor training centre, based on the ancient art of falconry.

Another fortress, the Forte di Fuentes, dating back to 1600, dominates Lake Como from the Colico hills. Initially destroyed by Napoleon, it was reused during the World War I, guarding Valtellina Valley on one side and the Chiavenna Valley on the other.

The bell tower of the San Nicolo Basilica, nicknamed “the Big Pencil”, is one of Secco’s symbols. It is among the tallest bell towers in Italy, and is equipped with nine bells intoning a concert in A-major and each bearing its own name.

At the Moto Guzzi Museum in Mandello del Lario, motor-biking enthusiasts will enjoy a collection of 150 exhibits, including mass-produced and sports motorbikes, test-prototypes and engines, all on display at this museum.

The Mount Barro Regional Nature Park offers plenty of flora, fauna and landscapes for nature lovers to enjoy. The park overlooks the Secco branch of lake Como and lake Annone,  and is covered by an extensive network of trails reaching all major places.

Forte Montecchio Nord in Colico – Completed in late 1914 to defend lake Como, this fortress is one of the most modern artilerry installations of World War I. Its four cannons are still functioning efficiently.

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Lakes of Lombardy Secrets – Lake Iseo (coming soon)


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