Kite Surfing in Aruba

Kite Surfing in Aruba (2024 Guide)

Aruba kite surfing is one of the few activities that is more exciting than it looks. It touches multiple human interests, including thrill-seeking, admiring aesthetic views, and gaining bragging rights. Whether you want to go kite surfing to take in the beautiful view from Aruba’s sky or you simply want to brag about your adventurous vacation, the timing and the place where you choose to kite surf matters a lot.

Kite surfing in Aruba is fun and an ever-available activity that you can partake in whenever you visit the island. The kite surfing view is best from February to April, while the weather is ideal from March to May. March is the best month for kitesurfing, though February is cheaper.

In this article, you will discover the best spots to Kite Surf in Aruba alongside the ideal times to visit the island as a kite surfing enthusiast, a dollar-stretcher, or a premium-experience lover. More importantly, you will learn about the few months when you should definitely not go to Aruba for kite surfing.

So let’s get started with what to buy before you go kite surfing.

But First…Aruba Kite Surfing Shopping List

  • GoPro Camera – A GoPro is a must for any adventure that has a great view embedded in its experience. By mounting a GoPro over your head, you can film the view that you might not be able to appreciate when you’re caught up in the thrill of flight. 
  • Quick dry clothing – Quick dry clothing, like Nonwe Board Shorts, is a must-have for any water-adjacent activity. The Shorts are rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from a global collective average of 11,500 reviews and ratings. 
  • Kite surfing equipment – The kite, rope, and basic equipment required for kite flight are provided by the kite surfing businesses in Aruba.

The Ideal Conditions For Kite Surfing

The Ideal Conditions For Kite Surfing

There are three aspects to kite surfing. The first is the thrill of being elevated during the surfing session. The second is the view you have at sea level. And the final one is the feeling of the wind across your body. With that in mind, the ideal conditions for kite surfing are the ones that optimize each one of these aspects.

Perfect Weather 

Perfect weather is one of the most important factors in making kite surfing memorable. The winds required for kite surfing are present throughout the year. Even when the trade winds slow down, the movement of the kite can generate enough resistance to elevate the surfer. The perfect weather affects more than the possibility of kite surfing. It makes kite surfing pleasurable.

Scenic Beauty

The visual pleasure one gets from kite surfing is reliant on the beauty of the scenery from above. Aruba is beautiful throughout the year, and its green areas do not change too much based on the weather. However, it is better when the sky is clear. 

Decent Wind Velocity 

Finally, you want the experience of kite surfing to be thrilling. For that, the wind velocity must be high enough to result in the right elevation. The harder the wind pushes against you, the better it feels to be kitesurfing.

Now that you know the specific things to look for when you plan to kite surf, you can figure out the month in which you want to go to Aruba for the activity. Let’s look at what different seasons in Aruba look like for Kite surfers.

The Aruba Kite Surfing Season

The Aruba Kite Surfing Season

December to June marks the kite surfing season in Aruba, even though you can go kite surfing at any point of the year. Since the minimum requirements for kitesurfing are shallow waters and windy weather, there are several beaches in Aruba where you can kite surfing at almost any point in the year.

However, conditions for enjoying kite surfing are slightly narrower and include a moderate climate and a scenic view. And these conditions begin to manifest as early as December and last as long as June. There are only a few months where outdoor experiences in Aruba become suboptimal.

The Worst Time To Kite Surf In Aruba

The Worst Time To Kite Surf In Aruba

You want to avoid harsh sunlight and rainy weather when you go Kite Surfing. In Aruba, the months preceding July are too hot. You might be able to kite surf, technically, but the experience will not be the best that Aruba has to offer. While the summer heat begins to recede in the west after august, it peaks in September in Aruba.

So the unfavorable conditions to go Kite Surfing in Aruba last all the way to November. It is obviously much cheaper to stay in Aruba for kite surfing during these months but the businesses that facilitate kite surfing charge pretty much the same amount. You can learn more about the price of kite surfing in Aruba in the FAQs section of this post.

If you want to have a cheaper stay in Aruba and enjoy kitesurfing as well, you should aim for the beginning and the end of the kite surfing season. When the interest in gradually rising or fading away, you can still get favorable weather and a good deal.

The Cheap Time To Kite Surf In Aruba

The Perfect Kite Surfing Spots In Aruba

Since January marks the beginning of the peak kite surfing season, December has good enough conditions and is cheaper. On the other side, May marks the conclusion of the peak kite surfing season, so June also has good enough weather for kite surfing.

You can save money by choosing to kite surf in December or June. Where December has a rain factor that leads to lower interest and consequent discounts, June has a higher heat factor. Make sure to read up on the weather in Aruba in December and the weather in Aruba in June to see if the lower-priced stay is worth it for you.

The Perfect Time To Kite Surf In Aruba

The Perfect Time To Kite Surf In Aruba
Watersports at Palm Beach on Aruba island in the Caribbean Sea at sunset

If you don’t want to penny-pinch on your kite surfing adventure, then you should aim for the month of March, which is the summit of the tourism interest peak. But if you dislike crowds and still want optimal kite surfing conditions, you can go kite surfing in February or April.

Ultimately, January to May is the period when Aruban weather and wind conditions are perfect for kite surfing, so you can choose any month you please based on other factors that you have to consider. These could include the cost of travel, hotel accommodation prices, and your work leave approval.

The Perfect Kite Surfing Spots In Aruba

The Perfect Kite Surfing Spots In Aruba

With your kite surfing calendar set, all that remains to be seen is the kite surfing spots you must visit when you go to Aruba. Here are the best kite surfing spots on the island:

  • Handicurari Beach – Also known as the Fisherman’s Huts, Handicurari Beach is a place with pristine clear and calm waters and a steady wind flow that can be perfect for kite surfing. 
  • Eagle Beach – Eagle beach is one of the most popular beaches in Aruba and offers a great kite surfing climate. 
  • Malmok Beach – At Malmok beach, you will find a great from-the-top view when you go kite surfing. The beach isn’t too crowded but has sufficient footfall to creating a fun, party-like atmosphere. From snorkeling to paddle boarding, there are plenty of activities you can engage in at this spot. Windsurfing, of course, is one of them. 
  • Arashi Beach – Arashi Beach is Aruba’s most popular beach for surfing, and it has the perfect conditions to kite surf in throughout the year. Still, it is at its best during the peak kite surfing season (from January to May).

Aruba Kite Surfing FAQs

Kite Surfing In Aruba FAQs

What does it cost to kite surf in Aruba?

You can expect to pay $75 to $120 for 1 hour of kite surfing in Aruba. The specifics of the price depend entirely on the level of support and education you need to kite surf. Packages are available as well.

Packages for 4 to 8 hours are 50% cheaper, while individual kite surfing hours are 10% to 15% cheaper in the summer months. Where the former discounts are worth the purchase, the latter is definitely not worth their downsides.

Can you kite surf in Aruba in the summer?

You can kite surf in Aruba in the summers, but the high-heat conditions make the activity much less enjoyable. It is also risky for fair people as they risk getting sunburned when kite surfing during the day.

What do you need to go kitesurfing in Aruba?

You need skin-tight clothing and a spirit of adventure to go kitesurfing. The kite surfing businesses usually provide the kite and all the other equipment needed for kite flight.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Kite surfing is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed in any place where the waters are calm, and the top wind is consistent. Aruba is a country with multiple beaches and plenty of scenic views where kite surfing isn’t just possible but is also very exciting.

The best time to go Kite Surfing in Aruba is whenever you’re ready, and the best place to go kite surfing in Aruba is wherever you want. But to have the best experience, you should probably limit your timings to the December to June portion of the year.

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