Journeys of 2015

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Journeys of 2015


Journeys of 2015

Each year begins with a series of resolutions, plans and desires that can range from personal ambition in career goals and, why not, in our travel bucket list added. For 2015 A Lot Of Trips comes with a list of proposed travel list that will continue throughout the year for those who need inspiration. Today we ride the train through the Swiss mountains, then we relax in the thermal waterfalls Ma’In Jordan moved on to conquer South America. The last stop we had in Raja Ampat in Indonesia paradise.


The Best My Selfie Journeys of 2015 |

You told us your hair successes and failures and we listened. Here, the best my selfie journeys of 2015.


A journey by train is passionate dream, but a trip to Glacier Express from St. resorts Moritz and Zermattin Switzerland can be anyone’s dream. The trip takes more than seven hours for the train that crosses 291 bridges and 91 tunnels while meandering through the Swiss mountains, reaching a point at 2,000 meters altitude. Thus, Switzerland may further check a list after achieving watches, chocolate and banking system, a train journey that not only works with the precision of a Swiss watch, but you do and enjoy the most spectacular scenery that this small country in the heart Europe offers. A ticket to embark on this journey exceed 250 euros in first class. Finally do not feel that you paid a train ticket, but a ticket to the show nature, landscapes are not infrequently dramatic, especially seen from aboard a train that is on the Landwasser viaduct. The trip can be done in summer and winter, so the choice is difficult, as you had to choose between a watch Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin piece. Must therefore choose between towering forests and turquoise lakes and snowy mountain peaks on whose shoulders all the snow seems to click. Any choice you make will be the winner jackpot.

Argentina is often synonymous with football or tango with red wine or beef spectacular. Too many times, Patagonia is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of the South American country.When still hear Patagonia automatically think the wonders of nature, magical landscapes and surreal colors.Where South America almost ends in a national park that is or at least should be mandatory on all lists of travelers to achieve in life, is Perito Moreno, one of the 48 glaciers Ring of Ice. When you get there you’re not shocked that no matter how great ice cream is the eye can see. Stay blues surprised that water can take in solid form. Sounds like a broken landscape of the cartoon Ice Age, but in fact ice under the soles of shoes is alive and groaning every wrong step you make. According to Lonely Planet, this glacier is moving every day with 2 meters further proof he is alive. Can you settle for a cruise around or make a trip over glacier, a unique journey that requires crampons, suitable clothing and a touch of madness.

Ma’In in Jordan thermal waterfalls are hidden between high and barren heights, and when you get there you feel that you got into an oasis. Less than an hour in any direction scenery changes dramatically, to the east lay the Dead Sea, just north find the place of baptism of Jesus, and not very far from here is Mount Nebo, where Moses glimpsed Land Promise. South Jordan is revealed in all its splendor with archaeological city of Petra – one of the seven wonders of the modern world – and the Wadi Rum desert which says it provides new definitions reds. Diversity Ma’In Jordan is crowned with waterfalls where you can enjoy spa treatments, a romantic candlelight dinner in a garden of olive trees and a lunch on the rocks when your legs are spread as the eye can see the Dead Sea. Unlike all the sights around which rise hotels and pensions visibly in Ma’In there is one, the five-star Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, part of Six Senses. Access to waterfalls can be done without accommodation, but charges

Journeys of 2015

Revisiting Personal Journeys

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When you say Indonesia, most think of Bali and the island of the gods. For those who have reached Raja Ampat archipelago but this is the true picture of Paradise, where over the rainbow and walking on toes while you bathe in the sea from the terrace turquoise own bungalow built a meter above the water. To feel like Christopher Columbus and to be able to thoroughly explore the area, without abandoning the luxury of a bungalow, a trip Alila Purnama (literally full moon), an Indonesian traditional sailboat, apparently choosing the more suitable. On board the vessel with three decks, where the furniture is custom-made only from local raw materials and procedures own spa therapist is at your fingertips, you can explore one of the most important barrier reef in the world, with about 1,300 species of fish and 550 types of coral. An expedition of six nights on board that seems ripped from a pirate story starts at 12,750 USD for a couple.


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