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Johnny Depp has bought an island in Greece

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Johnny Depp has bought an island in Greece

Johnny Depp has bought an island in Greece

US actor Johnny Depp bought the uninhabited Greek island Stroggilo. The artist has paid 4.3 million euros for a land area of ​​about 0.2 square kilometers.

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The star 52-year-old became the owner Stroggilo island, whose surface is about 0.2 square kilometers, write greekreporter.com .

The acquisition was brokered by London company Proto Organization Ltd, which offered advice and spouses Braddi Pitt and Angelina Jolie, when they decided to buy Greek island Sogia Gaia.

 Steven Taylor, spokesman Proto Organization, said during this period many celebrities showed interest to buy land in Greece.

Recently, American tycoon Warren Buffett, together with an Italian investor, bought the Greek island of Agios Thomas, located in the Saronic Gulf near Athens.

Greece has around 6,000 islands, both private and public, and some of them are available on the market, priced from 3 million, emerges from an analysis of British real estate consulting agency Knight Frank, quoted by Business Insider.


Johnny Depp has bought an island in Greece

Here are the cheapest Greek islands:
11. Omfori Island is in the Ionian Sea, has 4 and a half million square meters, accommodates a single building and is worth 50 million euro.
10. Dulichium Island is located in the Ionian Sea, it is almost 5 and a half million square meters and at present, is the largest private island in Greece. The highest point on the island over 250 meters above sea level. Dulichium is put up for sale at the price of 40 million euros.
9. Northern Aegean island is Chora region and only half an hour away from Athens. The island has 350 thousand square meters and worth 35 million euros.
8. Island St. Thomas is Saronicos Gulf and covers 1 million square meters. The island is part of the slide, a place known for scenic beauty in Greek mythology of the islands. St. Thomas is worth 15 million euro.
7. Island Nafsika is in the Ionian Sea, has 5 million square meters and its value amounts to 6.9 million euros. This mountainous island is one of the last undeveloped locations in the Ionian Sea and has regions with 360 degrees.
6. Island Kardiotissa worth 6 million and a half euros. Kardiotissa is located in the heart of the Aegean and measures 1 million square meters.
5. Sofia is Nissos island in the Ionian Sea, measures about 200,000 square meters and offers a high level of privacy as commercial boats with restrictions in the area. Sofia Nissos worth 5 million and a half euros.
4. Part of Kythnos Island is put up for sale the price of 5 million. On the island are built surface between 20 and 25 houses small picturesque Kythnos still under development.
3. Stroggilo Island is located near the Aegean island of Marathi and half worth 4 million euros.
2. Gaya Island is located in the Ionian Sea and its value is EUR 3 million. Gaia has 174,000 square meters, and the region in which the island is known for its favorable conditions in which to carry out different activities such as water sports, fishing or swimming.
1. Lihnari Peninsula is just 10 minutes from Corinth, has nearly 400,000 square meters and the owners hope to sell 3 million, wanting a quick sale that dropped half the original price. On the island are built several luxury properties, road, drinking water and olive trees.
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