Italian ghost hotel

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Italian ghost hotel

Italian ghost hotel

Work on the Grande Hotel San Calogero in Sicily began in 1954 and were finalized after nearly 30 years. Although the hotel has received two official openings, no customer has ever stayed in this establishment, writes Daily Mail.

The hotel was built on the hill of Monte Kronio, near the port of Sciacca, southern Sicily, and offers a beautiful view over the island. It has five floors, it features 300 rooms and is located near the famous thermal baths of antiquity. However, despite all these positive aspects, the hotel is not never stayed any client.

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According to the source , the original hotel was to be officially opened in the early ’80s, but because of some disagreements between the authorities and builders, the hotel remained closed and was left to decay.

A few years later, the hotel was again upgraded and scheduled to open in 1993. But there was a new problem. Despite the work that has been conducted over decades, the hotel does not get a proper connection to the sewage system.


Italian ghost hotel

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Another company has agreed to take over the hotel in 2000 after local authorities did plan to connect the hotel to the sewer system, but the works have not been started.

Because it had already signed a contract with a company to manage the hotel, local authorities have had to pay in 2010 after several years of lawsuits, damages of 800,000 euros La Montagnola company, which undertook to deal with the hotel, but ultimately could not do it.

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