How to win a unique holiday experience in Finland

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How to win a unique holiday experience in Finland

Europeans who have just been declared the happiest in the world offer a free summer vacation to strangers who want to learn how to be happy and who want to know more of the local culture.

FinlandEsko , for example, is the Mayor of Rovaniemi (the world known as Santa Claus City), the capital of the Lapland region in the north of the country, and wants to share the Finnish summer experience with a few foreigners at his cottage.


Tourists will “taste” the Finnish livelihood, go for pickle berries, go fishing, go fishing or play mölkky, a local game.


Another experience will be enjoyed by those going to Linda and Niko , a couple living in Utö, an island in the Finnish archipelago. According to the presentation made by the two, the tourists who will go to them will become acquainted with the ” simplicity of life in the archipelago, surrounded by caring people and spectacular nature . ” Those who choose to go to Linda and Niko can also go on boat trips to the surrounding islands.


Those who want to enter this program have to make a three-minute film describing them, telling what they like, what are the expectations they have on holiday in Finland, and completing a form on the site dedicated to the project. Applications must be submitted by April 14, 2019.


The winners will travel this summer to Finland for three days in the times set by the hosts. All travel and accommodation expenses will be borne by the locals. Hosts point out that foreign visitors will be filmed throughout the holiday.


The most beautiful places in Finland

Finland, called “land of a thousand lakes”, is located in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea has through the Gulf of Bothnia to the west and south of the Gulf of Finland. This country, played for centuries by Sweden and Russian Empire until independence in 1917, attracts many tourists because of troubled history, cultural wealth and its superb landscapes.Finland is based from the Area of Northern Europe. Most of the tourists come from Sweden to Finland. There are various famous places in Finland. The Finland Promotional Board promotes the Finish tourism. Whenever you visit Finland, first thing that you’ll notice is its peaceful atmosphere. The capital city, Helsinki is also quite quiet, calm and the air is pollution free. The countryside of Finland has a beauty that is serene. The weather in Finland is normally very cold, but the summers are indicated by longer days, where guests can enjoy a lot. Finland is portrayed by different types of landscape, tradition, food and climate.Given below are a few famous places in Finland’s – Helsinki the capital city is among the renowned places in Finland. Just 300 sq km is designed, the remainder being lakes, shorelines, natural and forest vegetation. You may also find Finnish architecture in Helsinki. The Helsinki University of Technology is an instance of this sort of bit of the century. Lakes from Finland – Finland is a nation of several lakes and about it is 20, 000 lakes which includes big and small. Lakes are the places of attraction in Finland. Tourists in Finland can spend a great deal of time on the coast of the lakes and sea, fishing or simply from watching reindeer and moose.Winter sports from Finland – As Finland includes cold winters you may enjoy cross- nation skiing and alpine skiing which Finland tourism extends to you. Wildlife in Finland – Among well-known areas from Finland, Finnish wildlife is worth mentioning. Finland also has a broad range of fauna. Numerous kinds of wildlife is found from Finland which include brown bear, elk, whooper swan, caterpillar, willow, redwing and also fresh water fishes that are plenty in Finland. Old Rauma – Old Rauma is among the well-known areas in Finland, is the wooden town and is among the heritage sites within the country that’s a must see oldest building from Rauma dates back to eighteenth century, but two devastating fires from 1640 and 1682 destroyed the buildings.The other sites of interest from Rauma would be the Church of Holy Cross, the church of Holy Trinity and the ancient Franciscan monastery. Petajavesi Old Church – Petajavesi Old Church is just another wooden church located in Petajavesi, in Finland. The church was built between 1763 and 1765. The clock tower which was built from 1821 can be found here. The old style of the church is still retained and if you look at the architectural design Style, you can find the Nordic country fashion of late 1600. Archipelago and Aland Islands – Finland is encompassed from seas on either side and you may find a big archipelago consisting of thousand islands.

The most beautiful places in FinlandSuomenlinna Fortress Suomenlinna is a fortification built by the Swedes in the mid eighteenth century on six islands located at the entrance to the Port of Helsinkicapital of Finland. Once the most important Baltic fortress, Suomenlinna, also called the “Gibraltar of the North”, it is today a tourist attraction, easily accessible by ferry through regular daily flights operated by transport company in the Finnish capital. The fortress, one of the strongest in the world, was inscribed in 1991 on UNESCO World Heritage list.

The most beautiful places in Finland. Seurasaari Island Seurasaari Island is located in the Gulf of Finland, only a few kilometers from downtown Helsinki. Access to this green island that hosts outdoor museum is a bridge. The open air museum, which covers one third of the island reflects the traditional Finnish way of life, the traditional houses of the past four centuries collected from all regions of Finland and moved here. Seurasaari A walk is a great way to breathe fresh air amidst a delightful landscape!

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Top 11 Places To Visit In Finland. Lapland. In Finnish folklore, an element of mystery is associated with Lapland, the country’s northernmost provinceLapland is the home of the one and only Santa Claus, around-the-clock …


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The most beautiful places in FinlandOld Rauma Old Rauma is the name of the historic center of Rauma, located on the Gulf of Bothnia in southwestern FinlandRauma is one of the oldest cities – port in Finland, and its old center covers an area of ​​29 hectares protected world heritage UNESCO. The protected area of ​​Rauma, developed around the Franciscan monastery “Holy Cross” includes 600 traditional wooden houses, most well preserved. Traditional houses in Old Rauma are “Kirsti” and are actually small buildings decorated like homes of fishermen. Rauma has incomparable architecture and worth a visit!

The most beautiful places in Finland. Castle St. Olaf Castle St. Olaf, located in a picturesque surroundings of Savonlinna island at the junction of lakes and Pihlajavesi Haukivesi, dating from the Middle Ages and is one of the main historical monuments of Finland. In fact, the town developed around the medieval fortresses, high weld to protect the eastern border of Savona and the Russians. The magic of music is felt in full every year the famous Savonlinna Opera Festival here thanks!

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Finland (Listeni/ˈfɪnlənd/; Finnish: Suomi ( listen); Swedish: Finland ), officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian.


The most beautiful places in FinlandKoli National Park Finland has numerous national parks and reserves, and the most popular of them is the Koli National Park. Founded in 1991, Koli National Park covers an area of ​​30 square kilometers and is located in the east of the country, near the border with Russia. The hills are remnants of Koli National Park mountain ranges formed two billion years ago. The highest hill is Ukkokoli (347 meters), from where tourists can admire the multitude of islands and peninsulas of Lake Pielinen wooded waters, the largest of the surroundings and the fourth largest in Finland. Koli is considered a sacred and magical place that fascinates every visitor!

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