How Invention of aviation engineer can save lives

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How Invention of aviation engineer can save lives

Vladimir Tatarenko aviation engineer, has dedicated much of his life inventing an escape pod that can help thousands of people survive plane crashes.

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While working at the manufacturing plant “Antonov” company in Kiev (Ukraine), Tatarenko was often a member of the special committee investigation of aviation accidents.


“Looking at these statistics and knowing the horrific scenes of aviation accidents, we arrived at certain conclusions. People think wrongly about air disasters because about 80% of this is happening because of human error, “said inventor Vladimir Tatarenko.


“While aeronautical engineers around the world are trying to make airplanes safer, they can not do anything with the human factor,” added Tatarenko, explaining how he got the idea of ​​a rescue container.


After five decades of years of research, Tatarenko received a patent for his invention of the exhaust system designed in a capsule that will save the crew and passengers of a civilian plane in an emergency.


The system provides a capsule with seats for passengers and crew who will be installed in the aircraft fuselage. in case of emergencies such as engine failure or all engines, fire on board, technical problems caused by adverse weather conditions and other issues, the ejection capsule can detach and remain in the air with the help of parachutes.

After ejection, a high altitude capsule propelled by two engines with gunpowder that aim to slow the speed will be brought back to Earth by parachute.


Unfortunately, lives could be saved if the plane would explode inside it or if it suffered a rocket attack,” added the inventor.


Although the concept seems to be a major breakthrough in the field of aviation safety, Tatarenko not sure that mass production of the capsule of escape may soon come true. It requires operational tests and standardization of systems, procedures which will last at least four years and massive investment is needed.


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