How Far is St. Lucia from Barbados (Island Hopping)

How Far is St. Lucia from Barbados? (Island Hopping)

One of the closest islands in the Caribbean to Saint Lucia is Barbados. The distance between these islands is not far, but important when considering how you may plan to travel between Saint Lucia and Barbados. By plane, Saint Lucia is 120 miles or 194 kilometers, while on the water it is about 108 miles or 174 kilometers.

But don’t jump ship yet! Keep reading so you know about visa requirements, travel arrangements, and Caribbean island hopping.

How Long Is the Boat Ride from Saint Lucia to Barbados?

Over the water, it is about 108 miles or 174 kilometers between Saint Lucia and Barbados. This means that you’ll have to travel by boat or air.

No driving island to island!

While in the past there was a ferry service, it is no longer running. If you want to go from Saint Lucia to Barbados or the other way around, you will need to charter a boat or go on a cruise.

Taking a chartered boat it takes about three hours to travel between the two islands. Make sure you plan ahead!

How Far Is Barbados to Saint Lucia by Plane?

If you are traveling between Saint Lucia and Barbados, the flight distance is about 120 miles or 194 kilometers. This distance takes about 45 minutes by plane.

Regardless of the short distance and time, this is just an average time. It may also take longer depending on delays or shorter due to the speed of the flight.

How Far Apart Are Saint Lucia and Barbados?

The distance between Saint Lucia’s airport and Barbados’ airport is not the same as the general distance between Saint Lucia and Barbados.

While the flight distance between the airports is 120 miles or 194 kilometers, the distance between the islands is technically 108 miles and 174 kilometers.

How do I get from Barbados to Saint Lucia?

There are two main ways to get to Saint Lucia from Barbados:

By air and by boat.

If you are planning to fly to Saint Lucia, there is one airline that flies between Bridgetown, Barbados and Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia. InterCaribbean airways is the only airline that runs flights between the two airports. The airline runs about thirty flights in a month, which ends up being about one flight a day.

Besides taking a flight, you can charter a boat to get to Saint Lucia from Barbados. You may be able to find motor yachts, catamarans, or sailboats to make the journey. There are also different possible companies that you can rent boats from.

There may be different requirements and price points depending upon what you are renting, for how long, and what people are hired on board. Renting a boat, if you have the budget, will allow you to have more freedom to explore the beautiful waters of these Caribbean islands.

If you do not want to charter a boat, you can still travel by water on cruise boats.

One aspect to consider with a cruise is that it will determine the amount of time you spend on Saint Lucia as most cruises only allow for a specific amount of shore time in between their destinations. You will need to plan your trip around the number of days included in the cruise. 

There are several things to consider if you are traveling to and from Saint Lucia from Barbados:

  • Time
  • Scenery
  • Cost

If you need to go quickly between the two, the plane would likely be the best option. The plane ride should only be around 45 minutes. However, take into consideration that there is time you would spend going through security and eventually through immigration at Barbados. 

If you wish to consider the possibility of scenery in your passage from Barbados to Saint Lucia, traveling by boat is the best option.

While you can see some of the scenery depending on your seat on a plane, it is easier to see it on the boat. Taking a boat across would allow you a longer and better glimpse of the beauty. You might even be able to see the local flora and fauna of the sea, such as colorful sargasso seaweed, fish, sea turtles, jellyfish, and maybe even sharks and dolphins!

Finally, considering the cost, it is likely better to fly. Since there is no ferry running of late, you would need to charter a private boat. Doing this would be rather pricey. Flights between Barbados and St. Lucia tend to be between $100-$200.

In terms of cost, plane flights will typically be cheaper than going to and from Barbados and Saint Lucia by water.

Can You Island-Hop from Saint Lucia?

It is very easy to island-hop when you are traveling in the Caribbean and Saint Lucia is no exception.

You can take a flight from Saint Lucia to a few other islands, such as Dominica, Martinique, or Trinidad and Tobago. These are the only other islands that have direct flights to and from Saint Lucia. As of writing this, there is no direct flight from St. Lucia to Jamaica.

You can also island hop to other islands from Saint Lucia by boat.

It is possible to take a ferry to some islands, such as Dominica and Martinique. You can also independently hire a boat to journey over water to other Caribbean islands.

If you are island hopping, do keep in mind the different requirements that are necessary to enter Saint Lucia.

Another consideration would be any and all restrictions due to COVID-19.

Some islands, including Saint Lucia and Barbados, have requirements, such as negative PCR tests before arrival and proof of vaccinations, that need to be completed in order to enter the country.

All this being said, island hopping is considered one of the best ways to spend your time in the Caribbean. Each island is host to different and vibrant cultures and things to do. And that’s not even mentioning the gorgeous environment and creatures of the islands and sea. 

What Does a Visitor Need to Enter Saint Lucia?

As a tourist, you need to bring several items to leave Saint Lucia’s immigration counters at the airport.

Since you are entering a different country, of course, you will need your passport. Your passport must remain valid six months after your scheduled departure from Saint Lucia in order for you to gain entrance to Saint Lucia.

Immigration also requires you to provide them with your travel itinerary. Your itinerary provides any reservations, such as accommodations and travel following your departure from Saint Lucia.

You also need to provide proof of your personal funds. These need to be enough to support you through your stay in Saint Lucia and be enough to keep you on track to depart Saint Lucia.

There are also restrictions to travel resulting from COVID-19. Saint Lucia requires you to bring proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. Your full course of the vaccination needs to have been given 14 days before you depart for Saint Lucia. Before you leave Barbados, you need to have a negative PCR COVID-19 test that was conducted 72 hours prior to your departure.

Are Visas Required for Travelers?

Most nationalities do not require a visa to travel, including if you are from Barbados. If your trip to Saint Lucia is shorter than six weeks, you do not need to get a visa for Saint Lucia.

You will only be required to bring the other documents needed for entry.

That includes your passport valid for six months after your departure from Saint Lucia, your travel itinerary, proof of funds, COVID-19 vaccination, and a negative PCR test.

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