Hot spots for those who want to run away from the winter

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Hot spots for those who want to run away from the winter


Hot spots for those who want to run away from the winter

A few hot destinations for those who want to flee the winter.

Tenerife, Canary Archipelago | The highest average temperature in March: 23 ° C.   Home freezes the waters and you are in Tenerife at the beach, on this island where nature keeps the footsteps of endless lava waves, now covering them with beautiful laurel forests, and Teide National Park is where to rinse your eyes with all that while you wear your boots.

Take in turn how many of the cities and mountain villages here (Vilaflor, Teno Alto, Arico Nuevo the Etetera), admire them from the 18th century, taste all of the dishes and, if possible, sit at talk to the people there.

Krabi, Thailand | The highest average temperature in March: 34 ° C    If you’re only half a day on the plane and if you’re still not paying a bargain on it, do the madness right and enjoy the Krabi for at least two weeks. So, after you arrived at the airport and wiped your shoes out of the last snowstorms at home, say to yourself “Let me be, here I can go to exactly 154 islands if I have chef “.

You will also be surprised at how cheap the meridians can be here. And if it’s not enough, take a walk along the beach, take a massage for about an hour at the price of 5 euros and maybe at the end of the vacation when you pull the line, you realize, maybe not that you went out on the plus , but you certainly do not feel that bad.

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Crete, Greece The highest average temperature in March: 18 ° C   Too many reproaches you can not bring to Greece when it comes to holiday and vacation holidays – abounds in islands, beaches, nature, culture and all the cutlery. We have tilted the balance in favor of the largest island – Crete – for March. Unlike other Greek cities that are accustomed to winter holidays, Heraklion (the largest on the island) has no thoughts of laziness.

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Once the temptation of the existed with the seafront hours, you have time to study the history of the place, take Archeology Museum, Knossos Palace, Saint Mina Cathedral and Venetian walls and visit Rethimno, about 70 and a few miles from Heraklion.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | The highest average temperature in March: 30 ° C    Before you do any business in Dubai, show off to the Sheikh Mohammed Center in Bur Dubai and find out all you need to know about local culture. Why? Imagine just how different it is from what you do and that, perhaps so far, the greatest amount of information about the subject you have in the movie Clone.

Then overwhelm the overwhelming malls and make your way to one of the local markets. When you start hunger, tell yourself that you have only two choices: break a salary at one of the luxury restaurants, or choose bakery and confectionery at the corner of the street, also loaded with food that you do not have at home anyway.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | The highest average temperature in March: 34 ° C   How could you get to the largest city in Vietnam without wanting to know everything about the tumultuous history when the “Vietnam War” seems an expression we still hear from the cradle. Ho Chi Minh is famous for many things, and markets (loaded with about 3,000 stalls), negotiation culture, and motorcycles will jump in your eyes. It is estimated that, within the city limits, there will be 8.4 million souls living together with the 7.4 million motorcycles that belong to them.

Algarve, Portugal | The highest average temperature in March: 28 ° C   Close your eyes and mix the delicious Mediterranean delicacies of fish and seafood with bacalaureus. Imaginary. Then think that it can not be too difficult for the appetite to grow itself in the salty air, soaked by the scent of roasting sea life. And when you look at the plate with the translucency of the Portuguese wine glass, you want to extend your free days in the Algarve.

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Hot spots for those who want to run away from the winter

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Winter Holidays expensive during the holidays can be bought at substantially reduced prices if you choose the right time and the types of packages that now the demand is not so high. A specialist from a travel agency explained, “truth”, which offers the best in this period.

Winter holidays ‘growing in popularity’

Winter holidays continue to be a major focus for Britons as the cold spell of January weather continues. Well over three quarters (83%) of those surveyed say they have either already booked a holiday or are planning to book one. Last month was the 

The first thing that you should consider if you want a cheap winter holiday period that a planned period must exclude dates range with many applications. “If we have to exclude low-cost holiday periods for children between 6 and 14 February, plus the weekend of Valentine’s Day, 12 to 14 February.

When applications are more numerous, less availability and automatically prices rise. Towards the end of January and the end of February the number of places available is much greater and prices are lower, “explains Gabriela Astănoaiei, consultant at a travel agency in Sibiu.

City breaks at half price Offers very good in these ranges calendar found at city-break destinations. You get to see such European capitals at prices that reach even half those charged in December. \”Airfares are reasonably priced and accommodation prices in big cities are lower by 20-30%. Within the ranges specified, flights may even reach half the cost of a very sought “says the specialist.

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Discounted wellness packages Offers very good the winter in periods after the holidays, wellness packages and spa resorts. “Packages are specially made for those periods in which there is high demand. Discounts start at 20 percent, are for example those type decade offers spa, 10 days accommodation, meals and treatment. Many hotels in the resorts have deals like stay for 7 nights and pay for 5, and are also very good deals and packages the weekend of 10-20 per cent reduction, “explains the specialist.

Where to find the best deals on ski holidays

The period after the holidays is ideal for those looking for ski holidays in abroad at affordable prices. Best discount packages are resorts in AustriaBulgaria and Italy. For example, one package at a 4 star hotel with spa in Bulgaria, which during the holiday cost 800 euros family for a week, down at 600 euros, while in Austria, for the same condition, you pay 900 euros compared to 1,200 euros in December.

Discounts exotic vacations and cruises January and February are ideal for holidays in destinations such as Tenerife and Cyprus, where prices can reach even half the tourist season. In winter, here are 18-20 degrees and summer in Tenerife if a family pays 1,700 euros for one week at a 4 star hotel, air transportation and breakfast, now that package can be purchased with euros 900-1000 .
In Cyprus, the price come down now from 1,400 euros to 800 euros, as a family for a week with breakfast and transport aircraft. Also now find discounts between 200 and 400 euros in the 2500-3000 package holidays to destinations such as the euro Dominican RepublicCubaMexico and Thailand. Discounts cruises are about 30 percent during this period, from 600 to 400 euros per person.


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