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Hope boat of movie novel ; All the sails up!

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Hope boat of movie novel ; All the sails up!


Hope boat of movie novel ; All the sails up!

In 1970, Marin naval officer Deboveanu (81 years) began to build schooner “Hope” that famous boat’s crew LUPAN of screening novel “All the sails up!” Went to Tierra del Fuego. At 35 years after the disappearance of the ship, Deboveanu tells the adventures that went up as “Hope” to raise all sails up.

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Marin Deboveanu (81 years) trim their beard sailing, and if they put a cap on your head, you say that now descended from the wheel. But when he talks about how he was born schooner “Hope” and lights up front, as a father who is proud of his child. When tasked to conduct a ship Bucharest film studio in the late 60s, Marin Deboveanu a fan of the construction of ships, working in Mangalia, the Navy. For this task the Admiral recommended at that time, Gregory Martes. It all started when the film studio Bucharest received proposal Tele television Munich in Germany to achieve a co-production of a television series based on the novel “Ghost Ship” by Jack London. The German side was coming actors and Romanian part of the film was to ensure the brig. Originally counted on Mircea. But the ship was too big school for the role of a small schooners seal hunters. So urgently needed to find another ship.

Romania could lose the contract and, moreover, had to return the currency received in advance, which meant a disaster. “Nicolae Ceausescu was then intent on currency and danger to lose money and who had the contract – to go to jail,” says Marin Deboveanu us. Tried finding a ship designer Galati at ICEPRONAV, but this did not have any research institute sailing ship designer.

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Subsequently, the film studio Bucharest Navy Civil addressed, but here was refused. It was a time when Romania’s fleet was in its heyday. Sites across the country had launched a clear timetable for water vessels, and so finally arrived at Navy and Deboveanu. When he accepted the proposal Bucharest film studios led by celebrity.

Handover operations of the ship “Jirlău” at the Studio Cinema Hall Braila lasted three months, during which Deboveanu began to do and to look for project work team. Former sailor recalled that in 1970, when he started building the ship, due to flooding, all sites on the Danube were under water and I could not get to be transformed into goeletă fishing vessel. “Then I organized myself a site for its own, in Braila. I took a drawing board from plants progress and I went to Hotel Siret. We took the biggest room, which had three to four beds, we left only one for me, and the rest we pulled out and started the project “Hope, ‘” says Marin Deboveanu. All parts of the project were conducted at sites in Galati, Braila and Tulcea, then mounted on a pontoon in Braila. After the program, after the workers working on the hull went home, came MARANGOZ (No – carpenter craft craftsmen specialized in processing) and carpenters working on the superstructure of the vessel. Deboveanu remembers that one of the workers found a workshop made boilers for agriculture. “If you know how to weld is good!” The worker said he took to help build one of the most famous ships of Romania.

On the deck of a ferry empty, without superstructure, masts stretched canvases for. But also need wood. The manufacturer has received approval for cutting the four pins that have been allocated but just from Satu Mare. “We sent someone there who knew Hungarian, considering that it is necessary for optimal solving the problem, only that he went and got drunk and instead choose my top four straight pins for masts, came with some curvy pin who were given perhaps mockingly. Furthermore, drivers with Boat trailers protested to great lengths 12,14 and 17 meters and they cut and these two. Finally, I made the masts and bowsprit, “says one who built the schooner” to sea “for publication” On the Road – Journal traveler “.

The whole superstructure of the vessel fishing vessel was modified to look like a goeletă. “It was a large job. It was not easy especially what he did and that he did all this alone. Deboveanu laughed all cabins, made stability calculations and then built arborada. He said then that if the ship does not come out, eat, “recalls retired commander Ovidiu Ionescu (65), an old friend of his Deboveanu. Moreover, Ionescu is the one who painted schooner “Hope“. Registered in Germany Deboveanu thought and the usefulness of the ship, not just her appearance. Thus, a place designed to gunwale, where to stand operator, in order to film the action allowed on deck. “I thought that the bridge must remain free, to have enough room for movement actors,” says Marin Deboveanu. Interior Scenes of movies have not poured on the ship, but the film studio because he was small and there was no room space for the whole crew. But his ship and Deboveanu to be very secure. “On it were to climb and film star cast, make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, after it was finished, it was verified by a German naval engineer and the ship was registered by German Naval Register, Germanischer Lloyd, “he says.

While working at the craft superstructure, Marin Deboveanu was hit in the head by a pipe that had come loose from the crane. He arrived at the hospital and after he recovered, he returned to the site. “Only my athlete reflexes saved me from a tragic destiny. From the hospital, after I recovered, I returned the same day to the site for if I was away, there was nobody to replace me. I can say that I hope to shed sweat and blood, “he says. After all this work, says Marin Deboveanu has just a suit. “Save the contract with the Romanian part of Germany, but received nothing. After many years, many people asked me: “You did hope? ‘” Says Marin Deboveanu.

From “Ghost” to “Hope” When Marin Deboveanu finished building the ship, it became “Ghost”, as described by Jack London. On it were filmed “Ghost Ship” and “Two Years ‘Vacation‘. Subsequently, the brigantine schooner turned, bearing the name “Slough” and on it were filmed “Pirates of the Pacific”, “Son of the Sun” and “Joe among pirates”. Only in 1976 became schooner ship “Hope” in “to sea.”

The famous ship finally had a typical Romanian: given was quashed and scrap, after 10 years of life. Marin Deboveanu almost crying: “It was my greatest unhappiness. People wanted to destroy it. I was out of the country in the winter of 1980, when it sank. I had cut it masts and were opened to the machine spirals out to be the main engine which had brought him from Campina. As a generator to make it on the set. There was nothing. It was destroyed by an automotive engineer. The right man in the right place. If needed an engine that did not lead to Campina take from there, as I have been? “Asks Deboveanu.

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