Hilton La Romana Resort Map (2023 – 2018)

Location: La Romana, Dominican Republic

Hilton La Romana’s map is here to help you conquer this vast resort. Planning a jam-packed school trip? Find the perfect pool for maximum fun for the entire crew. Hoping to impress your date? Discover a secret sunset spot for an unforgettable moment.

Coordinating a multi-generational family reunion? Unearth hidden gems that cater to everyone’s interests. This map unlocks the resort’s full potential, transforming your La Romana experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Hilton La Romana Resort Map 2023

Printable Hilton La Romana Resort Map PDF 2023

Hilton La Romana Resort Map 2022

Hilton La Romana Resort Map 2019

Hilton La Romana Resort Map 2018


What beach is Hilton La Romana on?

Hilton La Romana sits directly on Bayahibe Beach, a stunning stretch of coastline known for its calm, clear waters and soft white sand. This popular beach offers excellent swimming, snorkeling, and relaxation opportunities for guests.

Who owns Hilton La Romana?

Playa Hotels & Resorts owns the Hilton La Romana in the Dominican Republic. This hospitality company manages and operates the resort, although the Hilton brand provides its name and certain standards.

What is the currency in La Romana Dominican Republic?

The official currency in La Romana, Dominican Republic, is the Dominican Peso (DOP). However, US Dollars (USD) are widely accepted in tourist areas, though you might not get the best exchange rate. For the most flexibility and potentially better rates, consider bringing a mix of DOP and USD.

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