Heavy trucks converted in true luxury housing

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Heavy trucks converted in true luxury housing

Heavy trucks converted in true luxury housing

US transportation companies trying to fill vacancies at any price and offers drivers a more than generous space for legs and a decent caravan.
Firms transport truck manufacturers pay them the heavy machinery to turn into true luxury caravans, equipped with kitchen, LED TV, fridge, bathroom and a comfortable bed.


Sky’s the limit for luxury trucks

Sky’s the limit for luxury trucks. First Posted: 12:47 pm – August 10th, 2015 – 1304 Views. By Brent Snavely – Detroit Free Press. Today’s top-of-the-line trucks boast a slew of amenities, including the 2016 Ford F-150 Limited, and consumer demand is

The changes are designed to attract more drivers with experience in transport.


According to a study, applicants are deterred by the prospect you have to eat and sleep the driver’s seat or in a modest motel, so such a house on wheels would be ideal.Standard cabins cost $ 45,000, and the models with shower and toilet reach $ 90,000.A company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, called Bolt offers a custom made mammoth 240,000 USD, according to company chairman, Brian Callan.

Can Luxury Big Rigs Entice Truck Drivers to the Industry …

Therefore, to meld the two worlds of luxury trucks and road ready rigs, things need to change a bit. For example, a trucking company could elect to upgrade its rigs with one or two of the amenities with the comfort of home, …

Meanwhile, ARI Legacy Sleepers offer customized options at reasonable prices. Many drivers prefer to work in industries more “attractive” as the military, writes Daily Mail, so that employers transport desperate efforts to attract candidates do.

Another company, Ohio Try Hours, 20 trucks converted into true luxury homes, equipped with multimedia and more.

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Experience may raise the price of a mastodon with from 50,000 to 185,000 dollars.

Trends: Explaining the huge rise of luxury trucks and SUVs …

Once the staple vehicle of contractors and ranchers, pickup trucks and SUV‘s have grown to become the luxurious chariots of the wealthy.




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