Have your own tropical island for only 49 dollars

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Have your own tropical island for only 49 dollars

Have your own tropical island for only 49 dollars

Before you think that to become the owner of a resort on a tropical island you have to win the lottery, you can find that dream come true for only 49 dollars.  The current owners, a family in Australia will not make a traditional sale and I think I can win more through the new method.

Nautilis Kosrae Resort, a resort on the tropical island of Kosrae in the Federated States of Micronesia, can be yours for just $ 49. Although you might think it was a joke or a scam, it appears that the property does not have debts.  The only explanation offered by the current owners is that they will not sell the place in a traditional way, and so they decided to organize a raffle.Owners say they are pleased that a person with average income will enjoy award and vehemently denies the existence of a scam.

“If you could talk with family, friends, staff and loyal customers about us, they would say integrity that we demonstrate . “they said, for Huffington Post.” Skeptics will not buy tickets, but that’s a good thing, because they are not the kind of people who want to provide them resort. We want someone with an open mind to win “were added owners.


According to the travel website TripAdvisor, the resort has received from tourists a lot of votes positive about the accommodation.

Have your own tropical island for only 49 dollars

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The extraction will take place on July 26 2016, the raffle winner will be designated by using the Web – site random.org in the presence of a notary public who will confirm the impartiality of the selection process.

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There are four different packages, their price ranging between 49 and 349 dollars, each containing a certain amount of tickets and pictures of award-winning photographer Matt Shepherd

The terms and conditions of the contest stated that “if sold less than 50,000 tickets, the prize will not be awarded. In this situation, the winner will receive 50 percent of the total tickets sold.” In other words, if they do not sell enough tickets, Beitz family will receive at least 2,450,000 dollars ($ 49 x 50,000 tickets) for their property, and if not, keep half the money raised through ticket sales, plus resort.

After designating the winner, the owners will remain with it at least a month to ensure that the resort management would not create problems. “Tax laws in Micronesia are very simple: every three months, it pays three percent of turnover by the Government, with very few deductions allowed. So if you make a one-day course, would handle the financial side “said the owners.


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