Funny British holiday story from Maramures

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Funny British holiday story from Maramures

Funny British holiday story from Maramures

Telling a funny story, lived by a British tourist during a holiday in Maramures, it was rewarded with a prize of £ 1,000, awarded at the end of an annual competition organized by journalists from the daily The Telegraph.

Flossie Baker is the winner of the annual “Just Back” organized by the British newspaper The Telegraph. British tourist was awarded for an article recounting his encounter with a family of farmers in Maramures and describing their extraordinary hospitality.


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The story they competed for the prize offered by the Post Office in the UK, with reports from the United States, Japan, Mexico, Ghana and the Amazon rainforest.

“The village remained behind had become small as a speck of dust, and the road stretched before me, right and naked through fields of newly mown hay. The sound made by the soles of my shoes on the packed earth and hot was interrupted by engine noise made of an old car and yellow and stood right next to me.

Holiday story from Maramures

I was in Maramures, Romania, and the driver, an elderly man with big hands and missing teeth, pulled down the glass door and through gestures, invited me to get in the car. Given his smile enchanting, advanced age and condition of the vehicle, we concluded that anyway we will not get very far and beating my feeling of unease generated by vibrations, I got into the car ” , according Flossie Baker.

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“We started and, looking back, I saw that all the seats were occupied with bags filled with white cheese. After a few minutes, we stopped at a farm. The farmer there came out a stable for our encounter. After you saw me, opened my door and I quickly went outside. The walls of the barn were decorated with pots of brass, I was forgotten on a bench, and a series of tools archaic used in the past farms were supported by walls, “he British tourist added.

British journalists have been fun and adventure tourists who says he was fed to the brim of his hosts with more cheese and sugar bowls, from an excess of kindness.

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“An elderly woman appeared at the door. A batik black framed her face round, furrowed by deep wrinkles like craters. When I saw that I eat, showed me a big smile, took my hand and led me home them. When I reached it, I saw some decorations extraordinary carved in wood. He had a verandas, carved black, seemingly detached from a fairy tale. Proudly, I invited a kitchen sunny invited me I sit on a chair, she puts a bowl in his arms and started to fill again with cheese, giving me sugar and container. ”

“Eat, eat! Come, străino, give you food,” said then the old, in English, a sign that Flossie Baker was not the first tourists who visit it.

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“When I was impossible to eat something, drive the yellow and her driver again appeared and led me in the right place from which I took when I was walking, an hour ago,” said in concluding his article British tourists.

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