Full length swimsuits are this summer trends

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Full length swimsuits are this summer trends

Full length swimsuits are this summer trends

This summer, the silhouette does not matter so much! Swimsuits in trends are so varied, from cuts and materials to prints, that choosing the most suitable piece will be difficult only from the perspective of the extremely rich offer. Full-length but generous cuts along with long sleeves inspired by surfing costumes are the main recommendations of international brands.

From sports headscarves to full-length swimsuits, there are now …

From sports headscarves to full-length swimsuits, there are now more options on the market for Canadian-Muslim women looking for sportswear.

Preparations for leave are half resolved if we discover the bathing suit to cover our little imperfections, to highlight our physical strengths and to be in the trend.

The mission is never simple for a woman, but this summer searches will be greatly simplified by the multitude of existing models. The summer star can be considered as a full swimsuit, but with side cuts or abdomen, such as the one proposed by the Australian Aqua Blu brand. From models with colorful, colorful to monochrome prints, possibly in skin-colored shades, these pieces may not allow uniform tanning, but certainly give the figure a plus of elegance, beyond masking parts of the body on Which we do not want to expose for various reasons.

Full-length swimsuits, with bold or string-like trimming, give a special dose of sensuality to the designers at Wild Pony Swimwear. Equally sexy are the Kooper and Zink and Bondi Bather models made of transparent or mesh fabric that let the skin look seductive.

For practicing, sporting nicks, spending more time in the water than lounging in the sun, the models inspired by surfer suits, imagined by Duskii, another Australian brand, are perfect. Crowned with colored prints, from flowers to those with bullets, these swimsuits can have long sleeves or may resemble vests, and are zipped in the bust area.

Also in the chapter prints are preserved the animal print prints, but also the vintage gingham print, which was especially successful in the 60s and was revived by the SKYE Staghorn brand. Gingham print has the advantage of giving the wearer an ingenuous look as a schoolgirl. If this year strips are among the most noticeable trends in clothing, bathing suits are expected to follow that direction.

Therefore, such models have been included in the 5thPosition and Cihan Nacar collections, either in horizontal and vertical stripe combinations, black and white, or in rainbow-colored colors.

And the two-piece sets have been transformed this summer. In addition to the classic bikini binders with strap and triangle bra designed by the Spanish brand Guillermina Baeza, there is a retro version with a high waist or a generous cut on the hips after the 80’s, combined with Necktie bra, tied to the neck, exemplified in dozens of Agua de Coco variants.

The swimwear that was only caught on a shoulder, in the style of Etam, or with fallen sleeves, are spectacular looks on the edge of a stylish swimming pool. Effects are also the models that have over-breasts, ideal for silhouettes with small breasts, either diagonally or in the shoulder area, found at SKYE & Staghorn, Heaven Swimwear, Agua de Coco, Etam and Guillermina Baeza.

Details such as fringes or tassels give a latino note to bathing suits, making them suitable for a party at the pool or on the beach where they dance. For an exotic look, palm prints or combinations of green and bright yellow can be inspired choices, seen in the summer collections of Emma Ford and Bondi Bather.

This season came back to strength and the crochet patterns, both in the two parts, and the whole, present in the news from Tacoola. A surprise is the appearance of Aqua Blu beach suits that can be confused with sexy lingerie because of the lace applications, but also the fact that they are usually monochrome, white or black.

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For beachwear to be complete, a beach bag is indispensable, as well as a pair of comfortable but effective sandals. Chanel comes with the version of the bags wearing on a shoulder, but also the Greek sandals that bind to the leg with as many straps of straps. For a sportswear, a pair of sporting boots, possibly white, gold or silver, can be assembled to the swimsuit, while a female outfit will need a pair of platforms.

The Kopper and Zink brand proposes small items for small items, made of raffia, for the beach. Although they are not too stubborn, they look very chic, so they will love any passionate fashion desiring to attract the eyes and other representations of beautiful sex, not just men.

If the past seasons, pareo was the main accessory worthy of being worn over the swimsuit, in the summer you can choose swimsuits that have attached a bra or a transparent diaphanic cap. Such pieces could be seen in the Aqua Blu presentations, the elegance of the dummies being highlighted by the delicate waving of lightweight materials.

To avoid the strong rays of the summer sun, blooms of brightly colored materials are preferred to classic bobsleeve hats. Though it seems out of the ordinary, you can use it to protect yourself from the sun and the delicate umbrellas, such as those used by the old ladies, but also the turban in strong nuances. Another interesting option is straw hats, but with borrowed messages such as “Do not disturb” (do not disturb). Even in the case of beach towels, surprising models appeared, namely, the round towels, some of them with tassels on the edges.

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Full length swimsuits are this summer trends

Fashionable swimsuits of summer 2015

If you want to make impression on vacation at the beach then it’s important to have a swimsuit as strong colours. Wear costumes “neon”, the Hawaiian style floral, models type “balconette” and the Brazilian style of panties.

If you take baggage these days for holiday unforgettable summer 2015 then you should not miss from your luggage swimsuits whole. There are fashionable this year. With a little courage to choose from and those clippings, and if you opt for two-piece suits, then choose the ones you type “Balkonet”. Wear bright colors Fashion designers recommend us this year to wear strong colors and the most daring combinations. “The goal this year floral prints, Hawaiian-inspired, like leaves and large flowers, neon colors and strong color combinations. Fringes of trends begin to emerge, but the ladies who love those models in 2014, still can wear them “, explains Alina Pop, a store manager and adviser in fashion.

Sexiest swimsuits for summer 2015 and where to buy them in Dallas

Milia Mills Danceteria bandeau top ($195) and Calendar Girl high-waist bikini bottom ($230), sold separately at Nordstrom. Photo courtesy of Nordstrom. Kore Swim cutout Maillot-Nordstrom. Kore Flora swimsuit ($276) at Nordstrom. Photo courtesy of …

Brazilian panty style is in fashion in 2015 If you do not know how to pick slip for swimsuit, then you should know that wearing the Brazilian style, ie no thongs, no normal.

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