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From London to Perth in a box

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From London to Perth in a box 1


From London to Perth in a box

An Australian, Reg Spiers, spent three days in a wooden box to get home in the city of Perth, after he woke up in the situation of being alone and penniless in London.

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Spiers, an aspiring athlete to participate in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo arrived in London to recover from an injury.
The verdict doctors curtailed his activity and sport, to raise money for the return trip home, an airport employee.

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Unfortunately for him, what little savings they disappeared with strange wallet that was stolen, making them almost impossible desire to be home occasion of the birthday of his daughter.

Inventive, devised a plan that would carry him in Australia at a price much lower than it would have cost airfare: Free!
With a friend built a wooden box, which was to survive in the hold of an aircraft and sent to Perth, pay at the destination.
“I entered the box and went his way. There was nothing to be afraid. I’m not afraid of the dark, so I just sat there. Not anything different from an ordinary journey. In the box was a place I occupied and started “confessed Spiers

As expected, the reality was more complicated.
The box in which they are to successfully boarded an Air India hold, but was forced, because of fog, to support a delay of 24 hours, locked in a 1.52 x 0.91 x space of 0.76 meters.

On the way back home, he was forced to urinate in a bottle that at first stop in Paris, placed it on the lid that is. He did not believe that there could be about English expressions like those they heard with their own ears, when the French baggage handlers discovered glass,

Next stop was Bombay, where things took a little crazy after that there was the box was left for four hours in the sun. The only solution was to undress completely.

It took a few hours and, finally, ended his epic: had come home!
He had certainly this after swearing they heard.
“Accents as I missed! I am homeland. Amazing. Wonderful. Probably My smile was from ear to the other. But I wanted to desconspir me I would have ruined everything. I went into the time they deposited the box I dressed suit and jumped in the first taxi that came my way. I succeeded! “, said Spiers.

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The idea was so crazy that even his wife did not come to believe that really happened.
Nowadays, the chances to repeat this event is null, all parcels being scanned boarding.

From London to Perth in a box

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The website reported that young Polish Wiadomosci24 not have the necessary documents to enter the Schengen area, so they decided to enter illegally in the region, according to the Moscow Times.She hid in a large suitcase and carried her to the man while traveling by train from Moscow to Nice, France.

After they crossed the border between Belarus and Poland, reaching Terespol city authorities became suspicious of the large size of baggage, so they decided to control it. There they found a young crowded.“Foreigners are trying to illegally cross the border in many ways, but it is the first time I see a person hidden in a suitcase,” said spokesman of the Polish customs authorities, Dariusz Sienicki.The two are now under investigation in Poland and face up to three years in prison, local media reported.

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However, the newspaper Le Figaro wrote later, quoting Sienicki, a woman, aged 30 years, had the right to enter the Schengen area would not have been stopped if he was hiding in a suitcase.

All French newspaper said that the two were allowed to return to Belarus without any investigation be initiated against them.


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