Famous markets in the world to visit

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Famous markets in the world to visit

Famous markets in the world to visit


Square, San Marco, Venice is the most popular in the world market. 14 million people annually pass through it. Markets. Famous or almost unknown. Large or small. Scene of extensive processions and rituals. Equally, show scenes of everyday life. Place scaffolds. Preserving traditions. Bullring. Or, simply venue for a chat.

Bruges Market

A market takes place on several levels. There is an architectural level, one historical, social and symbolic one. Perhaps other perspectives are possible. In my lecture I’m interested in the symbolic. He builds his existence combining, by what laws are specific elements of the first three levels. I threw on a market on anthropological. I assumed the role of outsider and insider we tried to get as required anthropological theory, that we went to other cultural spaces that I could see with fresh eyes and foreign, to try then cultural familiarization with their space and sliding outside inward gaze.

Visit St. Mark’s Square and can “read” Venetian history and try to understand why I go there every year, 14 million tourists. San Marco in Venice‘s most famous markets of the world, perhaps the best known, and clearly, one of the markets of Europe unchanged throughout its history of nearly a thousand years. Market Geometry San Marco was always careful, deliberate and subtly developed, even if sometimes the story and she said the word. Enjoyed enjoys a stunning celebrity, some fourteen million tourists annually pass through St. Mark’s Square. In contrast, markets of mountain settlements in Northern Greece where we stopped in anthropological field research last year in February and this year in March, six months are empty and die unknown, although it is possible that their age is, at least symbolically, even older than the Piazza San Marco.

Famous markets in the world to visit

Market in the small Spanish village – Chinchon

A small market in Spain, from a village near Madrid, tells another story. The village Chinchón.A place unknown to tourists. A sort of coffer, which he keeps priceless jewels. Catalin D. Constantin says: “It was designed in 1499 and remains a well hidden secret of Spain, even in the coastal capital, for foreign tourists rarely come here. E disposed in a circle, totally different to Spain. The middle unpaved, but dust. On the side buildings dating from the XV-XVII, somewhat identical, are arranged on three levels and all have a porch that gives the square. No less than 234 wooden galleries. Church, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, was raised from the XVth century and retablul keep a youthful painting by Goya. The market is in the middle of the village, but it’s lowest point: live anywhere, must descend to get here, and all the houses overlook the market. In Spain, markets, even the largest, often served as a makeshift arena for bullfighting. At Chinchón, the market was at first thought that the battle arena, bullfights take place quite often during the summer and in October the area is famous for then come to Chinchón some of the most famous bullfighters of Spain. “

In this market traditional festivals take place – the village has a choir with continuous activity from the Middle Ages until today, the Semana Santa religious ceremonies take place throughout the market. Fairs weekly games of any kind, fill market gaps. At the weekend’s dance arena. In the past, was the scene of public executions. “

And now comes the surprise. Somehow. The little market in the little Spanish village is famous and entered into eternity. Because it was and … movie set. Scenes from Around The World in Eighty Days (1956) were made ​​here, during which the entire population of small settlements was hired to do extras. Several shots of Orson Welles’s film The Immortal Story (1968), all occurring in Chinchón market .

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