Essential recommendations for a holiday with the baby

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Essential recommendations for a holiday with the baby

Essential recommendations for a holiday with the baby

If you are going to go on holiday with your loved ones, find out why you need to take action to travel safely.

Preparing your trip with your baby – seven essential recommendations: “Whether you have gone through this experience or are on the first trip with a child, traveling abroad together can always be a challenge, which is why we have prepared some recommendations to help those planning such a holiday” .

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The hotels have many advantages (room service, meals included, baby nursery), but if you rent a holiday home or a hotel apartment you can cook, it is a good thing for you and your child if you have a certain type of diet. Whether you choose to come to a hotel or other regime, spend more time on reservations. Perhaps you were in the past in a place that you liked, but think: did you get there after climbing a hill? Was there many stairs at the entrance? What for your initial journey was paradise, it can be difficult if you have a stroller with you.

Evening flights can be more expensive, but if you want to be easy, a sleeping baby is happiness for all. If you make a stopover and need to catch a connecting flight, be sure you have enough time to spare. To make your journey much easier, takes more time to relax, stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, eat, play. In addition, in order to get the best deals for flights, reserve airline tickets 60 days before departure. If you stay in the back of the plane you will have fewer people around. Also, you have the airplane kitchen and the closet. But behind the plane can be noise, and sometimes the seats here do not lean. If you stay in the middle of the plane, you can choose the seats next to the partition wall to the next service class. You have more foot and play space and in some cases a basin (baby basket). But you will not have the storage space under the seat in front of you. The state in front is similar to the state behind, only that the kitchen is usually smaller and the crew will move quite a bit here.

Another essential thing to learn, which depends on the child’s age, is: at the window or near the aisle? Is it better to stay more protected or have more room for movement? Keep an eye on where you’re going Many airports allow you to pass security services with baby food and milk in containers larger than 100 ml. Check the rules of the airport you are about to travel before. At the same time, find out whether the airport or flight company provides support services. Not all offer, but many will help you from boarding the plane until you reach your destination. Last but not least, tell if your child needs a visa, find out which vaccines are necessary for him and for you, or if you need to take certain medicines with you.

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Essential recommendations for a holiday with the baby

Among the things you need to do with your little ones are napkins, pacifiers, hobbies, snacks, exchange clothes, plastic bags, earphones, toys, extra batteries or chargers. However, take a few luggage, remember that you can buy almost anything at your destination. You may not find the same brand, but you have alternatives. Carriage or baby port? It depends mainly on your destination. Are there streets straight and paved or are pits / will you go straight to the earth? Will humidity be high or will it be cold? How is your child used to? A light stroller is a variant. With him you can travel all over and can be taken to the embarkation gate. At the same time, you can use it as a temporary bed for afternoon sleep and can be adapted to various weather conditions, adding a blanket if needed.

Try to minimize the time spent in queues when you’re in the airport. The easiest thing you can do is check-in online, then you have to pass to the counter where you leave your luggage and further to the security point. Although you want to spend less time in queues, you do not want to run away. He leaves home for hours in addition to what’s needed.

This may include packing luggage and even a trip to the airport. The airports are big and busty, and your baby may be sensitive to this at first. If you get used to this framework, you are more likely to be better on your journey. If the child has not flown or traveled too far, explain what it is about. Tell them what will happen and when it happens, for example when they need to put their seat belt and why. Most children think the flight is fun, so the best thing you can do is encourage them. You can even make a short flight before, for example on a weekend, an internal flight.

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If you have the feeling that your child chooses the place or the worst time to turn into a character of a different size than yours, inspires and expires deeply. It’s a journey for both of us, but the perception is different, with moments when you have different reactions. Anyway, you are on vacation, an experience that will pass as you blink, but you want to remember it with pleasure.

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