Employers set new rules in airline industry

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Employers set new rules in airline industry

Employers set new rules in airline industry

Some companies in the airline industry in the individual employment contract governing relations between flight attendants and pilots of aircraft, although proximity of the employees are sometimes thousands of miles away from home is inevitable.

Aviation is difficult. We all recognize. It’s hard being a pilot, and flight attendant. In both cases the work very much, you are away from home for several days, working nights and holidays. It’s hard to find someone willing to stand next you and accept all these things. It takes confidence, patience and understanding. Therefore, those who work in aviation have 2-3 divorces active principle, “says Cristina Toader, a former stewardess Emirates and Wizz Air , on his blog .

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The airline industry is constantly evolving, but most of its evolution is incremental in nature. New aircraft may be more fuel efficient, services change, and booking goes online, but flying itself hasn’t changed much in decades. That may change over

Although there is no official position from recruiters, candidates who choose to participate in interviews for some airlines in the Middle East are less likely to get the job, if married, engaged or in a stable relationship for the employer to ensure that there will soon give up the job.

“Working in the same field, pilot and stewardess are very well understand each other. It is true that our time together is very little, because the flight schedule may vary from month to month, but couples thus formed are among the oldest .

Just TAROM are some examples to follow, with years of relationship behind and children in the middle. Others say it’s a relationship doomed to failure because layoverelor and nights spent away from home. When you sleep through hotels, along with colleague young crew, appear tenatiile and even a solid relationship is likely to suffer.

In our country, Rumor always as hostesses offer sexual services in layovere drivers. Not only because of loneliness, but also because it is the job description . There are variant in which each pilot / flight attendant, home has a happy relationship with someone outside this range, aviation. But go wrong with a mistress / lover, colleague, because it is easy and convenient. And once did count.

The second time it’s even possible to no longer meet. In the Middle East, most of the pilots chasing stewardesses. First, because it appears homesickness and a normal relationship and pilots and men in the company were the most available and, secondly, pilots are considered a good match because of career and higher wages you earn ” says Cristina Toader, according to the source 

 In the Middle East there are companies that sign that determines its staff shall not engage in relationships with peers, with extremely strict rules. The press reported an incident in Qatar, resulted in dismissal and return flight attendant, pilot and completion reporting and punishment of any contact or relationship between the two. The rules are found in most Arab states, except in the UAE, where companies such as Emirates, in Dubai, or Etihad, the Abu Dhabi prohibit emotional ties between employees as long as maintains a professional relationship during office hours thing.

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Rules in airline industry – An airline has asked cabin crew to lose 15 kilos

A Pakistani airline has told cabin staff that they have to weaken, otherwise they risk losing their jobs. A notice was sent to 1,800 employees by company managers, warning them that they could be weighed in the coming months.

Flight attendants will be given ground loads if they do not reach the target weight.

It seems that Pakistan International Airlines has received customer complaints about the weight of staff, which has led to managers’ concerns that staff would look unkempt.
The notification was made public after it was obtained by ARY News.Any employee who will have over 15 kg of the desired weight after January 31, 2019 will be left on the ground and will be referred to the Medical Center for a medical assessment and treatment until body weight reaches the desired standard.
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Employees have time to change their weight by July 1, according to the notification.It is not clear what the weight is, but a spokesman said the notification was a simple way to remind employees that they must be weak and physically fit.

Mashhood Tajwar, a spokesperson for the company, has confirmed that the notification is real, and is also a normal, routine procedure, according to CNN.

He said the initiative has the role to improve the look and health of staff. Moreover, he insisted that Pakistan International Airlines is not the only company with such requests.

“Nobody would want unarmed staff aboard,” he said. According to him, the company received complaints about obese flight attendants.

Around 100 people, or 5% of all employees, should get rid of extra pounds, according to Tajwar.

When hiring staff, a weight chart is suggested. It shows employees that women with a height of 170 cm should weigh between 60 and 67 kg.

In 2015, a similar scenario took place in neighboring India, when a shocking number of 130 flight attendants were removed from the flights.

Air India has told 600 of the 3,500 employees that they have six months to weaken in 2014, or risk being left to the ground. Following management notification, 130 employees were dismissed because of the too high body mass index.

In the UK, the National Health Service says that a healthy body mass index is between 18.5 and 24.9. Regulations in the UK are not very different. In a documentary made by the BBC in 2014, it was revealed that British Airways personnel must always look impeccable. If the lipstick is not always worn, or the hair is unkempt, staff can suffer consequences.

Rules in airline industry – Air France-imposed flight attendants to cover their heads in Iran


    • Airline

Air France

    • unions wall is made after that included a requirement that female staff to wear pants and to cover his head during races in


    • or during the plane stationed in Tehran.

Air France – Wikipedia

Air France stylized as AIRFRANCE, is the French flag carrier headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, (north of Paris). It is a subsidiary of the Air FranceKLM …
The airline Air France is facing a wave of criticism after wearing trousers regulation introduced on flights to Iran and wide jackets and scarves on the head if they leave the plane in Tehran. Staff accused the company that forcing female employees to wear clothing that is “ostentatious religious signs”, contrary to French law.
Union leaders say that the dress code is an attack on individual freedoms and insists that the measure be voluntary one. Air France claims that the rules are not new and that they have already been applied to flight attendants during the stops in Saudi Arabia, where the stewardesses were required to wear dresses abaya that covers the entire body.
Staff accused the company that forcing female employees to wear clothing that is “ostentatious religious signs”, contrary to French law. Union leaders say that the dress code is an attack on individual freedoms and insists that the measure be voluntary one.
Air France claims that the rules are not new and that they have already been applied to flight attendants during the stops in Saudi Arabia, where the stewardesses were required to wear dresses abaya that covers the entire body. Air France will, as from 17 April three daily flights to the capital of Iran, eight years after they were stopped because of international sanctions imposed on Tehran after labor conflict will be resolved.
They were raised in January after Iran agreed to disband its nuclear program. According to a member of the union committee and staff at Air France, Christophe Pillet, quoted by the British newspaper The Guardian, the instructions were generating concern and opposition side.
“Every day we receive calls from flight attendant worried that say they do not want to wear the scarf on her head,” said Pillet AFP, adding that the company’s management has already taken into account the possibility of penalties against staff neobedient regarding new dress code. Another union representative, Françoise Redolfi, told RFI that female staff is forced to wear religious symbols and that girls should be allowed to choose what they want to dress.
From 1979 Islamic revolution, Iranian women were asked to have his head covered. In France, head scarves are banned in schools and colleges, and cover the body with veils are banned in public places. This wave of criticism on the decision of Air France comes several days after the minister for women’s rights French, Laurence Rossignol, has given rise to controversy after comparing women who choose to wear the veil – including the burqa and niqab – with “black Americans supporting slavery. “
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