Economist wins most beautiful stewardess title

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Economist wins most beautiful stewardess title 1
Economist wins most beautiful stewardess title

Anastasia Babushkina gave up his career as an economist for a flight attendant job. Babushkina, a young woman of 23 years in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, was licensed in the economy, but wanted to travel so specialized aviation writes Dailymail.

Russian stewardess shines on Hainan Airlines

Russian stewardess shines on Hainan Airlines. Bazhenova Evgenia , a Russian flight stewardess , 31, has been flying with Hainan Airlines for years . [ CAI LINHAO / FOR CHINA DAILY ]. It ‘ s been more than five years since Russian flight stewardess …


Anastasia Babushkina won the title of best hostess in Russia this week.

Anastasia believes that a career flight attendant station is more interesting than the one in economics. “I tried to find an interesting job until the third year of college I failed to do that.”

She was named the best stewardess at a beauty contest in Russia. She also worked in the modeling community, posing for a modern portfolio. Having taken the decision to enter aviation, she did not regret at all and did not look to the past. Now is the winner of 26 awards in competitions Beauty related job.

Nizhny Tagil As a native of Russia, she said she chose this path because otherwise would have had limited opportunities to travel and meet new people. Anastasia Babushkina specializes in private planes, with a small number of passengers.

“Unlike large airplanes flight attendants who work, those working in the private line planes have more responsibilities.” One of the issues they raised it is visa. The job did not help her with this and had to queue like everyone else willing. Regarding the present condition Aviation Russians are afraid to fly because they think the plane shot down in Egypt by ISIS, but Anastasia says it is not scared of this, despite the large number of hours they spend in flight each week .

“You have to stay calm and act professional, or you can send your mood jittery passengers.”

Top 10 most beautiful stewardesses in the world!

For most of the flightflight attendants are the incarnation of beauty, elegance and sensuality. Wonderlist has compiled a top ten most attractive flight attendants on airlines worldwide, along with flight through the clouds really is a memorable experience.


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10. Virgin AtlanticIn their red outfits, matched with silk scarves, the Virgin Atlantic flight attendants were always noted. The beautiful flight attendant hair, seductive in their uniforms, star-studded HBO TV series. In 2011, in a poll, they were voted the “most attractive stewardesses.”

9. Thai Airways

The airline in Thailand, Thai Airways, has the committed some of the most caring and attentive to detail stewardesses, receiving, for this reason, a lot of awards for the high quality services aa.

8. Lufthansa

Lufthansa is one of the most popular airline, and its board crews found some of the most beautiful women … from the air. They are also famous for their friendly attitude and impeccable services offered.

7. Air Asia

Air Asia is distinguished by having the most attractive flight attendant of all low-cost airlines in the world. Their red uniforms your attention in any corner of the world you are, and their figures would be much more suited to the catwalk.

6. Emirates

It is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world with some of the most elegant hostesses of different nationalities. In any case, uniforms adds to the beauty of their natural sensuality.

5. Cathay Pacific

It is considered one of the best airlines in Asia thanks to excellent service, but also the most sexy engaged in the industry.

4. Kingfisher Airlines

India’s favorite airline, for obvious reasons!

3. Aeroflot Air

With their distinctive uniform, hostesses of Air Aeroflot hold 3rd on the list of most attractive hostesses. On a special website, Skyscanner, the beautiful Russian women were appointed passengers the most stylish in the world.

2. Singapore Airlines

Dressed by the famous “Sarong kebaya” Singapore Airlines stewardesses are stylish and ellagic not strive too hard. Despite their beauty, hostesses are more famous for their hospitality and the impeccable services offered, according to the international prizes that were awarded more than 15 years.

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1. Air France

A trip with Air France may be the most pleasant experience-hostesses mannequins along with their uniforms even signed by the famous designer Christian Lacroix.

Airline Agrees To Stop Firing Flight Attendants For Getting Married, But Only …

Advertisements sold beautiful stewardesses as part of the appeal of picking a particular airline. Some of that remains today: flight attendants for Asiana Airlines have to comply with rules about their makeup, hairstyles, and nail length. Others only 

Best jokes about stewardesses

Folklore has introduced them in the category of people on whose behalf they made jokes, over time. Read the lines below a brief selection of the funniest jokes that were made on behalf of women who have this profession:

Come Fly with Me – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Come Fly with Me may refer to: In music: “Come Fly with Me” (1957 song), a popular song … Come Fly with Me (film), a 1963 comedy about stewardesses; Come Fly with Me (1976 film), a Hong Kong film of 1976 · Come Fly with Me ( 2009 film), …


A passenger asks the stewardess: – Trick and parachutes? – What have you forsaken me? Reply stewardess professional. – The last time I crossed the ocean by boat each of us have a lifeline in the cabin. And to think that many more people can swim only fly … After takeoff the aircraft captain addressed the passengers: – Ladies and gentlemen, your captain speaking. We arrived at the proper height, time is favorable, speed … Oh, fuck! Passengers sit on their seats speechless. After a few moments the captain and passengers addresses: – Please forgive me, I accidentally spilled coffee on me. You should see how it looks in the front trousers. To a passenger: – And my back!


Passenger testifies – I find it so puke! At the stewardess prompt: – I bring in a second bag! – But why? Do I think I want to take this thing home?


 Stewardess: – Why cry? Why are you nervous? Ok, it shook a few times … A usual air gap. A turbulent area … It happens … Okay, okay, we quiet. All is well? Have you calmed down? Ok, I am going to reassure passengers!


A Boieng 747, a race night, a beautiful stewardess with a devastating neck, leans over a passenger who was sleeping and asks softly: – Do you want milk or tea? passenger: – In which it is tea with milk and?


 Exasperated by the antics they make a naughty kid, running back and forth by plane and disturbing passengers, stewardess, which the boy had been given care to departure whispers: – Maybe you’re bored. Come on, you do not want to play a little on the outside?


In a contest of flight attendants at the end, winning three, an English, a German woman and a French woman, put the last question: – Imagine being shipwrecked on an island that is completely isolated 200 men who have not had a woman for years. How do you do? – I’ll kill myself! Englishwoman answer. – He’ll steal one of them a gun and I will defend to the death! Female members respond. The Frenchwoman is what is, and thinks she eventually answers: – Gentlemen, forgive me, but I do not see what the problem is …


A plane makes an unexpected spin and fly with “feet up”. The flight attendant: “Dear passengers, please stay calm. The pilot pours droplets in the nose, after which we return to flight ordinary “.Secret language of stewardesses

Attendants and flight attendants have a language “secret”, ie a series of phrases they use to describe situations that arise in their field.A busy schedule, last minute flights received, incidents with passengers – many of these situations stewardesses have a secret language so as to remain discrete even when deplore incidents, writes Business Insider . One of them decided to “break the silence” and share some of these expressions, and their significance.
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