Discover an ancient treasure while you travel

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Discover an ancient treasure while you travel


Discover an ancient treasure while you travel

How many of us have dreamed of as a child, impressed by the fascinating stories of adventurers and pirates, embark on an epic adventure on the sea, mountains, jungles and forests in search of hidden treasure? “Movies, stories, fiction” say some, perhaps most. Not entirely true! Since ancient times, the legendary times of antiquity and the Middle Ages right information we receive, some more credible than others, on the fabulous hidden treasures and lost, who left behind chimeras of huge riches promised sometimes maps. Some of these treasures have special importance, either by their actual value, and the load cultural, religious and mythological he gives.

The famous pirate Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard, and spent only two years (1716-1718) the great pillaging. But this short period was sufficient to raise a huge treasure. While the Spaniards were busy to seize the gold and silver from Mexico and South America, Blackbeard and his camarzii waited patiently, then rushed on ships loaded with treasures looted and the Spaniards, when they return to the old continent. Blackbeard has become, in a short time, the most feared pirate, gaining a reputation as a cruel and greedy opportunist.

Blackbeard the pirate story served as a source for writers ispired Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

Domina terror on the West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America, with headquarters in both the Bahamas and North Carolina. He perished in November 1718, when British Lieutenant Robert Maynard decapitated and hung them head on his ship, as a trophy. Blackbeard admitted to his tormentors that he hid treasure, but did not disclose where. Prompting the countless treasure hunters to seek even today.

Ship sinking of Blackbeard, Queen Anne’s Revenge, is believed to have been discovered in 1996 near Beaufort, North Carolina, but the load was not on board. The treasure could be hidden somewhere in the Caribbean, in the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia or in Cayman Islands caves. The fact is that no one has managed to find it and many still looking for.

6. Discover an ancient treasure while you travel –  Treasure of Lima

In 1820, in Peru, Lima was about to revolt. As a precaution, decided to move the city Viceroy riches in Mexico to be kept secure. Thus, gemstones, two life-size statues of gold representing the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus and many others have filled 11 ships, whose total value amounted at that time to $ 60 million. Viceroy entrusted the command Commander William Thompson transport on “Dear Mary”, which proved to be a ruthless pirate. This led to Cocos vessels in the Indian Ocean, where it is said to buried treasure.

Then “Dear Mary” was captured by the Spanish and all the sailors out of Thompson and his help were hanged. The pair led the jailers to Cocos, where they managed to escape into the jungle. Neither they nor treasure were never seen again. Since then, more than 300 expeditions have tried, unsuccessfully, to find the treasure from Lima.

5. Discover an ancient treasure while you travel – Lost Treasure of Pharaohs

When Howard Carter (re) discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings, in 1922, archeologist was amazed by the splendor of artefacts which have accompanied the young pharaoh in the next world. Near the burial chamber found a treasure so great that it took Carter ten years to finish the cataloged. However, when other burial chambers of the most prominent pharaohs were discovered in the nineteenth century, their treasure chambers were almost empty. Everyone knows that grave robbers had time in many centuries to go with treasures, but such thefts appear above petty criminals. So where are the vast treasures of the pharaohs buried in the Valley of the Kings?

Some researchers believe that some Herihor could shed light on this mystery event. Herihor was a high official during the reign of Ramses XI. On the death of Pharaoh, Herihor has usurped the throne, sharing the kingdom with son in law Piankh. Herihor charge to designated procedures “reinmormantare” in Valley of the Kings, with the opportunity to praduiasca the most senior royal tombs. Tomb Herihor never not been identified, but experts in the field believe that when this event happens, many of the lost treasures of Egypt (or even clues about what happened to them) will see the light of day.

4. Discover an ancient treasure while you travel – Treasure of Montezuma

The destruction of the Aztec empire by the Spaniards reached its climax on July 1, 1520. After the mortally wounded Emperor Montezuma, Hernando Cortés, believing that won the war, ordered his men to gather riches of the kingdom, in an attempt to leave the continent at night. But angry Aztecs, who wanted to avenge the driver and to defend the capital, did not let the conquistadors to reach too far, attacking them near the capital Tenochtitlan, where fierce fighting took place. Carnage that followed Tezcuco lake filled with corpses Spanish and stolen treasures of Montezuma: countless gold and silver ornaments and an impressive collection of jewelry.

Cortés and some people managed to escape with life and returned a year later to get revenge. When people learned that the Spanish city Tenochtitlán approaching the remains buried treasure around Lake Tezcuco to keep out of greed Spanish. Today, huge treasure remains hidden in mud and swamps outskirts of Mexico City, where once was colossal city Tenochtitlán. Generations of treasure hunters have searched in vain treasure. A former president of  Mexico even ordered to be drained lake bottom, but not so Aztec treasure was not found.

3. Discover an ancient treasure while you travel –  The Treasure of Decebalus

The existence of Decebalus thesaurus is one of the most fascinating enigmas of Romanian history. It starts from the Roman historian Cassius Dio claims (155 or 163/164 – 229) and then, following the Roman conquest, and treasures were discovered Decebalus, which were under Sargetia River near its capital.History says that Decebalus “to divert the river with the help of prisoners and dug a hole. He put in it a lot of silver and gold, and other precious things too, especially among those who bear moisture, and afterwards brought back into the bed of the river.

All the prisoners safely put in caves, clothing and other less precious things. But Bicilis, companion of or knew what happened, was taken prisoner and has exposed all these “. Also, Nicolae Iorga writes in a paper that “if the monarch, the last refuge of the mountain, hidden in caves after some of treasures collected long, large table after his only companions.” Last but not least, a scene on Trajan’s Column depicts a column of transporting prey animals and that of Dacia. Some historians believe that it is Decebalus Treasure found in the riverbed Sargetia (Sargetia), according to some experts the current course of the river Stream.

Most archaeologists considered as a legend assessments Cassius originally taken from Diodorus of Sicily.Lydus Ioanes Byzantine writer, in his “De Magistratibus”, developed on the basis of Crito’s doctor Trajan, namely “Getica”, said the defeat Dacia by the Romans after they took silver and gold-rich prey weight 5,000,000 pounds, dishes and glassware value and over 50,000 native warriors with weapons captured everything.

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