Curaçao’s Coffee Culture Best Cafés and Coffee Shops

Curaçao Coffee Culture: Best Cafés and Coffee Shops

Indulge your senses and embark on a flavorful journey through Curaçao’s vibrant coffee culture. From charming cafés to locally roasted beans and captivating traditions, the island offers a coffee experience like no other.

Picture yourself at “Number Ten,” a beloved café in Willemstad, where rustic charm and expertly brewed coffee converge. Or imagine savoring the rich lattes and creative delights at “Saint Tropez Coffee Bar” in the lively Pietermaai district. For a deeper connection to the land and a truly exceptional coffee experience, visit the breathtaking Santa Barbara Plantation, where locally roasted beans and stunning views create a sensory delight. Discover the heart of Curaçao’s coffee-loving community through the cherished tradition of “koffee tafel,” where families gather to share stories over freshly brewed coffee. 

Immerse yourself in the warmth, hospitality, and joy of Curaçao’s coffee culture, where each cup tells a story and each sip invites connection and celebration.

Cafe Recommendations1. Number Ten: Located in Willemstad, known for its rustic decor and well-prepared coffee including espresso, cappuccino, and iced coffee. Also offers a signature house blend.
2. Saint Tropez Coffee Bar: Situated in the Pietermaai district, it offers a laid-back environment, courteous staff, and a comprehensive choice of specialty coffees including lattes and the “Caribbean Delight”.
Coffee RoasterSanta Barbara Plantation: This coffee roaster is based on Santa Barbara Beach and sources beans from its own plantation for local roasting. It offers tours showcasing the entire coffee production process and coffee tasting sessions.
Local Coffee CultureCoffee in Curaçao is enjoyed as a social ritual and an integral part of daily life. A significant tradition is the “koffee tafel” where families gather to converse and share coffee. Participating in this tradition allows one to engage in meaningful conversations and creates lasting memories.
Specialty Drinks1. Bon Bini Coffee Cocktail from Gouverneur Café: A mix of freshly brewed coffee, Curaçao liqueur, and whipped cream.
2. Tropical Mornings from Coffeelicious Curaçao: An iced coffee infused with tropical fruit flavors like passionfruit, mango, and pineapple.

Best Cafés

Curaçao’s Coffee Culture Best Cafés and Coffee Shops

Curaçao boasts a vibrant coffee scene with numerous cafés that offer delightful brews and cozy atmospheres. When it comes to finding the best cafés on the island, a few standout establishments deserve your attention. 

One such gem is “Number Ten,” located in the heart of Willemstad. With its rustic décor and well-prepared coffee, this lovely café has become a favorite of both residents and visitors. Whether you’re in the mood for a perfectly crafted espresso, a velvety cappuccino, or a refreshing iced coffee, Number Ten delivers exceptional quality. Don’t miss their signature house blend, carefully sourced and roasted to perfection.

Another café that is worth a visit is “Saint Tropez Coffee Bar,” nestled in the vibrant Pietermaai district. Saint Tropez Coffee Bar, known for its laid-back environment and courteous staff, serves a comprehensive choice of specialty coffees. 

Indulge in their rich and aromatic lattes, or try their creative twists like the “Caribbean Delight” – a delicious blend of coffee, coconut milk, and a hint of tropical spices. With its inviting atmosphere and passion for coffee, Saint Tropez Coffee Bar is a must-visit for any coffee lover exploring Curaçao.

Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters

For coffee enthusiasts in Curaçao, the island presents an opportunity to indulge in the distinct flavors of locally roasted beans. One prominent coffee roaster that stands out is “Santa Barbara Plantation,” situated on the picturesque Santa Barbara Beach. The plantation not only offers breathtaking views but also houses a dedicated coffee roasting facility.

At Santa Barbara Plantation, they carefully source the finest beans from their own plantation, ensuring a close connection to the land and maintaining the highest quality standards. Their expert roasters skillfully unlock the unique flavors of the beans, resulting in a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Take a guided tour of the plantation to witness the entire coffee production process, from cultivation to roasting. You’ll learn about the different varieties of coffee grown on-site and gain insights into the sustainable practices employedThe trip concludes with a tasting session, where you may experience the results of their effort while taking in the tranquil beauty that surrounds you.

Sipping a cup of Santa Barbara Plantation’s coffee in such a captivating setting is a true delight for the senses. The combination of the rich flavors of their locally roasted beans and the breathtaking natural scenery creates an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or seeking a tranquil escape, Santa Barbara Plantation offers an opportunity to appreciate the artistry and passion behind each cup of coffee.

Local Coffee Culture

Local Coffee Culture

Curaçao’s coffee culture stretches far beyond the walls of cafés and roasteries; it is firmly engrained in the island’s residents’ daily life. The locals embrace coffee as a social ritual, finding joy in sharing a cup with friends and family. One fascinating tradition that showcases this love for coffee is the “koffee tafel.

During a koffee tafel, families gather around a beautifully set table, adorned with local treats and, of course, freshly brewed coffee. The aromatic brew creates an inviting atmosphere where conversations flow freely, bonds are strengthened, and stories are shared. It is a cherished moment of connection and community that reflects the warmth and hospitality of Curaçao’s people.

Participating in a koffee tafel offers a genuine insight into the heart of Curaçao’s coffee-loving community. As you appreciate the aromas of your coffee, you become a part of a ritual that has been passed down through centuries. It is an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange stories, and create lasting memories with both locals and fellow travelers.

Immersing yourself in Curaçao’s coffee culture goes beyond the taste and aroma of the beverage itself. It provides a window into the island’s rich heritage, inviting you to embrace the essence of community, hospitality, and the joy of sharing moments over a cup of coffee. 

Whether you experience a koffee tafel with newfound friends or join a local family for this delightful ritual, you’ll undoubtedly gain a deeper appreciation for the vibrant and inclusive spirit of Curaçao’s coffee culture.

Specialty Drinks

Specialty Drinks

While Curaçao excels in classic coffee preparations, the island also offers a range of specialty drinks that highlight its creativity and unique flavors. These beverages not only provide a delightful gustatory experience but also reflect the vibrant spirit and tropical essence of Curaçao.

A popular choice among locals is the “Bon Bini Coffee Cocktail” from “Gouverneur Café.” This enticing blend combines freshly brewed coffee with Curaçao liqueur and a touch of whipped cream, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flavors. 

The combination of the rich coffee, the characteristic sweetness of the Curaçao liqueur, and the creamy texture of the whipped cream provides a delicious and decadent treat that coffee and cocktail lovers equally enjoy.

Another must-try specialty drink is the “Tropical Mornings” from “Coffeelicious Curaçao.” This invigorating concoction features iced coffee infused with a burst of tropical fruit flavors like passionfruit, mango, and pineapple. The combination of the smooth and refreshing iced coffee with the vibrant and tangy tropical fruits creates a delightful tropical escape in a glass. 

Sipping on a “Tropical Mornings” drink is like taking a sip of the island itself, with its bright and sunny flavors that evoke a sense of relaxation and joy.



Does Curacao have coffee shops?

Curacao has a strong coffee sector, with a range of coffee shops and cafés open to both locals and visitors. From charming establishments in Willemstad like “Number Ten” and “Saint Tropez Coffee Bar” to picturesque locations such as the Santa Barbara Plantation, coffee enthusiasts can delight in expertly brewed coffees and specialty drinks that showcase the island’s creativity and unique flavors.

What is Curacao famous food?

Curacao is well-known for its varied gastronomic offerings, which are influenced by African, Dutch, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisines. One of its most famous dishes is “Keshi Yena,” a flavorful stuffed cheese traditionally filled with spiced meat, vegetables, and raisins. Another iconic dish is “Bitterballen,” bite-sized deep-fried meatballs that make for a popular snack. Additionally, the island is known for its fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and refreshing drinks like the blue-colored “Blue Curaçao” liqueur made from the island’s native laraha citrus fruit.

Is it expensive to eat in Curacao?

While Curacao has a variety of eating alternatives to meet a variety of budgets, it is typically regarded as a modestly priced culinary destination. The price of food in Curacao varies based on the type of institution and its location. Dining at local eateries and street food stalls can be more affordable, while upscale restaurants and dining establishments in tourist areas may be relatively more expensive. Overall, with a little exploration, visitors can find delicious and reasonably priced meals that showcase the island’s culinary delights.

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