All About St. Lucian Crafts

Please note we are differentiating between St. Lucian “crafts” and “fine art” although admittedly, the distinction, often not clear and definable, is ‘in the eye of the beholder’. In our ‘Culture & Entertainment’ section you will find information on Saint Lucian art, artists and galleries.

That said, Saint Lucia has a long and proud tradition in many forms of artistic endeavours. Two millennia ago, the Arawak Amerindians that occupied Saint Lucia were adept in the production of pottery and baskets. Their techniques were passed down through the centuries and still influence the products being created in the rural community of Choiseul to this day.

The Castries Craft Market, located near the harbour front in the centre of town, is a good place to see the variety of high quality craft work being produced on island. There are numerous vendors to be visited both inside and in the adjacent open air area.

Another great locale well worth visiting is the Choiseul Arts & Crafts Centre which serves as a hub for the exhibition and sale of the great variety of authentic art and craft items being produced throughout this countryside community.

Small stores featuring authentic craft items are found and nearly every tourist center on island as well.

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