Cheapest holiday destinations for each month of 2017

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Cheapest holiday destinations for each month of 2017

Cheapest holiday destinations for each month of 2017

No need to break your bank account to get the holiday of your dreams in the coming year. If you know when prices fall, you can organize your holiday wanted a reasonable budget.

12 of the world’s cheapest holiday destinations for 2017

Jul 6, 2016 From Hungary to Honduras, you could spend as little as £10 a day in these bargain holiday destinations. Here are 12 of the cheapest countries … portal has made the list of holiday destinations that can be visited during certain months of the year at low prices:

January: United Arab Emirates
Spend January in the UAE, especially in a state rich architectural point of view. To visit these destinations, January is the best if you think about money.

February: Thailand
Thailand offers beautiful beaches, mountain landscapes and natural phenomena mystical, being the one of the cheapest holiday destinations. The best deals are found in February.

March: Singapore
If you want to organize a long-distance trip, the next destination you choose should be Singapore, a place of contrasts strong and amazing. The best offers on accommodation can be found in March.

April: Sweden
Sweden is rich in forests, lakes and valleys, becoming a magnet for tourists who love nature. April is the month that is apparent end of a Scandinavian winter and the coming of a superb season with temperatures bearable. Also during this period become “affordable” prices for accommodation and flights.

May: Czech Republic
If you want to visit the Czech Republic, May is the best time to take full advantage of reduced air fares and good deals on accommodation.

June: Austria
Austria is the perfect destination for lovers of outdoor activities. Whether cycling, skiing or climbing, this country has it all. A trip in June helps you get all the natural resources of this beautiful country beautiful, affordable.

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Cheapest holiday destinations for each month of 2017

The 25 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe | The Independent

Sep 1, 2016 Travelling around Europe can be expensive. But there are a number of affordable cities you can visit, according to recent data from airport …

July: Denmark
Denmark is a magnificent destination waiting to be discovered in July. A walk along its beaches will remain long  in mind. If you want to further decrease the travel budget, you can try booking your flight early.

August: Ireland
Ireland has vibrant cities, a rich culture and breathtaking natural scenery. If you want to choose this holiday destination for 2017, program your trip in August.

September: Croatia
Located on the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, there is a more suitable destination for a tropical bath in Europe than Croatia. September is the perfect combination of warm weather and affordable rates.

October: Portugal
Portugal offers a charming clear skies throughout the year. It is not surprising that the number of tourists is growing. Buy your tickets as of now and set your vacation days in October.

November: South Africa
South Africa is a truly unique destination. When the summer sun begins to decrease in intensity in November, tourists begin to move toward areas offering breathtaking images. Cape Town was recently named the cheapest destination, November is the best time to reach this destination.

December: Vietnam
December is the perfect month to visit Vietnam. Air transport tariffs fall rains begin to disappear from the landscape, as well as the stifling heat. Book your ticket early and catch the flight to Paradise!

Cheapest holiday destinations for each month of 2017

17 cheapest holiday destinations outside Europe
The latest series of recommendations of a financial planning site reveals popular tourist destinations outside Europe where tourists pay the least for a day of vacation. Top comprises the idyllic beaches of Southeast Asia, the big names of cities in North America.

Each year, financial planning website “Post Office Travel Money” compares the cost of traveling to different destinations around the world to find the most popular and cheapest places where tourists can spend the holidays. The top is made based on the costs of the tourists who have visited those places, for each destination.

Account shall be taken items such as a cup of coffee, a pint of beer, a bottle of water, sunscreen, protective products against insects and dinner with three dishes for two people, including a bottle of wine, writes The idyllic beaches of Southeast Asian big names of cities in North America, the ranking includes the most affordable holiday destinations, but at the same time popular.

Cape Town, South Africa

Most accessible holiday destination, if we consider the cost is Cape Town. It is the second largest city in South Africa as large as the population and the surface, the Western Cape provincial capital. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, planes landed here in the most important cities of the world.

Tourists can visit the “Castle of Good Hope“, the oldest building in South Africa, built since 1666, Table Montain tip or over 100 art galleries that reflect African culture. The city is known as the top destination for those who love surf, and scuba diving, they can admire the wrecks left behind frequent shipwrecks. A day spent here is costing travelers about 56.98 euros.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a tourist destination that ranks second among developed site financial planning “Post Office Travel Money.” Although it is a small island in the Indonesian archipelago, it is considered the most beautiful tourist island in the world, as appearing in numerous charts. Bali is a small paradise where you can discover fascinating places and beaches, temples, traditions, celebrations and spectacular dancing. Celtuielile for a day in Bali amounts to 95.23 euros.

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is Japan’s capital and most populated metropolis in the world. Most major attractions are its Tsukiji Fish Market, where tourists can sample sushi, Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, Imperial Palace, Hama Rikyu garden or Imperial Gardens. A Day in Tokyo costs 74.44 euros.


The cheapest holiday destinations outside Europe: 1. Cape Town, South Africa – 56,98 euro 2. Bali, Indonesia – 72.91 euro 3. Tokyo, Japan – 74.44 euro 4. Mombasa, Kenya – 80.89 euro 5. Colombo, Sri Lanka – 82.29 euro 6. Cancun, Mexico – 86.54 euro 7. Phuket, Thailand – 88.25 euro 8. Lima, Peru – 91.51 euro 9. Orlando, USA – 92.95 euro 10. Grand Baie, Mauritius – 97.55 euro 11. Hoi An, Vietnam – 98.8 euro 12. Tamarindo, Costa Rica – 101.43 euro 13. Penang, Malaysia – 102.46 euro 14. Seoul, South Korea – 104.81 euro 15. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – 106.33 euro 16. New York City, USA – 109.43 euro 17. Santiago, Chile – 115.41 euro

The cheapest holiday destinations in Europe – Business Insider

Aug 31, 2016 From big-name beach destinations to lesser known cities, here are the cheapest places for a European break, according to the airport transfer …


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