Careers in Alaska Opportunities in The Last Frontier

Careers in Alaska: Opportunities in The Last Frontier

The Alaska job market is far more than just the oil or fishing industries. Instead, there are a plethora of opportunities in many different sectors across the state.

What Jobs Are in Alaska, Anyway?

You’ll find careers in Alaska in areas like government, healthcare, recreation, hospitality, construction, science, transportation, and, yes, fishing and oil.

1. Health Care Jobs

Healthcare jobs are pretty abundant in Alaska’s various cities. This is mainly because the industry is growing rapidly. Jobs like registered nurses, physician assistants, pharmacy technicians, therapists, and more are in-demand.

2. Jobs in Recreation

Jobs in the recreation industry are a good bet in Alaska, especially during the busy summer tourist season. There’s always a need for outdoor tour guides, park rangers, program developers and assistants, and more in the area’s sprawling parkland and wild areas.

3. Hospitality Employment in Alaska

Seasonal work in hotels, motels, and resorts, like front desk clerks and housekeepers, is readily available in Alaska. This is especially true during the summer season when tourists pour into the area. There are also hospitality management positions and travel agent jobs up for grabs.

4. Transportation Jobs

One of the fastest-growing industries in Alaska is air transportation. Many regions are only accessible by air travel, which creates a high demand for competent pilots, copilots, and flight engineers. In turn, this demand also opens up opportunities for jobs like aircraft mechanics and aircraft service technicians.

Along with air travel, during the tourist season, there is a high demand for public transportation drivers such as bus drivers. Since lots of places in Alaska are accessible by water alone, there’s also a demand for deckhands, captains, and other types of boat crew members.

Jobs in freight and cargo are also an option.

5. Science Careers in Alaska

The environment in Alaska is known for being rich in wildlife, plant life, geology, and more. Government jobs with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game can include wildlife veterinary science and wildlife management.

There are also jobs that focus on studying and measuring the fantastic landscapes and the life they support in the state, like geoscientists, biological scientists, environmental scientists, and marine biologists.

6. Timber, Fishing, and Oil Industry Jobs

Alaska is a state with vast natural resources. As such, there are jobs that involve resource management and harvesting. The timber industry is carefully managed to protect vulnerable areas in places like Tongass National Forest, but cutting and processing the harvestable timber provides employment for lots of job-seekers.

Commercial fishing, meanwhile, is a multi-billion dollar industry in Alaska. Jobs available in that arena include fishing boat deckhands, offshore seafood processors, quality inspectors, and more.

Meanwhile, the oil industry in Alaska continues to surge forward with new projects and the jobs that come with them. Oil exploration, refinement and production, transmission, and distribution require a range of skilled workers. Just a few positions include engineers, carpenters, operations managers, health and safety engineers, heavy equipment mechanics, truck drivers, drill operators, and more.

Job Training at Alaska Career College

Those looking for long-term employment in Alaska should look to special training and education to get a leg up. There are lots of community and career colleges in the state where you can get a practical, hands-on education.

Here are a few of the options at Alaska Career College in Anchorage (ACC), which offers certifications and degree programs for many types of vocations.

Aircraft Dispatching

You can take courses in aircraft dispatching to get an FAA Certification in 6 months at ACC. Dispatchers essentially pilot planes from the ground. They help control flights and operations and manage flight schedules and departures.

Medical Assistant

Another option is to enroll in the medical assistant program to gain experience to work in the growing healthcare industry. Medical assistants can find work in many different areas like medical office management, pharmacy assistance, phlebotomy, and medical records management.

Business Administration and Computer Technology

In the business admin program, students learn how to manage an office using the latest technology. ACC offers both certification and associate degree programs in this field, which will help you become an expert in business accounting, Microsoft Office, business law and ethics, and Quickbooks, plus more.

In general, this type of program prepares you for work in any high-level office environment.

There’s Plenty of Opportunities on the Alaska Job Market

If you know the right places to look, you’ll find lots of opportunities for work in Alaska. The state has thriving healthcare and recreation jobs as well as employment opportunities in industries like timber, fishing, and oil.

There are also lots of institutions where you can get extra training and earn certification or a degree. In short, Alaska is home to a wealth of career advantages ready for the taking.

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