Blackpool a great cheap holiday for Brits

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Blackpool a great cheap holiday for Brits

The last bank holiday of this summer brought me up to Blackpool. I have learned that if you want to travel by National Express you should book two days extra for your holiday, as the traffic is heavy, and you will get delays for up to two hours. Anyway enough about traffic congestion, I shall go back to my holiday destination Blackpool.

Great Haywood dads to cycle 500 miles from Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower

A GROUP of Great Haywood dads will cycle 500 miles from Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower in Paris to pedal pounds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Phil Salwey, Peter Corbett and Richard and David Weales will start the first leg of their journey

As I have mentioned at the beginning of my story I have left London around 8 o’clock in the morning to reach Blackpool only after 3 in the afternoon. I was a guest of Gramsford Lodge Hostel, in an on suite room with 4 bunk beds. I t was not my first hostel, but I was surprised of how unusually clean it was. I have not tried the hostels’ food, as I have decided to have my meals outside, testing different local restaurants. I had dinned at The Chinese Buffet, where the variety of food was overwhelming, as for the desserts a real culinary paradise with chocolate fountain and self-served ice cream. I even had a small incident with the ice cream machine, as it was wrongly set up and end up spelling some on my cloths. However, they forgot to charge me for a shandy, so on that note I call it even.

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23 reasons Blackpool is way better than you think it is

It would be absurd not to mention Blackpool Tower, one of Britain’s most famous landmarks. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower and completed in 1894, the 518ft high structure allows mind sharpening views across the Irish Sea. There’s also a Skywalk, where you

Blackpool it is a great holiday for the family, the promenade with it’s three piers is fool of restaurants and rides. Cities main attractions are The Blackpool Tower, Madame Trousseau, The Pleasure Beach, The Sand Castle. I even adventured myself on some rides at The Pleasure Beach. For me the main attraction where the old classic trams, running via the promenade. I was so fascinating by them that I end up getting myself a book on trams history from the Tram Shop.

List of tallest buildings and structures in Blackpool

19th century, the tallest structure in Blackpool has been the 518 ft Blackpool Tower, which is also the 16th tallest free-standing structure in the UK.

The only thing missing from this great Blackpool holiday was the weather, however despite its usual fits, I did witness a beautiful sunset. The total cost for this Blackpool Holiday and up to less than £150, including food, accommodation and transport.


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