6 Best Spas in Kauai (2024 Reviews)

When planning the perfect trip to The Garden Isle, booking a massage is a must, especially if you plan on doing a lot of hiking. Spa treatments are a great way to unwind after a long day, and you can’t beat the ambiance and view. But which spas should you consider

Here are the 6 best spas in Kauai (based on reviews, available services, and pricing):

If you want to learn more about booking the perfect massage during your trip to this stunning island, keep reading!

6 Best Spas in Kauai

1. Anara Spa

One of the most highly recommended spas on Kauai is Anara Spa. This spa prides itself on fantastic massages and a relaxing atmosphere.

From many massage locations within the spa, you can hear the chirping of birds and the splash of a small waterfall on the property. The Anara is located within The Grand Hyatt resort and has various services. 

If you’re looking for a great massage, Anara has several packages, including a garden massage where you will be treated to a massage in a private garden area. 

Additionally, the spa also provides several other services, such as:

  • Warm stone massages. Polished warm stones are placed along your back to help reduce swelling, relax muscles and create an overall feeling of relaxation. 
  • Couples massages. Booking a couple’s massage is a must, especially if you’re traveling for a romantic occasion. Plus, this service will leave you both feeling great and ready to explore the island. 
  • Specialized facials. The spa offers an array of facial treatments for glowing, younger-looking skin. Anara utilizes fruits and specialized creams. 
  • Body polishes. These polishes consist of fruit, coffee grounds, and oil. The mixtures are firmly rubbed into your skin to give you a more glowy complexion. Plus, the application process feels nice and it helps relieve tight muscles. 
  • Float pod therapy. A unique experience where you climb into a water pod to float and relax. Float pods deprive your senses by allowing you to float in an enclosed pod free of sound and light. The experience is highly sought after and supposed to be therapeutic. 
  • Manicures/pedicures. The spa offers basic manicures and pedicures along with more advanced services. You can choose from an arrangement of hand treatments and stunning nails done. 
  • Haircuts and styling. Because the spa also offers wedding packages, you can have your hair cut, colored, or styled while visiting the spa. 

Anara Spa has overwhelmingly great reviews and prides itself on its quality services and aesthetics. An appointment at this spa is easily booked over the phone or online. Be sure to book your visit in advance to ensure appointments are available for your desired spa treatment.  

2. Hanalei Day Spa

Another great spa is the Hanalei Day Spa. This spa offers massages near the beach in small huts (the beachside massage) where you can listen to the rhythmic sound of the ocean as you relax. 

6 Best Spas in Kauai : Hanalei Day Spa

Hanalei Day Spa is perfect if you want a massage close to nature while in Hawaii. The beachfront options and outdoor massages are excellent and will leave you feeling refreshed.

Other services the spa offers include:

  • Couples massages. You and your significant other can get a relaxing massage together on the beach. 
  • Deep tissue massages. Massages focus on deep tissue do a great job of penetrating complex knots and stiff muscles. Deep tissue massage is the perfect option if you have been doing a lot of hiking during your trip to Kauai. 
  • Lomi Lomi massages. This massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique. The Lomi often uses oils and sometimes includes special prayers to soothe the body. Each establishment will perform this massage differently. 
  • 4-handed massages. Something unique to Hanalei is their selection of home massage techs you have to work on your body. They have packages ranging from 2-4 hands, so you can have two therapists massaging your body at once. 
  • Anti-cellulite treatments. They also offer treatments if you want something that can help minimize the appearance of cellulite. The treatment consists of special oils and a massage. 
  • Body scrubs and wraps. Scrubs do a great job exfoliating your body, and wraps can help to infuse moisture into your skin. 
  • Body polishing. This type of treatment is to scrub and exfoliate the body thoroughly. This technique is supposed to promote new skin growth and remove unwanted dead skin. Additionally, it can be nourishing since moisture can now more easily be absorbed through your skin. 

As you can see, they offer a wide array of services and several packages that contain multiple treatments. Additionally, they offer many different massages ranging in price. 

The only downside is that some of the packages can be pretty costly. However, many report the incredible experience to be well worth the money. Pricing is based on the following:

  •  The type of massage.
  •  How many massage therapists are required.
  •  Location. 
  • The length of the massage. 

3. Alexander Day Spa

Another excellent spa location is the Alexander Day Spa, located directly on the beach. This spa offers both in-spa massages and beachside services where you will be underneath a beautiful cabana. The spa also offers select salon and wedding services. 

Some of the many services Alexander Day Spa offers include:

  • Couple massages. A fantastic massage for two on the beach or inside the spa. 
  • Aroma massages. This kind of massage focuses on smells as they work to help relax you. 
  • Steam baths. A steam bath can be a great way to relax and is perfect when paired with a good massage. 
  • Hot rock massages. Warm stones are placed along the body, and special oil is applied to help massage and relax you. 
  • Pregnancy massages. If you are pregnant during your trip, this specific massage is perfect for alleviating pregnancy discomfort. 
  • Body and skin treatments. Alexander offers various skin treatments from facials to complete body applications. 

The spa aims to promote relaxation and overall wellness. The building has amazing aesthetics, and the beach views are stunning, making it a great addition to any trip to Kauai. 

4. Hawaiian Rainforest Spa

Hawaiian Rainforest Spa is located within a resort called Kauai Beach Resort, and Spa. This spa also offers relaxing beachside massages and prides itself on its stunning beachfront location. The beach area has a lot of greenery but is private enough that you donโ€™t have to put up with unwanted people strolling past as you receive your massage.

 6 Best Spas in Kauai :  Hawaiian Rainforest Spa

The spa also offers a wide array of services like:

  • Rainforest honeymoon rituals. A massage that utilizes body polishing and an assortment of nourishing oils and skin care products. 
  • Body wraps. A great way to remove excess moisture from your body and improve the texture of your skin. 
  • Couple massages. As with most spas, you can always book one with your romantic partner and enjoy the much-needed relaxation. 
  • Facials. The skin on your face is vital, which is why facials are an excellent idea. These facials use gentle creams and massages to promote better blood flow. 

These excellent relaxing treatments can be booked online or by calling the spa directly. Booking in advance is vital to ensure the spa has time to get you in before your vacation ends.

5. Spa by the Sea

This five-star spa is an excellent stop if you’re in the area and looking for a relaxing time. Spa By The Sea is a classy establishment that offers fantastic services. As with most of the spas listed, they offer beachfront massages and an array of other relaxing treatments.

Spa By The Sea’s services:

  • Couples massage. A simple yet relaxing two-person massage that is able to be booked right on the beach. 
  • Hot stone massage. Warm stones are placed along the skin of your back to warm and relax tight muscles. 
  • Body and skin treatments. All treatments are meant to promote healthier younger looking skin. 
  • Kauai Rain. A specialized shower head is lowered to rain down over your body as you lay on a massage table. 
  • Japanese soaking tubs. Large tubs are filled with warm water and therapeutic oils if requested. 
  • Hot oil scalp massages. Scalp massages promote hair growth since they improve blood flow to the scalp. 

Each of these services is a fantastic way to relax during your stay in Kauai. However, the only downside to frequenting this spa is that their beach massages are in a somewhat public area, which you will have to walk down to in your robe. 

6. Natural Healing Massage

Sometimes those hole-in-the-wall spas are some of the best ones. For example, Natural Healing Massage primarily focuses on massages, but they are excellent at what they do. The owner is the primary massage therapist and has been massaging for over 30 years. 

 6 Best Spas in Kauai :  Natural Healing Massage

Natural healing massages offers services like:

  • Deep tissue massages. This massage aims to penetrate deep knots and stiff muscles below the skin
  • Hilot massages. This massage is a Filipino technique that promotes healing within the body. 
  • Cupping therapy. Heated cups are placed along the body and suctioned to the skin to aid healing. This kind of therapy originated in Asia. 

This establishment has excellent reviews and is pretty cost-effective compared to large spas. So if you’re looking for a great massage for an affordable price, this is the place for you.ย