best maui horseback riding tours

5 Best Maui Horseback Riding Tours

Riding horses on the island of Maui is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and should certainly make it on your trip bucket list. However, with so many options to choose from, choosing a tour provider can feel overwhelming. So which horseback riding tours are the best in Maui? 

The best Maui Horseback Riding Tours are Triple L Ranch Private Horseback Rides and Mendes Ranch Riding Tours. These horseback tours are fantastic and offer different views of the island. Additionally, the staff is friendly, and the horses are well cared for. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss the best horseback riding tours on the island and the sort of tours they offer. So if you would like to learn more about booking a fun horseback excursion during your trip, read on. 

best maui horseback riding tours

1. Triple L Ranch Private Horseback Rides 

One of the best Horseback riding tours on the island of Maui is Triple L Ranches Horseback Rides. This ranch offers customizable private tours of varying lengths. Additionally, all their horses are well cared for, and the staff is extremely friendly. 

Their tours will take you through open fields with a beautiful view of the surrounding island and ocean. Also, if the dates you want to book are complete, the ranch has a waiting list you get on in case of a last-minute cancellation. 

Tour packages include:

  • Private 2-Hour Cattle Open Range Tour. The tour is one of the ranch’s longest-riding tours, including snacks and drinks. Additionally, you will explore the island on horseback, learn about its history, and see some cattle. 
  • Private 1½ Hour Cattle Open Range Tour. This tour is very similar, the main difference being the time spent riding. You will ride past an old well, lava shoots, and stunning lookout points over the island. Drinks and snacks are also provided. 
  • Private 3½ Hour Open Range All Inclusive Lunch Tour. This tour will take you around the back of Haleakala, where you will stop for a catered BBQ at one of the lookouts. You will also see where the cattle are kept and be provided cold beverages plus snacks during the ride. 

Each tour consists of a guided excursion to the ranch’s cattle nursery. You can view the local scenery and possibly get a glimpse of the Molokini crater or the neighboring island of Kahoolawe. While you ride, you will be given a detailed history lesson about the island and the ranch. Additionally, drinks and snacks will be provided during the adventure. 

Triple L Ranch is fantastic for those who want to experience the island on horseback. Furthermore, their BBQ lunch is one of the best on the island. Bookings for these tours go quickly and it is often booked out months in advance, so make arrangements well ahead of time. 

2. Mendes Ranch Maui 

Another fantastic company that offers horseback riding tours is Mendes Ranch. These tours are fantastic because they take you across a scenic part of the island that overlooks the beautiful beaches and the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re looking to visit some of the beaches on Maui during your holiday, you can also refer to my other article, Best Maui Beaches for Swimming, for a list of which beaches you should include in your itinerary.

The staff at Mendes Ranch Maui is known for being friendly, and all horses are well cared for. Visitors should note that this ranch has a strict weight limit for their horses, including their horseback riding tours. 

Patrons should be under 230 lbs (104kg) if they wish to ride. Additionally, the staff reserves the right to ask you to weigh in and confirm you’re under the weight limit when you reach the ranch.

mendes ranch maui

This strict weight limit is to keep you and the horses safe. Too much weight on a horse that needs to keep its balance can cause it to fall, injuring you both. That said, keep in mind you will be turned away without a refund if you’re above the weight cap, so be careful when making a booking.

The tour packages they offer include:

  • Aloha 1½ Hour Morning Ride. One of the most popular tours is the morning ride. This morning’s horseback trip starts at the ranch’s corral before moving along the coastline. Guides will stop at scenic locations to help take photos. 
  • Aloha 1½ Hour Afternoon Ride. The afternoon ride takes the same scenic trail beginning at the coral and making its way along the coastline. 

They don’t offer private tours, but the ranch aims to keep its riding groups small and personable. As with most island tours, they tend to fill up fast, so planning ahead is essential. This tour is fantastic if you want a beautiful view of the green island and stunning ocean. 

3. Thompson Ranch Riding Stables 

Thompson Ranch Riding Stables tours are perfect if you want to ride over the rolling green hills of Maui. Additionally, Thompson Ranch is a working cattle ranch and horseback tour company. The ranch’s horseback tour offers stunning views of the island, native foliage, and adorable farm animals like goats. 

As with most companies, Thomas Ranch has a horse riding weight limit – in this case, 200 lbs (90 kg) – that is strictly enforced. In addition, each patron’s BMI must be below 27 to ride. These rules are to help prevent injury to you and the horses. 

Tour packages include:

  • Morning Horseback Ride Tour. The tour begins at the ranch, where you will have a fun view of the other animals. You will then be taken across rolling lush hills and get a fun view of the green pastures. 
  • Picnic Horseback Ride Tour. The picnic tour is fun if you want a nice lunch during your horseback trip. 
  • Sunset Horseback Ride Tour. As the name suggests, this ride is done as the sun sets over the island. This tour is stunning and truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 

The ranch caters to small groups, only taking out 4 riders at a time and only taking their horses out once daily.

4. Makani Olu Ranch 

Another excellent tour option is Makani Olu Ranch’s horseback tours. This equine facility is located on a working cattle ranch and aims to provide unique riding experiences. The ranch offers both guided rides and horseback lessons. Makani specializes in taking small groups out at a time. 

It’s important to note that all riders must be ages 12 or older. Makani Ranch also has a riding weight limit of 200 lbs (90 kg). 

Tour packages include:

  • Waikapu 2-3 Hour Plantation Ride. The first tour type is the plantation ride. You will venture through the picturesque Mauna Kahalawai Valley on this horseback trip. Lunch is optional and will add an hour to your excursion. 
  • Private 3-Hour Ranch Ride. This ride is for 1-2 people needing a little horseback riding refresher. The first 45 minutes of the ride are spent reviewing critical horse riding skills and familiarizing you with a saddle. Afterward, you will hit the trail, where you can enjoy the West Maui Mountains. 

This ranch tour area is one of the most scenic as you pass through dense greenery and rolling hills and get peeks of the coast. 

5. Ironwood Ranch Horseback Riding 

Lastly, there is Ironwood Ranch Horseback Riding. This company prides itself on providing fun horse excursions and other nature tours. All touring groups are small, with no more than 4 people. There are also private rides that 1-2 people can book. 

ironwood ranch horseback riding

Keep in mind that tour slots at this ranch go quickly, so booking ahead is crucial. However, there is a waiting list you can be placed on in case of cancellations.

Additionally, riders must be over 9 and weigh no more than 190 lbs (86kg). Double riding is not permitted. 

Tour packages include:

  • Group Horseback Rides. Groups consist of 4 riders, and you can book a 1 hour-1 ½ hour ride. The trail leads over green hills and through some beautiful trees. 
  • Single Rider Horseback Rides. The same trail is taken, but you can book this tour with 1-2 people for a more private riding experience. 

Ironwood also offers riding lessons for those less skilled in horseback riding.