Best country to live in Europe, is Luxembourg

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Best country to live in Europe, is Luxembourg 1
Best country to live in Europe, is Luxembourg 2

Best country to live in Europe, is Luxembourg

The small landlocked country, Luxembourg, is bordered by France, Germany and Belgium, while it is recognized as a “tax haven” for big companies and has many advantages to offer the population.

The total area of the country is 2.586 kilometers square, according to the latest figures from this year, the country has a population of 562 958 inhabitants.

Luxembourg has a stable political and economic levers terms is ninth among the least corrupt countries in the world.

In 19 years, until 2013, the country was led by Jean-Claude Juncker, current President of the European Commission.

1. One of the advantages of this country is even positioning map.

Situated in western Europe, it offers easy access to other towns or largest in Europe.

Luxembourg has by 9 flights to London some days, the metropolis which is just an hour’s flight away. Paris is less than one hour from Luxembourg, where the route is covered with high-speed TGV train. In addition, Luxembourg is three hours away by train from Brussels and two hours from Berlin.

2. Castles are everywhere in best country to live in Europe

Although not one of the most creative name, the capital is an ideal example of juxtaposition between new and old, and between natural and human creation.

Built during the Middle Ages, the city center is full of young and old buildings, reminiscent of medieval past.Valley amidst the city is crossed by a river surrounded by greenery.

3. There are a variety of cultures to interact with in best country to live in Europe

— Already an exception in many respects, the country amazes and regarding immigrants. Of the total population of over 560,000 inhabitants registered in early 2015, about 46% is represented by immigrants.

This allows the country to be home to several cultures, despite its small area.

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Portuguese 16% of Luxembourg‘s total population, is one of the predominant nationalities. Follow the French and Italians. Most other immigrants throughout Europe.

4. Parlez-vous Français ? Or do you prefer English?

Most people in Luxembourg speaks several languages, besides Luxembourg or German, French or English, are studied in state schools in this country.
Thus, as long as you speak one of these languages can pass from Luxembourg, who will appreciate your effort if you want to learn the language, like 300,000 other people who have already done so.

5. Food “world-class”

Quetschentaart, a fruit tart, one of Luxembourg‘s culinary specialties.

The cultural centers of the countries focus on food and drink, and the capital is the city with the most Michelin restaurant per capita in the world.

In addition, Luxembourg is also home to other famous cuisines that do.

6. A place that is easy to own a business

Although a small country, Luxembourg hosts a large number of companies. Among the most popular are ArcelorMittal, Cargolux, and RTL Group. In the financial sector, some of the most important institutions are BCEE (Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat) ranked as ninth among the safest banks in the world, KBL European Private Bankers and Kulczyk Investments.

Other major companies in Europe are located here because of the “fiscal easing” for which Luxembourg is known.


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