Best Aruba All-Inclusive Resorts

10 Best Aruba All-Inclusive Resorts (2024 Ranks)

Whether you want a relaxing getaway from your busy work life or plan to celebrate your honeymoon where the sun doesn’t stop shining, Aruba is a great destination to consider. While it is more expensive than smaller Caribbean islands, you can save money and stop worrying about hidden expenses by opting for one of the best Aruba “all-inclusive” resorts.

The best all-inclusive resorts in terms of package value are Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive, Hotel Riu Palace Aruba, and Divi Aruba, as they offer food, drinks, and accommodation options with the fewest limits. Barceló Aruba and Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort have the most-restrictive packages.

In this article, you will learn more about the all-inclusive deals at the best resorts in Aruba. It will serve as your complete guide to all-inclusive vacations on the island and will cover the following resorts:

  1. Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort
  2. Barceló Aruba
  3. Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino
  4. Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort
  5. Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive
  6. Hotel Riu Palace Aruba
  7. Divi Aruba All Inclusive
  8. Hotel Riu Palace Antillas Hotel
  9. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa
  10. Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

What Is An All-Inclusive Resort Like In Aruba?

What Is An All-Inclusive Resort Like In Aruba

In North America, All-inclusive resorts cover accommodation and meals alongside a limited minibar. But if you travel to different continents, you’ll notice that the term “all-inclusive” means different things in different places. At a minimum, though, all-inclusive covers food and stay costs no matter where you go.

In Aruba, All-Inclusive Resorts offer food, drinks, and entertainment alongside accommodation at the pre-paid price. While the degree of entertainment varies based on the resort you stay at, almost all resorts cover three meals in their “all-inclusive” packages. The average package contents below offer a reference point for the rest of this post.


This is by far the most crucial part of the stay. It is guaranteed in every “all-inclusive” package, but the kind of stay different resorts offer can vary. Even within each resort, there are more spacious accommodations and less spacious ones.

There are also accommodations with different views and amenities. Understanding the value points of the specific accommodation can help you see how good of a deal an all-inclusive stay is.


Food is the second guaranteed aspect of an all-inclusive stay. While some resorts in the Caribbean provide only two paid-for meals, Aruban all-inclusive resorts offer stays with three square meals. Some resorts in Aruba even cover snacks in their all-inclusive packages, but that’s not the norm.

The food quality is pretty uniform across all packages within the same resort but changes from resort to resort. It is advisable to check the food reviews for each resort to see which one offers better meals.


Alcoholic beverages and virgin drinks are included in many all-inclusive resort packages. Still, it is not something you should assume. It is worth checking with the specific resort whether drinks are included in their all-inclusive package.

Actually, it is best to check the actual beverages included. Cocktails are common and often watered down, even at good resorts. Very few results include pan-bar beverages.


Entertainment is usually provided in all-inclusive packages, but the way different establishments define entertainment is different. Some put on dedicated shows with dancers and local performers, while others have a DJ with a pre-mixed set and an aux cable.


This is one of the least-likely aspects to be included in an all-inclusive package, but there are a few resorts that offer active entertainment. These resorts are the best to visit with family because the most “active entertainment” expense comes from kids’ insistence on repeatedly going on rides. You can also enjoy activities-inclusive packages if you are a fan of thrill rides and adventure experiences.


This is the rarest perk in an all-inclusive package in Aruba because private transport is pretty expensive on the island. Even the resorts that offer a form of transport do so with buses that have a schedule independent of individual guests’ arrival. That said, the public transport in Aruba connects to major tourist hubs, and the top resorts are around the same areas.

Best Overall: Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort

Best Overall Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort

The Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba offers an all-inclusive package as well as a resort accommodation booking option. In either case, The Renaissance offers next-level attention and care with top-tier service and amenities. The resort is a 5-minutes walk from the beach, and its marina side overlooks the sea.

The reason behind The Renaissance Wind Creek earning acclaim from singles and families alike is that it has two sides. One part caters to adults, while the other is family-friendly. This division allows the establishment to cater to the interests of solo travelers, couples, and families with kids.

The All-Inclusive Package at The Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Includes

  • Unlimited Premium Beverages
  • $10 in Casino Credit (per guest)
  • American Breakfast or Breakfast on the Go
  • Accommodation
  • Complementary Room Service
  • Minibar Access
  • Lunch (ala carte as well as a buffet)
  • Lunch Box (for travelers)
  • Dinner (ala carte as well as a buffet)

The Pros Of Staying At The Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Are

  • It has a private beach – A private beach is great when public beaches are congested with an influx of tourists.
  • The hotel rooms are usually very clean and neat – Near hotel rooms are always a plus and the rennesance’s staff is pretty quick to clean up.
  • It is close to the bus station – Public transport saves you serious cash in Aruba.
  • Not crowded with tourists – Sometimes, even tourists need to catch a break from tourists.

The Cons Of Staying At The Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Are

  • No water sporting opportunities – Expect to go to other beaches for water sports and other popular tourist activities.
  • The hotel has small bathrooms – This can be very inconvenient.
  • Towels are rough – You better pack your own towels, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Best Budget-Quality Balance: Barceló Aruba

Best Budget-Quality Balance Barceló Aruba

The Barceló Aruba is often the top-ranking all-inclusive resort because of its accessible pricing and convenient location. The resort is expansive with a turquoise blue sea view and a large swimming pool surrounded by its apartment-block style accommodation.

The courtyard is peppered with palm trees, and the poolside is lined with sun loungers. When you go to a restaurant at Barceló, remember to ask in advance if the food there is covered in the all-inclusive payment.

The All-Inclusive Package At Barceló Aruba Includes The Following

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Swim-up bar
  • Limited Dining Options
  • Accommodation

The Pros Of Barceló Aruba Are

  • Great view – The view from almost all the rooms in the establishment is amazing.
  • Tasty food – All the dining options in the resort have great reviews.
  • Well-maintained rooms and bathrooms – Customers generally appreciate this aspect the most regarding Barceló.

The Cons Of Barceló Aruba Are

  • You might have to pay for the WiFi – While the Royal-level package customers get free WiFi, other customers, despite paying for an “all-inclusive” stay, have to pay for WiFi.
  • It can get crowded – The resort can get crowded and have all sorts of issues related to overcrowding, including staff misunderstandings and diluted service.

Best Vanity Stay: Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino?

Best Vanity Stay Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

Aside from bearing the prestigious Marriott name, the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino also offers the most Instagrammable interiors and views. It is a great all-inclusive resort for those who don’t just want to experience luxury but want to show it off.

Its all-inclusive option isn’t its flagship service, though, so you can expect the plan to be limited. Still, the all-inclusive package has great value because food and drinks are pretty expensive on their own.

The All-Inclusive At Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino Includes

  • Accommodation
  • Food from limited establishments – La Vista, Waves, Simply Fish, etc.)
  • Beer (Balashi, Budweiser)
  • Wine and House Beverages
  • Water

The Pros Of Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

  • Great food – The food options in the all-inclusive package at the resort are pretty good.
  • Excellent view – Even the cheaper apartments have great views and interiors.

The cons of Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

  • Cigarette smell – Cigarette smell is prominent in rooms close to the casino.
  • Tiny Fridge – Refrigerators in the rooms seem to be for snacks and not groceries.

Best Location: Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort

Best Location Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort

The Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort has a more personal vibe. It doesn’t have huge apartment blocks but does offer a decent vertical spread. Most guests go for its all-inclusive package, so you will not feel out of place as an all-inclusive guest. Most importantly, the resort’s service is geared towards the all-inclusive option.

Whether you choose to sunbathe on its sky-blue loungers by the poolside or decide to go to the beach (which is 5 minutes away), you will not need to pull out your wallet. But if you choose to spend extra, you’ll find avenues to do so too.

The All-Inclusive Package In Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort Includes

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner from Tiki Pool Bar and Grill
  • Accommodation

Pros Of Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort

  • Convenient location – The resort is next to groceries and has private beach access
  • Great interior – The accommodation has gone through an interior makeover
  • Decent food – The food at the in-resort establishments is great.

Cons Of Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort

  • Service is sub-optimal – The evening beach clearance can be inconvenient.
  • Staff can be problematic – From time to time, individual staff members might be rude to some guests.

For Long Stays: Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive

For Long Stays Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive

This is one of the on-beach resorts that has a raw yet luxe feel. The apartments aren’t too far removed from the beach, and local dining options deliver an authentic flavor to your vacation. Tamarjin’s All-Inclusive package is its flagship service, which means that the establishment dedicates its resources to optimizing the package.

Currently, the package is an F&B and Accommodation combo that is a very handy budget option for a long stay. The resort is backed by the same group as the one that operates the Divi Dutch and Divi Aruba.

The All-Inclusive Package At Tamarijn Aruba Includes

  • OnSite food from 4 Restaurants
  • Select beverages from 5 bars
  • Accommodation

Pros Of Tamarijn Aruba

  • Heavenly breakfast – The breakfast buffet at Tamarijn is consistently good.
  • Close to main town Oranjestad – You can get to the capital city’s downtown in 5 to 7 minutes (by car).
  • On-time cleaning – The maid service is timely, and the rooms are generally clean.

Cons Of Tamarijn Aruba

  • Weird smell (in some cases) – From aggregating over a hundred reviews, it seems like one in twenty customers report a smell in their rooms.
  • Late service – Sometimes, the resort gets crowded, and it shows in staff response times.

Best Aesthetics: Hotel Riu Palace Aruba

Best Aesthetics Hotel Riu Palace Aruba

If you’re moved by the architecture and interiors of the places you stay at, then Hotel Riu Palace Aruba will be a memorable visual treat. It is a white structure against the blue backdrop of the Aruban water. Its pool has a geometric shape with artistic tile-patterned liners. Its interiors have a traditionalist charm, and its exterior offers a blend of Santorini-like aesthetics and a Caribbean atmosphere.

An All-Inclusive Stay At Hotel Riu Palace Aruba Includes The Following

  • Accommodation
  • Food Options (from a limited range)
  • Select beverages
  • 24-hour snacks
  • Whirpool bath and sauna access
  • Equipment for water activities
  • Aquagym and regular gym access

The Pros Of Hotel Riu Palace Aruba

  • Great view – The view from all-tier apartments is great.
  • Expansive all-inclusive package – Riu Palace has one of the most value-packed all-inclusive stay packages.
  • Friendly staff – The staff at the establishment is quite friendly and helpful.

The Cons Of Hotel Riu Palace Aruba

  • No early check-in – The check-in time is 2 pm, and you cannot really check-in before that.
  • Too rigid – Staff doesn’t come to spontaneous solutions and follows a very rigid rulebook which can be inconvenient at times.

Best for Dining Options: Divi Aruba All Inclusive

Best for Dining Options Divi Aruba All Inclusive

Divi Aruba is often confused with the Divi Dutch Village. It is backed by the same company but is a spin-off resort where the All-Inclusive package is broader. The Divi Aruba All Inclusive markets its all-inclusive package as a flagship service set. Therefore, the perks of this package have great value.

The All-Inclusive Package At Divi Aruba All Inclusive Includes

  • Accommodation
  • Unlimited Drinks from 4 bars
  • Dine at 5 restaurants
  • Gym access

The Pros Of Divi Aruba All Inclusive

  • Great value for a Divi establishment – Compared to the Divi Dutch Village, this establishment’s all-inclusive package has far more value.
  • More dining options – There are 5 restaurants and 4 bars on its premises.

The Cons Of Divi Aruba All Inclusive

  • No complimentary entertainment for adults – Expect to take the bus for mainstream tourist activities.
  • You have to pay for WiFi and a safe-room key – These prices can have a steep markup for an “all-inclusive” resort.

Best For A Bespoke Experience: Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

Best For A Bespoke Experience Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

Manchebo Beach Resort has luxe interiors and awe-inspiring design. Its villa-block design alongside a beachfront peppered with thatch umbrellas is the perfect spot to relax on your vacation in Aruba.

What makes relaxing at this resort more fun is the fact that its all-inclusive package does away with the need to pull out your wallet.

The All-Inclusive Package At Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Includes The Following

  • Deluxe accommodation
  • Meals (Buffet & Ala-carte)
  • Free Cabanas
  • Unlimited servings of select drinks

The Pros Of Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

  • Liberal with free drinks – If there’s one thing this establishment is not stingy with, it’s the drinks.
  • Feels more personal – The staff is more considerate, and the services feel more personal.

The Cons Of Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

  • Slow service during peak season – When the resort is crowded, the attention paid to each customer remains the same, but the service becomes slow.
  • Expensive for its value – While the staff treats you right, the establishment charges you a pretty penny for it.

Best For Extroverts: Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

Best For Extroverts: Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort has a suburban appearance with McMansion-style resort apartments and villas. It has a very clear European influence, evident from the place’s name, dining options, and architecture. If you want to fuse different cultural elements in a single getaway, then staying at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba might do the trick.

That said, one must be mindful of the resort’s position regarding its all-inclusive package. It is not marketed as the flagship service and is very rarely pushed by the establishment. It is more like an open secret, though.

Amsterdam is very particular about not being seen as an “all-inclusive resort,” because all bookings aren’t all-inclusive by default. The all-inclusive package offered by this resort barely covers the meals and is limited compared to any other resort in this post.

The All-Inclusive Package At Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba Includes

  • Accommodation
  • Meals at all the restaurants in the resort

The Pros Of Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

  • Boutique hotel vibe – The resort feels like a vacation home rental.
  • Friendly staff – The staff at this establishment knows how to make you feel special.

The Cons Of Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

  • The All-Inclusive Package is very restrictive – The all-inclusive package should be called the “select-meals-inclusive package.”
  • No gym in the resort – This can be inconvenient for fitness enthusiasts.
  • It can get noisy – Because there is a motorsport rental establishment nearby, the sound of jet skis can reach a large portion of the resort.

Final Thoughts on the Best All-Inclusive Aruba Resorts

Final Thoughts

Aruba is an expensive vacation island, and one of the most common complaints tourists have is that there are too many surprise expenses that they don’t anticipate.

By booking a stay with an all-inclusive resort, you can minimize surprises and have a predictable expenditure. But before you get an all-inclusive package, find out what’s included in it.

The post above is the most comprehensive dive into the subject matter and covers the pros and cons of the best all-inclusive resorts in Aruba alongside their package highlights.

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