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Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

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Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

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Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

Chardham Yatra is the dream of various Hindus. The ultimate peace of mind can be achieved by the Chardham Yatra and you will feel as you have got the blessings of God. Then what are you thinking for? Get ready to enjoy the most convenient and economical Chardham Yatra tour. The shrine of Gangotri is situated on the altitude of 3200 meters. This is one of the most important pilgrimages of the Hindus and everyone wish to come here at least once.

The important temple that is visited by thousands of followers was constructed by Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa. It is believed that the holy river Ganga had first descended here from the heaven and hence, this place is given much more importance by the Hindus. The river Ganga came on the earth due to the prayers of king Bhagirath.

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It is said that the speed of Ganga was so fast that no one in the world could tolerate it and hence, the lord Shiva received her into his matted locks and break the great force of her fall. Then Ganga emerged into stream from her matted lock and the place form where the holy river emerged is known as Gangotri. It is also called Bhagirathi. You can get a chance to see various ashrams located on the sides of Bhagirathi. With your services, you can make your dreams into reality and get a chance to visit this sacred place.

Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

Kedarnath Chardham Yatra is another sacred place for Hindus. The majestic Himalaya has al lot to offer to Uttaranchal. This part of Himalaya which falls in India offers amazing spiritual experience to the Indians. Its magic is not only limited till India but has also spread to the other places outside India. People from foreign countries come here to visit the pilgrimage offered by the Himalaya.

The holy peaks of Himalaya holds four most holy pilgrimages of IndiaYamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Kedarnathji and Sri Badrinathji. These are collectively known as the Chardham. Saints and pilgrims used to come to this place in search of divine. They used to walk here and this is described in the Hindu scriptures and the place was known as Kedarkhand.

It is believed that undertaking the journey to these four most famous sacred places not washes all the sins but also make you free from the cycle of birth and death. The honor offered by the place is not surprising if the scriptures are to be believed.

You can fulfill your dreams of pilgrimage with the economic services provided by us. We not only take you to the place but also guide you all the way making you more familiar with the place.

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Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

Badrinath is another sacred place of Hindus that comes under the Chardham Yatra with MyTempoTraveller.com The location of Badrinath is awesome. It is located in the lap of Nar-Narayan Parvat and the towering Neelkanth peak makes the background. We also call it the Vishal Badri means the largest among the Badris. It is revered by all the tribute to Lord Vishnu and hence, this place has special importance.

Badrinath is considered most pious among the four pilgrimages like Badrikashram (Badrinath temple) in the north, Rameshwaram in the south, Dwarkapuri in the west and Jagannath Puri in the east. People believe that Adi Guru Sri Shankaracharya built the four pilgrimage centers to unite the country and its people. Badrinath is situated at an altitude of 3,133 mts.

The Badrinath temple is divided into three parts the ;Sabha Mandap; where devotees assemble, the ;Garbha Griha; or the sanctum sanctorum and the ;Darshan Mandap; where the rituals are conducted. Queen Ahilyabai Holkar had offered gold sheet for covering the Garbha Griha canopy. The most attractive idol among the 15 idols of the complex is of the lord Badrinath that is one meter in height and sculpted finely in black stones. The idol represents Lord Vishnu seated in a meditative pose that is known as padmasan.

We also Chardham Yatra offer the pilgrimage tour package by helicopter. You can enjoy your Chardham Yatra with us in a most convenient manner. We are among the most reputed service providers and you can have a unique travelling experience with us. With our highly economic tour package, you can make your Chardham Yatra dream come true.

Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

Another famous shrine of Chardham is Yamunotri Dham. This is the source of Yamuna River and is considered famous pilgrimage of India. Thousands of pilgrims come here for the temple darshan and find the Yamunotri temple the most pious site to find redemption. The temple is located at the left bank of Yamuna River and was originally traced by the king Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal in the Uttrakashi district.

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This place is one of the most important stopovers on the itinerary of the Hindu pilgrims. Yamunotri dham is famous for thermal springs and glaciers. It is located at an altitude of 3293 from the sea level and it gives a revering experience to the pilgrims. The Yamunotri temple is very close to the Indo Chinese border and is surrounded by the Himalayan off shoots from all the sides. The real source of Yamuna is the glacier lake of Saptrishi kund on the Kalindi Parbat.

You should be well prepared while going for the Chardham Yatra. The temperature falls below 0° Celsius and remains cool even during summers and hence; you are advised to take better care of yourself. Thousands of devotees come here from different parts of the world for offering prayers. You can also fulfill your dream with our Chardham package at highly reasonable rate. Our staff members are courteous and you will never feel uncomfortable with the services provided by them.

Chardham Yatra Tour Packages, are client oriented and hence, our services and packages are decided keeping in mind the requirements of the clients. Our vehicles are well maintained and regularly serviced to avoid any chances of inconvenience. You can get a chance to visit the most famous and beautiful places of India that are also famous for pilgrimage.You can visit Haridwar, Mussoonriean, Yamunotri, Uttarkashi, Harsil, Gangotri, Tehri dam, Srinagar Garhwal, Rudraprayag, Gnuptkashi, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Chopta, valley of flower, Hemkund Sahib, Varanasi, Mathura, Gopeshwar, Chamoli, Joshimath, Badrinath, Devprayag, Rishikesh and many more. You can experience the miracles of nature by taking advantage of the services offered by  Tempo Traveller .

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