Aruba Weather in November

Aruba Weather in November (2024 Update)

November is the rainiest month in Aruba, so tourist interest is low. As a result, the prices for different activities are pretty good. If you plan a budget trip to Aruba in November, you should know more about the island’s weather. This is what you can expect for Aruba weather in November:

In November, Aruba experiences its rainiest month and is tolerably hot with a temperature of 79°F to 89°F. The temperature is usually on the lower end of that range because of the cloud cover and the rainy weather.

MonthAverage High Temperature (F)Average Low Temperature (F)Average Precipitation (inches)Average Sunshine (hours/day)Average Water Temperature

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Aruba’s weather in November, alongside the implications of that weather. Among the things, you will find out are the best tourist activities, the must-avoid mistakes of visiting Aruba in November, and what to pack. So let’s get started.

Aruba Temperature in November

Aruba Temperature in November

In November, Aruba’s temperature can range from 79°F to 89°F, with the daily temperature being closer to the lower end. Aruba is warm in November, and much warmer than Northern America and Europe, making it a decent vacation destination.

While daytime is cut short almost everywhere on the globe during this period, Aruba maintains its daylight duration and can have warm daylight as late as 6 pm.

Aruba Sunshine

Aruba Sunshine

Aruba has 8 hours of daylight, but seven to eight out of every ten days are cloudy in November. This means you have a 25% chance of enjoying a sunny day. You can get an average of 2 hours of sunbathing time every day in November.

But if your place of stay isn’t close enough to the beach, you might want to take an umbrella and have waterproof sunscreen. A day that looks sunny and clear can turn into a rainy one. If your hotel is nearby, surprise rain showers aren’t a problem.

Aruba Rainfall in November

Aruba Rainfall in November

November is the rainiest month in Aruba, with 11 days of rain and four days of light showers expected over the 30 days.

But guess what…

It gets even rainier toward the end of November in Aruba

There are 3.3 inches of rainfall on average during this month, making many outdoor activities quite difficult.

Aruba Water Temperature in November

Aruba Water Temperature in November

While dry activities are harder to pull off on a November vacation in Aruba, you can actually enjoy water activities a lot more. If you’re from a dry state, you might actually enjoy the rain. And even if you are from a place where there is plenty of rain, you can enjoy swimming in Aruba.

The water temperature in Aruba in November is 83°F, which is 4 to 5 degrees lower than the air temperature on the island. It feels 10 degrees colder, though. That’s because the water cools the body quicker than the air.

Aruba is pretty swimmable throughout November, though it is the most fun to swim when the sky is clear. When it is raining, you might enjoy diving.

What to Pack for a November Vacation in Aruba

What to Pack for a November Vacation in Aruba

Packing for an Aruba visit in November is quite tricky because you’re packing for two things: sunny weather and rainy days. This combination might make packing seem complicated, but it isn’t if you can use sun-cover items as rain-cover ones.

So, here are the exact things you should pack for a trip to Aruba in November:

Travel Umbrella

A travel umbrella will help you stay dry when it rains in Aruba. And in November, there is enough rain to require an umbrella. If you already have an umbrella, you can pack it. 

But it is better to get an umbrella like The Repel Umbrella, which doesn’t take up as much space and is easier to carry. A travel umbrella is much more flexible and can be used as a regular umbrella once you’re back from your Aruba trip.

Swimming Clothes

Aside from dedicated swimming clothes like The Amazon Essentials Quick Dry Trunks for men and CRZ Yoga Swimwear for women, you should also pack other clothes that are swimming-adjacent. Pack stuff you can walk around in and swim in. Such spontaneous clothing doesn’t get stained or shrink when exposed to water. 

From the occasional rain showers to impromptu swimming, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your clothes wet. So pack clothes that you can afford to get wet.


The sunlight in Aruba during November isn’t harsh enough to warrant special sunscreen. Any sunscreen you have lying around the house will do the job. If you’re buying a new sunscreen product anyway, try to get a 50 SPF or higher one, as these provide high-quality protection.

Extra Towels 

As mentioned earlier, November is a wet month in Aruba. Packing an extra towel can be very convenient when one of your towels is wet. Almost all hotels provide their own towels for the course of the stay, so you’ll be good as long as you pack at least one beach towel and one face towel. OlimpiaFit Quick Dry Towel is something you can consider if you don’t want to take the towels you use at home on your vacation.

Cellphone Rain Cover 

Finally, you should consider the Vivounity Phone Umbrella cover, which protects your phone from the rain while you use it to film or take pictures, and MoKo Waterproof Phone Pouch Holder, which protects your phone while it is in your pocket or lying beside you. These purchases will keep your mind at ease regarding your electronics whenever it starts raining.

The packing recommendations above consider the extreme circumstances and contexts, preparing you for what is coming. But they don’t paint an accurate picture of your potential experience. 

For example, you shouldn’t take the importance of a travel umbrella to mean that Aruba is one giant water shower throughout August. It just means that when it rains, you’ll be better off with an umbrella. For an accurate picture of what to expect, check out the rest of this post, starting with the temperature.

The Don’ts of Visiting Aruba in November

The Don’ts of Visiting Aruba in November

You can enjoy most outdoor activities in November, given that the temperature on the island is tolerably warm. But rain remains a major disruptor, so you should avoid the following mistakes that can lead to vacation-long disappointment in Aruba:

Have Rigid Plans 

If you are the type to map out all your plans down to the last detail, you might be disappointed by the unpredictability of Aruba’s weather in November. You can still plan your vacation itinerary in advance. You just need to have a backup indoor plan for every outdoor activity on your agenda.

Pack Denim And Cotton Clothes 

Denim and Cotton clothes are the worse for rain. You should pack clothes that don’t get ruined by water exposure and dry off quickly once the rain stops. Denim and cotton clothes stay wet for a longer period and get altered by excessive water exposure.

Make A To-Do List Of Outdoor Activities Only 

Finally, you should research indoor things to do in Aruba. An itinerary made up exclusively of outdoor events is vulnerable to the weather. Having indoor activities on your agenda gives you something to do when it rains outside. And in November, it rains for at least 11 days of the month.

Best Things to Do in Aruba in November

Best Things to Do in Aruba in November

The best things to do in Aruba in November overlap with the best things to do in Aruba in general. Keep them on a flexible schedule so you can switch between outdoor and indoor activities based on the weather outside. Here are some great indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy in Aruba.

Visit Flamingo Beach 

Flamingo beach is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Aruba. You can take pictures with flamingos or simply take in the beautiful view of the clear blue waters contrasting the majestic pink flamingos. Flamingo beach is a great spot in November because you can swim if it rains or laze around on the beach if it is sunny.

High Roll At A Casino 

Aruba has plenty of casinos, including The Casino Aruba at Hilton and Casino At The Ritz. There’s also The Windcreek Casino Aruba for those who want a more local flavor. It is the perfect indoor activity for rainy weather.

Dive And Check Out The Jane Sea 

Diving is one of the most popular tourist activities. Multiple diving centers are located in Aruba, so even novices can enjoy the experience. Jane Sea is an artificial reef formed by sinking a cement freighter of the same name. It should be on every Aruba bucket list. This activity remains uninterrupted by rain.

Take In The View From The California Lighthouse 

The California Lighthouse is a common tourist attraction throughout the year. But it is one of the very few attractions that is better experienced in the rain. When it rains, the mood around the lighthouse is far more dramatic, and the view from it is far more cinematic. Make sure to have it on your must-visit list regardless of the weather.

Visit The Aruba Aloe Factory Museum And Store 

Aruba Aloe is a very functional souvenir to get when you visit the island. The Aruba Aloe Factory Museum and Store has an outdoor and indoor section, so you can visit it regardless of the rain. You can watch aloe products being made and even buy them.

Swim In The Conchi Natural Pool 

The Conchi Natural Pool is a beautiful isolated body of water in which you can swim. Leave this activity for a sunny day, so you can enjoy it properly. Since prior booking is not needed, this is a great activity to keep on your backup list. 

Check Out The Butterfly Farm 

The Butterfly Farm in Aruba has a variety of beautiful butterflies that you can marvel at and take pictures of. The experience is unique, but the novelty does wear off pretty quickly, so it is a good activity to pair with at least one other venue to fill your day with fun.

Take A Class At Aruba Glass Ceramics 

Aruba Glass Ceramics is a great candidate for an indoor activity. Whenever it rains, you can visit this establishment and witness a broad range of glass ceramics. More importantly, you can watch the ceramics being made and can even participate in the glass-shaping process.  

Get A Massage 

Finally, you can get a massage at one of the many luxury spas on the island. November is cheaper than the peak tourism months, even though it is not as cheap as the summer months. Still, spa treatments are discounted in November, making them worth putting on your agenda.

November in Aruba FAQs

November in Aruba FAQs

What is Aruba like in November?

Aruba in November can have hot days with slow wind, followed by temperature drops, which make the day temperate. There is less wind, so the weather feels hotter, but frequent rain can regulate the temperature. However, the rainy weather can affect your daily plans in Aruba.

Is Aruba crowded in November?

Aruba is not crowded in November though it has a greater number of tourists compared to the summer months. Aruba’s rainy weather can turn off some tourists but can attract many others. Above all, it is Aruba’s daily temperature that is heaven for many despite being too harsh for some.

Is it hurricane season in Aruba in November?

It is Hurricane Season in Aruba in November because of its Caribbean coast. Hurricanes in the Caribbean typically occur between June 1 and November 30.

Is November the cheapest month to visit Aruba?

September is the cheapest month to visit Aruba, though August gives it close competition. Hotels and lodging, alongside restaurants and spas, offer 30% to 50% off on their respective services.

How much does it rain in Aruba in November?

November is the rainiest month of the year, with 3.1 inches of rain. This is three times the average and six times higher than the least rainy month. 25% of the days are sunny, with 75% having a chance of rain. Rain can range from light showers to heavy pours.

Final Thoughts: Is November a Good Month to Go To Aruba?

Final Thoughts Is November a Good Month to Go To Aruba

The weather in Aruba in November is hot and rainy. The heat is bearable and even welcome for those escaping the cold of their own countries, but the rain pours heavily during this month, making many outdoor activities less enjoyable.

The saving grace of a November visit to Aruba is that you get cheaper hotel stays and a relatively less crowded holiday destination.

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