Visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm!

Visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm! (2024 Review)

Whether you’re a wildlife lover or want to experience what Aruba offers, you must take a trip to the country’s only ostrich farm. The place houses plenty of birds and offers guided tours to visitors. If the farm is on your to-visit list, you should know where it is located and what you can expect when you arrive there.

Aruba Ostrich Farm is located next to Matividiri road in Paradera, Aruba. It offers visitors the opportunity to feed ostriches, pose with peacocks, and hold ducklings. Despite being branded as an Ostrich farm, the establishment is home to a variety of land-dwelling birds, including emus and ducks.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know before visiting the Aruba Ostrich Farm, including the admission fee, guided tour prices, things to do while you’re in Aruba, and nearby places that you might want to visit. By the end of this post, you will be ready to make the most of your trip to the Aruba Ostrich Farm.

Aruba Ostrich Farm: A Brief Overview

Aruba Ostrich Farm A Brief Overview

There are many ostrich farms around the world. They are usually in countries that have hot weather throughout the year. They are popular among tourists because they provide a safe environment to watch Ostriches from a distance. In the wild, ostriches can be unpredictable, and interacting with them is not safe.

Aruba Ostrich Farm is the sole ostrich farm in Aruba, and like most ostrich farms, it is designed to be tourist-friendly. It features a themed restaurant (Savana) and a souvenir shop. The farm is located in Matividiri and is also called the Matividiri Ostrich Farm. This leads some to believe that there might be other Ostrich Farms in Aruba.

It is an expensive tourist attraction if you choose to dine at the establishment. But if you just want to view and admire the Ostriches, then the tour will not bite into your budget significantly. The Ostrich Farm doesn’t just house ostriches. Land-dwelling birds of different species reside at the Aruba Ostrich Farm.

What To See

What To See

If you visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm, you will have the opportunity to see peacocks, emus, and ducks, among other land-dwelling birds. You will get to pet some of the birds and feed others, depending on how safe it is to get close to them.

The farm has a chicken-wire enclosure for some birds and welded steel barriers for larger birds. Aside from seeing majestic birds at the Ostrich Farm, you can view African art, sculptures, and a range of succulents. You might be able to carry ducklings and pose with different birds.

The birds at the Ostrich Farm in Aruba include:

  • 18 emus 
  • 16 ostriches 
  • Two land turtles 
  • Dozens of Silk Chickens 
  • Dozens of Chickens 
  • Multiple Ducks 
  • Multiple Geese

What To Experience?

What To Experience

Aruba ostrich farm offers guided tours that encompass the viewing experience and features a few educational aspects. But if you want to go beyond the cookie-cutter experience, you need to know all the possible things you can do at the Aruba Ostrich form. Here are a few of the experiences to consider.

  • Feed the ostriches – One of the most popular activities at The Aruba Ostrich Farm is feeding the ostriches. It is safe, and you’re provided the food and the bowl to feed them safely. 
  • Hold the ducklings – While kids can feed ostriches at the farm, they’re not usually allowed to hold the ducklings. That’s more of a grown-up activity, which you’ll enjoy if you have not been to petting zoos or farms. 
  • Pose with emus – Emus, peacocks, and ostriches are in enclosures with 360-degree visibility. You can pose with the birds as long as you’re outside the enclosure. Some of the big birds look in the direction of the camera, and the results are adorable. 
  • Dine at the Savana Restaurant – Savana restaurant is a local restaurant with a courtyard-style dining arrangement. It charges fine dining prices for standard cuisine and cooking, which might not sit well with some tourists. Remember to check the menu prices before you decide to eat at the Aruba Ostrich Farm. 
  • Shop local art – The souvenir store at the farm features local crafts and bird-themed souvenirs. The products are relatively overpriced, but some tourists pay the premium just to collect something that represents the memorable Ostrich Farm experience. 
  • Learn about the birds – What doesn’t cost a fortune is learning about the different birds at the Aruba Ostrich Farm. The guided tour costs $14 and offers interesting insights, visuals, and interaction opportunities. The price tag is worth the trivia for bird lovers. 
  • Eat organic Ostrich Eggs – A different type of bird lover is the one who loves one on his plate. At Savana Restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious Ostrich Egg sourced from the farm.

Planning A Trip To Aruba Ostrich Farm? Here’s What You Should Know

Planning A Trip To Aruba Ostrich Farm Here's What You Should Know

Aruba Ostrich Farm is one of a handful of tourist attractions in the Paradera region. It is an interesting place to visit, but it can get old pretty quickly. Knowing about the neighboring tourist attractions can help you design your itinerary to be more engaging. Here are a few things that you should know before you visit Aruba Ostrich Farm.

  • The Aruba Ostrich Farm is near The Goldmine Ranch – You can get a beachside Horseback ride with a Goldmine Ranch tour, though the ranch itself is landlocked. Horses from the ranch are often taken to the nearby beach, where tourists can ride them. The ranch is a great stop to add to your itinerary on the day you plan to visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm. 
  • You should take an umbrella to the farm – The only spaces with sun cover on the farm are the restaurant and the gift shop. To avoid harsh sunlight (and rain in some seasons), you should carry your own umbrella. 
  • The eggs aren’t available year-round – Ostrich and emu eggs are some of the best-publicized delicacies of the Savana restaurant, located on the farm. However, the eggs are available between April and September as these birds don’t lay eggs throughout the year. 
  • The farm is 3 minutes drive away from the Cave Pool – The Cave Pool in Santa Cruz is a great spot for a pre-farm-visit excursion. Since the farm opens at 10 am, you should head out to the Cave pool one to two hours before that and enjoy the mild morning sunshine. 
  • The farm is 5 minutes drive from the Bushiribana Ruins – With the farm closing for tourists at 4 pm, you have two hours of sunlight left when you exit the Aruba Ostrich Farm. Visiting the Bushiribana Ruins after you’ve been to the farm is a practical and fun choice.

Aruba Ostrich Farm FAQs

Aruba Ostrich Farm FAQs
Source: opentable

How many ostrich farms does Aruba have?

As of writing this, Aruba has only one ostrich farm, though it is listed twice in online resources. That’s because one listing refers to it as an agricultural establishment, and the other frames it as a tourist attraction. Both point to the same farm, though.

Are ostriches native to Aruba?

Ostriches are not native to Aruba. They are native to Africa, though they can comfortably live in any country that is hot and has a ragged landscape. This description fits middle Aruba, which isn’t as sandy as the coastal side of the country.

When is the Aruba ostrich farm open?

Aruba Ostrich Farm is open from 10 am to 4 pm on all days of the week. The farming part of the establishment operates 24/7, as is the nature of agriculture, but the tourist-facing side closes at 4 pm.

What’s the best way to see the Aruba ostrich farm?

The best way to see Aruba Ostrich Farm is to book a direct tour package offered by the farm itself. By cutting out the middlemen, you can save money and have fewer points of communication failure.
Aruba Ostrich Farm offers a package titled “Unique Tour & Lunch Experience,” which costs $35 and includes a detailed tour and educational presentation followed by a lunch on the premises. Individually, the lunch and the tour would cost over $150/head.

Where is the Aruba ostrich farm?

The Ostrich Farm in Aruba is in Paradera, which is a landlocked region in Aruba. Unlike most Aruban tourist attractions, the Ostrich Farm is not on or near a popular beach.

Can you eat ostrich eggs at the Aruba ostrich farm?

You can eat Ostrich Eggs at the Aruba Ostrich Farm’s restaurant, but only when it is the egg-laying season for Ostriches and Emus. That period is between April and September.

Should You Visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm in 2024?

Final Thoughts

Aruba Ostrich Farm is an agricultural establishment with a tourist-facing side. It offers guided tours where visitors can learn about emus and ostriches, feed the birds, and dine at a local restaurant that sources eggs from the farm.

The Aruba Ostrich Farm is the island’s only ostrich farm. It is located at a 3 minutes drive from the cave pool in Santa Cruz and is near the Gold Mine Ranch. It is a great place to visit for those who love birds, but it might not be too exciting for people who find petting zoos boring.

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