Arnold Toulon

Born in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Arnold Toulon has been living in Saint Lucia for the past fifteen years. He has developed his own outstanding portfolio beginning in 1994 with his โ€œFragmentโ€ Series.

Then in 1994, he gave up the use of the brush and started painting with used phone cards, then etching into the surface with an ice pick.

Toulon stated,

โ€œI felt that the brush was still too contrived to express the feelings of a Caribbean youth. I wanted to get away from the renaissance concept of perception, to paint from my heart without the constraints of the academy.โ€

– Arnold Toulon

Arnold has been participating in numerous exhibits yearly, both locally and internationally. A highly prolific artist, he researches every show or series thoroughly and is well respected for his ability to keep coming up with new and innovative concepts always with strong use of line and color and always thought-provoking. Arnold has been invited to lecture at schools and universities.

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